SII Form 4423: Format, Filling and MORE

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The SII form 4423 refers to the declaration and payment of taxes on intestate inheritances. Of course, it is a legal document that certifies that a person is responsible for the assets and obligations that a family member acquired in life.

Although it is true, this form is used in situations of physical loss of family members. So, we invite you to read this article and learn about how and what to do with the real estate acquired after a relative dies through the SII form 4423.

SII Form 4423 Format

Before talking about the form, we will make it clear that a format is defined as the form or mode of presentation of some specific thing. In this case, the form 4,423 It is made up of two (2) pages, which are divided into three (3) boxes and, finally, instructions for the applicant.

Although it is true, these boxes are divided into categories that will allow the collection of taxpayer data. For example, the first box of the form corresponds to the identification of the applicant, while the second refers to the determination of inheritance.

Finally, the third box is made up of the assignments and the determination of the tax. On the other hand, the second page of the form contains specific instructions directed to the applicant so that he knows how to fill out the form.

In case of doubts, you can enter the following link, where you will find the complete form in PDF format and also, you will find the instructions explained in detail for the correct filling of it.

Filling of SII Form 4423

Knowing what the form 4,423 of the Internal Revenue Service and how to fill it out, without a doubt you will speed up the process of managing the procedure. You just have to follow the steps that we will mention below and you will see that the procedure will be a little easier.

It is important to note that the total to be used to fill out the form are those that are in force in the semester that the person has died. In addition, the dates requested in the form must be reflected in 00/00/000 format.

On the other hand, if a spouse is present, he or she will receive twice what corresponds to each heir child. In other words, the spouse will get double what is assigned to each child.


We mentioned earlier that the SII form 4423 It consists of boxes, in this case … The first box refers to the identification that corresponds to all the data of the deceased.

  1. In the first place, to fill in the information fields of the deceased, applicant and request for effective possession, the same data placed on the form for request for effective possession must be copied.

Determination of Hereditary Mass

  1. To get started, copy the total fees from the boxes in the «Inventory of the Request for Effective Possession Form» section. As long as these have been extracted from the Tax Appraisal Form, where the value, the exception and the net value of each addition are reflected.
  2. Then the total assets are calculated.
  3. Finally, debts are reflected and, if they exist, they are totaled.

Assignments and Determination of Tax

  1. Enter the date of death of the cause of the inheritance.
  2. Confirm the total rate of the UTM through the SII website to be able to place the UTM on the date of death.
  3. Indicates the date of the deceased’s last marriage.
  4. Place the corresponding heirs in the RUT spaces. It must be one per line.
  5. Regarding the Affects Assignment box, the amount corresponding to the Net Value is divided by the sum of heirs. Remember that the spouse counts as two.
  6. The Assignment Affects UTM, is calculated by dividing the value of the Assignment Affects $, between the value of the UTM that is in effect on the date of death of the deceased.
  7. Regarding the kinship exemption, they should be aware of the values ​​expressed in Table 1, found at the bottom of the form.
  8. In the Tax Base, you must indicate the difference in the Assignment Affects UTM field, minus the Kinship Exemption.
  9. In case it is a negative number, you must place zero in that box and the following for Taxes and totals.
  10. If the result is a positive number, in the UTM Tax box, you must take into account the data from Table 2 and look for the rate corresponding to the result of the Tax Base.
  11. Then the value is multiplied by the rate and finally the deduction is subtracted.
  12. In the% Surcharge box field, review table 3 and then indicate the corresponding data.
  13. To calculate the Total UTM Tax, you must multiply the UTM Tax by the% Surcharge.
  14. Then, to place the Total Tax to Pay, multiply the total tax by the UTM according to the declaration date.
  15. If the result is positive, you must place the result in box No. 1.
  16. Finally, in the Affidavit box, you must put the date when you are making the declaration and then it is signed.

What is the SII Form 4423 for?

First of all, effective possession is defined as an essential conjecture so that the heirs can adjudicate the properties received through the inheritance of a deceased. In this way, the form SII 4423 makes the above possible.

Indeed, it is a legal procedure that can only be requested around the date of death, since if it is allowed to pass for a long time, some assets may be lost, lose value or even begin to be used by improper persons.

Who should process it?

As established by the Chilean Internal Revenue Service, the Declaration and Payment of Inheritance Tax must be made by the direct heirs before the offices of the SII. This, as long as the date of death of the person is after October 1999.

In the event that the date of death is earlier, they have the duty to go to the nearest headquarters of the Chilean Internal Revenue Service that corresponds to the domicile of the requesting heir.

Surely you wonder … Who are the direct heirs?Therefore, according to the established law, the persons corresponding to be direct heirs are the following:

  • Sons. Regardless of whether you are single or widowed.
  • Spouse and children or descendants of the latter.
  • Brothers. In the event that there are no descendants from them, a surviving spouse or ascendants.
  • Spouses and ancestors. Just in case it doesn’t leave any offspring.
  • Ascendants, in case the same does not have a surviving spouse or descendants.

Finally, we add that there is the possibility that third, fourth, fifth or even sixth degree collaterals are direct heirs. Only in the event that he does not leave any descendants, ascendants, siblings, spouse or descendants of the siblings.

On the other hand, if it is an intestate inheritance, the declaration and payment of the tax is made on the SII website. Only if the deceased’s date of death is after October 27, 1999. Likewise, if the death date is earlier, the heirs must go to the jurisdiction of the SII that corresponds to the domicile of the heir.

While, in the case of a testated inheritance, the applicant must go to the Office of the Internal Revenue Service that corresponds to the domicile of the applicant heir, after completing the process in court.

Internal Revenue Service (SII)

The Chilean Internal Revenue Service, also known by its acronym (SII), is clearly that. A service provided to the citizens of the Republic through the procedures that the public entity offers.

This public body is in charge of monitoring and guarding the fiscal processes of all the Internal Taxes of Chile. In this way, all external taxes, such as tariffs, are exempt. Its area of ​​operation and jurisdiction is National, which is why it has different headquarters throughout Chilean territory. Among them, provinces and regions.

Currently, it is a national institution that has more than 4,800 civil servants and also has served for more than 118 years. Among other aspects to highlight, it is a body dependent on the Ministry of Finance.

If you have questions regarding the Internal Revenue Service, we invite you to visit its website and discover what services and procedures it offers. It is generally based on carrying out legal procedures related to tax returns.

What is SII Form 4423?

In conclusion, the form 4,423 of the Internal Tax Service of Chile corresponds to the declaration and payment of inheritance tax which must be made when a person dies. Said lien applies only when the person who died leaves assets or rights that can be assigned to his heirs.

One of the most important aspects of this form is that the declaration must be made within the following two years, from the death of the deceased. Of course, the management of the procedure will be carried out through the direct heirs, as established by law.

We hope we have helped you, Thanks for reading!


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