SII Form 2117: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

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The SII form 2117 It is a legal procedure that is managed through the offices of the Chilean Internal Revenue Service. Said document refers to administrative requests by a taxpayer.

If you are a citizen residing in Chile and you do not know what we are talking about, we invite you to read this article! It may be of interest to you. In the following lines, we will mention all the information related to the management of the Form 2117.

What is the SII Form 2117 like?

Regarding the format of the form 2117, It consists of two pages and, in turn, is divided into boxes where the taxpayer must reflect their data. On the other hand, it is made up of 23 lines, which are found on the first page.

Surely you wonder … Why and for what so many lines?, since they fulfill a certain function, they are used so that the requesting taxpayer reflects in writing the justification and reason for the administrative request.

It is important to mention that, at the end of the first page of the form, that is, at the bottom there is a receipt of the application, where the taxpayer must place his name or business name, specify the subject of the application and indicate the number of your Unique Tax Paper (RUT). Finally, the applicant must place his signature in the lower right corner of the voucher.

Clearly, the second page of the document is for the exclusive use of the Internal Revenue Service, where the solver must place his respective report in a total of thirty (3rd) lines.

On the other hand, at the end of the second page that constitutes the form, you will find a division that contains two (2) boxes where the application subjects and their respective codes are specified. Likewise, both pages of the document must be signed, in this way, the document specifies which are the signatures and who must make them.

If you have questions about the format, you can enter the next link. Through which you can see how the form 2117 of the Internal Revenue Service of Chile.

How to fill out the SII Form 2117?

Among all the forms offered by the Chilean Internal Revenue Service, 2117 is the easiest to complete. The only step to follow is: that the taxpayer reflects their personal data in the form and in turn justifies in detail the reason for the administrative request, As simple as that!

Once the taxpayer has clear and specifically stated reasons on the form, their application will be approved. Subsequently, it will be reviewed by the competent authorities and the application will be ready.

Usefulness of SII Form 2117

As established above, an administrative petition can be filed by a taxpayer with the Chilean Internal Revenue Service. That, we had already made it clear, certain?, Now we will explain that administrative requests can be requested for different reasons and their usefulness will depend on the subject to which the request corresponds. For example, an administrative request may be requested to obtain certificates.

That is, a taxpayer can request an administrative request on the following:

  • Casino operator certificate.
  • Drinking alcohol certificate,
  • Request for extraordinary depreciation.
  • Give up foreign currency accounting.
  • Stop operating as a VAT withholding agent.
  • Request issuance of ballots in a special way.
  • Partial or total repeal for vending machines.
  • Desist from payment in foreign currency.
  • Request VAT exemption.
  • Partial or total repeal for cash registers.

Who should process it?

Naturally, the right to petition is granted to any person, regardless of whether it is natural or legal, and it can be exercised before any public institution. This is why the management of SII form 2117 It can be done by any individual resident of Chile.

On the other hand, the procedure can be carried out in two different ways. The first is through an online system, that is, online. While, the second option is to manage the process in person at any of the SII offices closest to your locality. Of course, the way to process the form will be a decision and the comfort of the taxpayer.

How to process form 2117 through an online system?

  1. First, you must access the Web page of the Internal Revenue Service of Chile.
  2. Click on the option «Online services».
  3. Subsequently, a drop-down menu will appear, in which you must select the statement «Administrative requests and other requests».
  4. Then, some divisions with different statements will appear, there you must select «Enter Administrative Requests».
  5. The portal will automatically ask you to enter the Unique Tax Number (RUT) and the corresponding password to access the system.
  6. Once you have entered, select the procedure you want to request.
  7. Enter the data that correspond to the background of the application.
  8. Press the button «continue».
  9. Consecutively, a screen will appear that will allow the completion of the request.
  10. Press the «send» option.
  11. Finally, the taxpayer must wait for a response from the SII.

It is important to note that the waiting time for the response of the Internal Revenue Service can be from 10 business days to 90 calendar days or, failing that, six months. Everything will depend on the type of request that is made.

How is the procedure carried out in person?

In the event that the taxpayer decides to carry out the procedure in person at the SII offices, they must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Collect the information requested to support the request that is made.
  • Go directly to the office of the Internal Revenue Service closest to the taxpayer’s town to carry out the procedure.
  • Specify the reason for the visit to the SII office.
  • Consign all the documents required for the correct management of the process.
  • Finally, specifically carry out each of the instructions assigned by the Internal Revenue Service.

It is important to mention that, regardless of the way in which the taxpayer decides to carry out the procedure, either in person or online, he must also wait for a response from the public body.

In other words, the method in which the procedure is requested will not influence the waiting time. In one way or another, the waiting time can vary from a period of 10 business days to approximately six months. Remember that everything will depend on the type of petition that the taxpayer is requesting.

What is IBS?

The SII is known as a public body with national jurisdiction that has served Chilean citizens for more than 118 years. Indeed, its foundation corresponds to January 18, 1902.

For its part, it is also accredited for its mission and vision which has contributed to the development and innovation of the public body. Its acronym SII refers to the name «Internal Revenue Service» and, as its alias says, it is an entity that is in charge of the processes related to inspection.

In turn, the SII executes administrative and judicial aspects that apply throughout the national territory. These functions allow the optimization and fulfillment of its functions by means of the established laws.

Its main functions include:

  • Solve administrative complaints regarding the application of taxes.
  • Interpret and comply with the established tax law.
  • Establish complementary rules that are related to tax laws.
  • Advise the Minister of Finance regarding tax matters.
  • Carry out necessary criminal actions on those who commit tax crimes.
  • Solve complaints for infringement of the tax law.

Clearly, during all the years of services provided by the SII, it has been responsible for ensuring that each taxpayer complies with their tax obligations. Likewise, applying and supervising internal taxes efficiently.

However, it is a public body that has adhered to the current law on tax matters, seeking to optimize compliance with them under the legal framework required by the State. In the same way, the SII applies its functions under the principles of equity and transparency, ensuring a pleasant work environment that allows the integral development of the officials that comprise it.

What is the SII Form 2117?

In short, the SII form 2117 it is nothing more than a form to request administrative requests. But, What is an administrative petition? … To begin with, an administrative request is defined as a communication that can be preluded by a taxpayer to the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

Once the taxpayer has successfully obtained his request, he will be able to enjoy some benefits such as: accessing the historical information of his administrative requests, verifying the answers he obtains from his requests. You will also have the facility to complete pending records and withdraw administrative requests from the process.

If you are a resident of Chile and wish to obtain an administrative request Do not wait more!, do your research and follow the steps we mentioned above. If you have any doubts or need help, you can call the Chilean Internal Revenue Service customer help desk. The number is: 223951115

Thanks for reading! We hope we have helped you.


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