Sex Offenses Certificate: How To Get It, Cost, And MORE

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The Sex Offenses Certificate it is a very important document, this is issued by the Ministry of Justice in Spain. It is also known under the name of Certificate of Criminal Record and Sexual Offenses.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to do to get your Sex Offenses Certificate. We will give you information on how to obtain it, what it is for, who can request it. Also the way you will have to authenticate the cost you have to pay to process the certification.

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How can you obtain the Certificate of Sexual Offenses?

The Sex Offenses Certificate and Criminal Records you can obtain it through various ways. In this section, we will explain what you must do to process this certification. Pay attention to each method, so that you have no doubts when it comes to wanting to get your Sex Offenses Certificate.

Ways to obtain the Certificate of Sexual Offenses

Mode via Internet:

  • This way is done through the web portal of the Ministry of Justice, to enter the aforementioned web page you can do click here.

The Sex Offenses Certificate, or any other certificate, can be requested by entering the website of the Ministry of Justice. The person who is interested in processing this document must follow the fulfillment of a form. This form corresponds to the process of processing and obtaining certifications in the criminal field.

Together with this, you will have to pay a fee associated with these processes, this corresponds to number 006. This payment is made through the payment gateway corresponding to the Tax Agency for Administrative Fees.

It is worth noting that, this method of processing certificates requires as a requirement the presentation of the DNI, electronically, of the citizen to request the process. You can also deliver a Digital Certificate.

This is because the system’s web portal will ask for an identification, depending on the interested party. You must also sign a form, it will be provided to you electronically and corresponds to the number 790.

Modality via Ordinary Mail

  • This email is sent, in the same way, to the corresponding body of the Ministry of Justice. You can get this email address by looking for it on the ministry’s website and entering the address.

This certification, and any type of certificate, can be requested through a postal address. For this modality the person who is interested and who is located, with residence abroad, the request must be made from the office.

The request for this procedure must be made by contacting the Central Citizen Service Office. Then you will go to the section that corresponds to the criminal proceedings of the Ministry of Justice. The location of this is: Calle Bolsa, 8. 28012, Madrid.

Contemplating that you must follow what is indicated in the following web portal, you can do click here to get this information.

In-person mode

  • This modality is carried out in person at the Spanish embassy.

It is important to mention that, if you are interested in carrying out this process, you must present yourself with your national identification document, that is, you must carry your ID.

In case you do not have that document with you, you must carry your passport and, later, you must designate a representative who will withdraw the Sex Offenses Certificate in Spain.

The withdrawal will be made at the Citizen Service Office, this corresponds to the Ministry of Justice. The location address of this is: Calle de la Bolsa, 8. 28012, Madrid. You also have the option of removing this document by any territorial management of the same agency.

It is important to mention that this certification cannot be issued in any case at the Spanish consular office.

What is the Sexual Offenses Certificate for?

The Sex Offenses Certificate and Criminal Background, is a document that has the purpose of providing proof of the solvency of crimes of a sexual nature. This means that the person requesting this certification must have nonexistent any crime of this style.

The person in charge of issuing and issuing this certificate is the Central Registry of Sex Offenders, this is the body in charge of these cases. It was created based on the vigorous entry of the obligation to keep track of these cases, in March 2016.

The certification includes in it content referring to the convictions, in a firm way. Said sentences had to have been handed down by the bodies corresponding to the judicial sphere. It also contains the date on which these crimes were issued and, in the same way, the certificate as such.

The requirement of Sex Offenses Certificate aims to preserve and ensure the safety of citizens who are minors. Providing a service that combats sexual exploitation and abuse of minors.

It is also worth mentioning that the certification of sexual crimes is only valid in Spanish territory, this in the case of those who wish to work with minors. This is extremely important to mention because, if you want to go to another country, this certificate would not be recognized abroad.

Who can request the Certificate of Sexual Offenses?

The Sex Offenses Certificate It is a document that can be requested by any citizen, it must be of legal age and be a natural person. Also, it can be requested by people who are minors, in this case they must be represented by one of their parents or guardian in charge of this.

It must have the capacity modified legally and judicially. In the case of presenting this document, it must first be mentioned that it is mandatory to present it at the workplace.

In this, activities that are linked to coexistence in an environment where there are minors are developed. Understanding this, teachers, health workers, who have contact with children, among others, are required more than anything.

It is considered work with minor implications when, on a regular basis, one has contact with children by nature and essence. This is specifically established by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

In the case of being a foreigner and residing or developing activities of this type in Spanish territory, you must provide a certification from the country where you come from. That is, you must carry a certificate issued in the country of origin where the lack of this type of crime is reported by the subject. In addition, it must also have its respective Sex Offenses Certificate issued by the Central Registry of Sex Offenders.

Authentication Systems

The process so that you can validate and authenticate your certificate is practical, fast and very simple. Pay attention to what we are going to present to you below and follow these steps in an orderly manner.

The first fact to mention is that in order to verify the validation of your certificates from the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, you can do it through the validation service of the Ministry of the Presidency (click here to go to the web portal).

Now, particularly to carry out this process to enforce your Sexual Offenses Certificate from the headquarters, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. First you must enter the internet search engine that is of your preference.
  2. Once you are in your search engine, you will enter the web portal of the validity service of the Ministry of the Presidency. You are going to click the button that says «Validate certificates and signatures».
  3. Later you will click on another button that says «Validate certificate».
  4. You must also enter the address of the corresponding headquarters (click here).
  5. Then you will enter the security code and to finish you will click the button that says «validate».

Processing costs

The process of processing the Sex Offenses Certificate and Criminal Records is a process that does not entail any type of costs. In other words, this is a certificate that is free.

Any citizen has the right to make inquiries and to be able to obtain a justification for the information that appears on the person who requests it. This process corresponds to the database that the Central Registry of Sex Offenders has.

You will be able to make these queries in a section that says «my personal information, in the Citizen Folder service of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

It is worth mentioning that this must be done by presenting an identification, whether or not you identify yourself with your National Identification Document, that is, with your ID. Or you can also identify yourself by a password.

What is the Certificate of Sexual Offenses?

As we have already mentioned, the Sex Offenses Certificate It is a document that validates the fact that the person requesting it does not possess any crime of a sexual nature.

The body in charge of issuing and validating this certificate is the Central Registry of Sex Offenders. Also, it should be noted that the certificate provides information on the sentences handed down by the judicial bodies that are attached to your case, in the event of having a conviction.

We hope this article has been very useful to you and that all your doubts have been clarified.

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