Single Certificate: Documents, What It Is For and MORE

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If you were asked for the Singleness Certificate do not be surprised, since it is a document that serves different purposes and is requested on several occasions.

If you are planning your marriage and making preparations, keep in mind that having the required documentation is a priority and among those priorities should be the certificate of singleness.

Don’t worry, and keep reading this article that we bring you on this occasion where you will find out what is necessary regarding the procedure.

How to obtain the Certificate of Singleness?

Carrying out the application process for a Certificate of Singleness is easy and simple, complying with the legal provisions. The procedure must be carried out in person and submitting the requested documentation to be verified and approved.

In general, the municipalities publish the documentation that is needed to present the application for the singleness certificate.

The process of the procedure is done before the Civil Registry of the town where you are residing. You must go in person with the required documentation, consign it and wait for instructions in this regard. The documentation required is similar between the different Civil Registry offices in Spain.

The waiting period to withdraw the certificate is between 10 to 20 days following the application date. Take into account that the requested documentation is different depending on whether you are a Spanish or foreign citizen.

Documents Required for the Procedure

All process management is given by a series of requirements, among which is the documentation that must be presented. For the process of the Singleness Certificate, the documents that must be consigned are the following:

1-) Documentation for foreign citizens

  • The National Identity Document (DNI) in original and copy.
  • If you do not have a DNI, you must present the NIE or the passport.
  • Also, you must attach the proof of residence. This document is issued by municipal authorities.

2-) Documentation for Spanish citizens

  • The National Identity Document (DNI) in original and copy.
  • Likewise, you must attach the proof of residence.
  • Also, record the Family Book.

Steps to follow if you are a foreigner and want to marry in Spain

If you are a foreigner and you plan to get married in Spain, you must start the marriage file and attach all the documentation and the single certificate. This is a certificate that serves to prove that the future spouse is not married in their country of origin.

It is good to remember that Spanish law does not allow the marriage of a person who is married and not legally divorced.

Obtaining the singleness certificate is different according to each country, so the interested party must make the request according to the law of their country. Then, you should contact your Consulate, where they will tell you the procedure to follow.

For more information visit the web portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

What is the Singleness Certificate for?

The functionality of this document called singleness certificate it is quite wide. This is a certificate that constitutes part of the relevant information within the civil and legal field.

This certificate links to another equally important document such as the Certificate of Life and Status.

Here are the most relevant and frequent features:

  • The main one is that certifies the civil status of a citizen.
  • It serves as an annex to the files of a person’s civil history within a document.
  • Provides information to governing institutions in the area of ​​civil registration in all the country.
  • Lets check the status of the life faith and the marital status of a Spanish or foreign citizen.
  • It is a document that is directly linked to marriage records.
  • It is used of legal basis when entering into a marriage
  • Proportional to timely accreditation that the future contracting party is not married in their country of origin in the case of foreign citizens.
  • To make a notarial act, it is a document that must be presented.

Facilitates registration in public legal entities of single status.

Who Issues It?

The concern that is always present when it comes to paperwork and requests. In Spain, the issuance of the singleness certificate is issued by the following organizations:

  • The Civil registration from Spain.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.
  • He too Justice of the Peace of the corresponding jurisdiction.

To obtain the Certificate of Singleness, these entities in charge of granting it carry out the review and verification of the documents that the applicant has consigned.

To deliver the singleness certificate, the applicant must pay the rate corresponding to the tax units of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Singleness Certificate

The most common doubts and concerns on this issue of the single certificate are presented here. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

How long should a person wait to have the single certificate?

The waiting time does not generally exceed 20 business days from the moment the application is approved.

What is the cost of the single certificate?

There are no fixed costs in this regard, however they are established according to the administrative expenses made by the civil registry of the jurisdiction. In general, the associated costs range from 38 to 55 euros in cash.

Can the application process for the certificate of single status be done online?

The answer is No. The procedure is done in person by going to the Civil Registry that is closest to the town where you are residing.

Can I use this single certificate to get married in another country?

Yes. This document is the one that certifies the civil status of the person, in this case that of being single and able to marry.

Where should I request the certificate of singleness in Spain, if I am a foreigner?

This certificate is issued only to those persons who are registered as residents in the Enrollment Registry of the Consulate General. To make the request, they must go to the offices with the original ID and a copy or also of the passport.

What is the cost of the application process for the singleness certificate?

The management and processing of the singleness certificate does not represent any cost.

How long is the single certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for three months, from the moment the process begins.

What is it?

The Certificate of Singleness is a very important and highly requested document throughout the country. The institutions in charge of the civil registry generally request the certificate of single status as part of the documentation of acts of civil legality.

The Singleness Certificate is a legal document which certifies or certifies the marital status of singleness of a person, inside and outside the country.

It is an essential document to present when a person is going to marry either in Spain or outside of Spain. At the time of marriage, this certificate certifies that the future contractor is not married, also if he is a foreigner who is not married in his country of origin.

To deliver the document if you are a foreigner, then it must be legalized or apostilled if it is a country that has an agreement with the Hague Convention. In addition, the document must be less than six months old after being issued by the corresponding government entity.

Equally, foreigners must process this certificate in their country of origin, so that it is valid if they want to get married in Spain. In addition, in Spain it is a common procedure since in other countries equal marriage is not approved and in Spain it is.

Also, in the legislation Spanish can not get married if the person is not yet divorced.

How could he realize, this Singleness Certificate It is very important and is widely used in Spain. So, do not find it strange when you are exercising your right as a citizen in a legal act and this certificate is requested to validate your status or civil situation.


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