Simit Certificate: Requirements, Steps to Follow and MORE

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SIMIT is a method that is responsible for integrating the registry of offenders at the national level that prevents the completion of procedures in the Transit Organizations where an offender participates. In any capacity, may he not be safe and sound. The system has timely information at the local and national level for the control exercised by the traffic authorities.

It allows the transparent handling of the collection of fines, facilitating their payment and providing consolidated statistics for the monitoring and management of the information. In this article, we will explain what the requirements are for the Simit certificate, its services, functions and more. Keep reading, this information is for you!

Requirements for the Simit Certificate

SIMIT at the time of its creation, raised several objectives. Among them, creating a value of responsibility in drivers, seeking to generate trust among users, creating and generating valid and useful information. It also has one of the best technologies and an excellent platform.

As we already know, SIMIT is the platform that will allow the Agencies in charge to carry out the registration of fines and sanctions at the national level, this controls and limits those users who have some type of debts for infractions.

Next, we will present the requirements you need for the Simit certificate:

  • Proof of driving school.
  • Copy of the identity card.
  • Registration in the RUNT.
  • Medical certificate of general physical fitness, health and vision authorized by the Ministry of Transport.
  • The plan of the Integrated Information System of Fines and Sanctions for Traffic Infractions.
  • Processing form.

Before requesting the Certificate, you must register with the RUNT, this means «Unique National Transit Registry. Especially both documents must go hand in hand and function as a large database containing information on all the vehicles found in the country.

In this way, the RUNT will allow you to validate information, authorize the completion of a procedure, and record the updates. Once you register, you can choose to obtain the Simit certificate.

Registration at Simit certificate It is not complicated, it is a fairly quick and simple process, you will only have to verify if you have all your papers updated and up to date, so that at the time of registration you do not present any type of inconvenience.

Steps to Follow for the Simit Certificate

The Simit certificate You can obtain it in different ways, both online and in person, by attending the corresponding transit offices in the region where you are. At the moment you want to get the Simit certificate, the system will integrate all the infringement records.

The steps to follow will be briefly explained below:

  1. Enter the Web page.
  2. Once you enter this page, at the top you will find the menu.
  3. You will select the option «Access».
  4. A screen will appear, with some empty boxes requesting the email and password.
  5. By placing and completing this information, the page will redirect you to a tab where you can start the process of requesting your Simit certificate.
  6. Then, you will be provided with a code in which your identity will be proven.
  7. You will receive this accreditation through the authorized offices.
  8. You must take the requirements that were explained previously to the office that corresponds to you and to which you were sent the accreditation.

Downloading the Simit certificate You can do it by following steps 1,2,3,4. Once the process is finished, you can download the document, which will be presented in a PDF file. If it is to your liking, you can print it to have greater control of your payments or debts.

SIMIT has different face-to-face service points, this will allow users nationwide to seek personalized and immediate guidance and information. Also, you can process peace and save and issuance of settlements to cancel the pending payments.

What is the Simit Certificate for?

The SIMIT database contains a variety of information at the local and national level. Likewise, this will allow greater control of the transit authorities and for the public consultation of citizens. Said information is up-to-date and every day reports on the fines and penalties of drivers.

  • The system is in charge of facilitating the payment through the platform, the resolutions of the administrative processes and also, it allows the Colombian citizen to be informed about the respective face-to-face payments at the authorized transit points.
  • Through SIMIT, citizens have access to information related to traffic fines and it will also serve to pay said fines online, quickly and easily. This system is in charge of monitoring all the information about the procedures.
  • Keeps the status of your debts for updated fines, this information must be reported to the different transit agencies, these are stored in a digital database with physical supports and backup copies.
  • In this document, charges, penalties and referrals of offenders will be presented. When a citizen receives a sanction for breaking the law as a consequence of a traffic incident, SIMIT is in charge of solving the fines and sanctions that are applied to the offender.

What Service Does Simit Offer?

At the time, all the Organizations recognized the need to optimize the processes used for the functions necessary for the proper functioning of the State and its different areas. With this platform, you can get different types of services, each with excellent quality.

This Transit Agency allows all Colombian citizens, without exception, to know if they received any fine or sanction for any infraction. In this way, we will let you know what services SIMIT offers.

  • Consultation of Infractions – The user will be able to access to make their inquiries and know if they have debts of traffic offenses.
  • Notice again comparing – At the time of registration, the user will be notified when a transit agency reports a subpoena.
  • Online payments – If you are a compliant and conscientious user, you will be able to enter the portal to cancel the fines following a few very simple steps.
  • Citizen service – This service offered by SIMIT, the user will be able to find information, data of interest, SIMIT face-to-face service points nationwide.

SIMIT is a reliable and safe service. Especially it is very necessary that as a driver of a vehicle that travels through the streets of Colombia, you own it. All the information contained in this document is general, it should be at hand at all times.

If you have any kind of inconvenience or doubt regarding the services offered by the Simit platform, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Center so that in this way they can solve all your doubts or inconveniences.

Simit functions

SIMIT was created with the objective of performing different functions, to maintain control and the respective registration in the transit area. This system will allow Colombian citizens to verify if they have received any type of fines or sanction.

Its main function is to allow the verification of the status of the sanctions and fines that said citizen may have through the SIMIT system.

The creation of this system of fines and sanctions, shows in a transparent way the state of the citizens and their means of transportation. In this way, the information that reaches the respective Transit Agencies makes an existence of the infraction and does not allow any type of processing to be carried out.

If you have any questions and prefer to receive personalized attention, do not forget that SIMIT has several points of attention nationwide, these can be located on the official website of the SIMIT service. There you will find the addresses, telephone numbers and hours that drive.

What is the Simit Certificate?

SIMIT is a platform in which all the traffic history at the national level is registered. Due to this registry, people who at the time have committed traffic offenses, will not be able to carry out procedures.

The function of SIMIT is to provide and provide information on time to the entire Colombian territory. In order to have control of the details regarding traffic problems through those responsible authorities.

The SIMIT certificate, is a full membership to this system. As we already know, SIMIT is in charge of keeping users aware of fines and infractions, this certificate facilitates the payment of these infractions. Having this certificate protects the assets and the vehicle will always be in good hands.

This Certificate will contain general citizen information, this must be carried with you at all times, this will help you cancel debts or carry out any type of procedure with your vehicle. This document will have:

  • Name of the driver.
  • All vehicle data.
  • Plate number.
  • Direction.
  • Email.

What are you waiting for?

Get your SIMIT certificate now and enjoy all the services it offers!


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