Singleness Certificate: Requirements, Laws and MORE

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Did you know that you need a document certifying your single status? It may seem curious to have to process a paper that guarantees that you are single, but if you want to have a civil marriage with that person you love all over the world, you will need to get a Singleness Certificate. It can even help you when you have to do military service for your country. Get down to work and start this process!

Waiting, Don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry, in the following lines we are going to explain the main details of this procedure. In this way, you will be able to know what are the requirements to obtain the Certificate of Singleness, the step by step to process the document and the place where you must go to request this certified document. In addition, we will make a brief summary of the legal bases that govern this certificate.

Keep reading and certify your singleness!

Requirements for the Certificate of Singleness

The first thing you should know about any procedure are the requirements requested by the competent authorities to manage and issue the document or procedure in question

But, Who is in charge of requesting these aspects? In the case of the Certificate of Singleness, it is the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC) who governs all aspects of this certified document. Therefore, RENIEC is the one who stipulates and requests the requirements to get the proof of singleness.

Likewise, these conditions requested by the country’s registration body are simple to meet and subsequently comply with. So, any national or foreign citizen can record the requirements to get this certificate and present them with your application for the process.

Then the Requirements to apply for the Certificate of Singleness that you must record, in order to carry out this procedure, are the following:

  • National Identity Document (DNI).
  • Immigration Card or Passport (For cases of foreign citizens).
  • Birth Certificate (In some cases).
  • A notarized document of authorization (For cases in which a third person carries out the procedure).
  • Make a payment for administrative rights, in the following options:
  • Any headquarters of the National bank.
  • The Credit Bank of Peru.
  • The agencies of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (They accept debit and credit card).
  • The centers of Better Citizen Service (MAC).

Once you have met these requirements, you can go to any office of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status that is close to your home and request your Certificate of Singleness.

Note: In order to apply for the Certificate of Singleness, your home address must be registered in some district by RENIEC.

How to Apply for the Singleness Certificate?

Once we know the requirements that they request to process a document, we must inquire about the processes to follow to manage it. In this way, you can anticipate any inconvenience that arises along the way.

In the case of the Certificate of Singleness, the step by step that you must follow is very simple and, above all, fast; since the state has tried streamline the processes of this procedure, to provide an improvement to citizens.

Likewise, the government also tries eliminate the need to hire a manager or have to go to third parties, to be able to carry out a procedure. Although, if in your case you do not have time to dedicate yourself to managing the procedures, you can still turn to these individuals, to carry out the procedures for you.

In the same way, removing this document has a great benefit: it is processed through a provincial modality. That is, to be able to manage the certificate you must go to the offices of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status, which is closer to your home location. In this way, the government seeks that the procedures of this document are not concentrated only in one place, but that it unfolds throughout the country.

On the other hand, the singleness certification process also has a virtual mode added to their procedures. So, you can choose to present yourself in person at the RENIEC offices and process all the certification there; or you can request an appointment online, to attend RENIEC and process your certificate. The decision is yours and your comfort!

However, you should keep in mind that the processes to manage the Certificate of Singleness vary, depending on the province in which you reside. Remember that this is a provincial procedure; so each region has its steps to follow.

Nevertheless, there are «Three general steps» that can stand out from all these processes; and are next:

  • Request an appointment digitally or in person at the registry office of your province.
  • Go to the offices to present the requested requirements.
  • Finally, you can attend to withdraw your Certificate of Singleness.

Where is it requested?

A recurring doubt within any procedure is to know which is the institution or place to which one should go to manage the respective diligence or document.

In the case of the Certificate of Singleness, the entity in charge of the document and, therefore, the place where you must go, is the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status of Peru.

However, this certificate is provincial in nature; that is, it is carried out by province. Therefore, you must go to the national registry offices that are close to your home address. This is because it is those offices that have your single status registered; so it is only they who can certify your marital status.

Likewise, you should also know that the national registry offices do not always have the authority to issue the Certificate of Singleness, even if it is an office that is close to your residence. This usually happens as they may not have the necessary registration information for your case or it is a secondary agency.

Therefore, it is recommended that you get in touch, either by call or otherwise, with the national registry office you have planned to go to; so you can find out if they can issue the Certificate of Singleness and if they have your information registered.

Legal Basis of the Certificate

Like any legal document, the Certificate of Singleness has legal bases that give support and veracity to its legality before the registration entities of the country.

Every document needs laws, statutes or regulations that give legality to those they represent; since if not, these only become papers with worthless writings.

Now, the Certificate of Singleness finds its legality before the country, in the following legal bases:

  1. Law No. 26497 of the year 1995 of the Organic Law of RENIEC (Literal “C”, Article 7).
  2. Supreme Decree No. 006-2017-JUS (Approves the Single Ordered Text of Law 27444.
  3. The Law of General Administrative Procedure (Numeral 46.1.5, Article 46 °; year 2017).

So, if you want to take a look at the laws that govern this certificate, you can go to the aforementioned legal bases and review the legal aspects you want.

Likewise, we can also find a legal aspect known as the Affidavit of Civil Status; which is a document in which you guarantee that your marital status of singleness. This document must be managed before requesting the Certificate of Singleness.

What is the RENIEC?

Now, apart from the legal bases that the Certificate of Singleness has, you should also pay attention to the National Registry of Identity and Civil Status of Peru (RENIEC)Who is the entity in charge of managing and issuing identity, registration and civil status procedures in the country.

On the other hand, to deepen A little more about what services RENIEC offers, we will leave you the following list below:

  • Issuance of the National Identity Document.
  • Monitor respect for the identity and privacy of Peruvian citizens.
  • Cooperate with the National Office of Processes during electoral processes.
  • Verify the management of signatures in Root certification processes.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of holders and applicants of digital certificates.

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What is the Certificate of Singleness?

Finally, to end this article on the Singleness Certificate, we will make a brief summary of the information that we have shared along these lines.

So, to begin with, let’s quickly explain what the Certificate of Singleness is. This certificate is a legal document that endorses your single marital status, which allows you to marry by civil means and enlist for military service.

On the other hand, the entity in charge of managing this process is the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status. Furthermore, it is a provincial process; so you must go to the offices of your provinces to be able to process this document in the country.

So, if you need to make your single status official, you will have to go to the Certificate of Singleness before the RENIEC; to be able to process the other processes that we have already mentioned in this article.


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