Sisbén Certificate: How to Get It, What It Is for and MORE

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If you have heard of Sisbén Certificate and consider that you or your family apply to be a beneficiary of the Social Programs that the Colombian government offers.

So, keep reading this information that will surely be very useful to you.

How to obtain the Sisbén Certificate?

The Identification System of Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (SISBEN) facilitates through the web portal, making the consultation of the family group and requesting the certificate that serves as proof of affiliation that all members are enrolled in the social subsidy program .

East it is an easy and simple procedure that can be done by any person residing in Colombia. It is a document where the important data of the family nucleus are registered.

Likewise, it is the only official information that is considered valid at the time the social programs are carried out. The Sisbén Certificate is a document containing the information and data that feed the national database of Colombia.

Likewise, it is a document that can be used and requested by individuals and institutions. The Sisbén system is used in the selection of families that are candidates to receive the benefit of the social programs offered by the Colombian state.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Sisbén Certificate

In order to obtain the Sisbén Certificate, you can do it simply and quickly on the institution’s web portal. The steps to follow are those mentioned below:

  • Should enter the web portal Sisben.
  • Then, you must choose the document with which you are registered within the Sisben system, usually it is the identity card.
  • Press the button Check here.
  • If the search is not successful, then you must press where it says Advanced Query.
  • Afterwards, you must click print.
  • The document is generated and validates the information that is registered in the Certified National Base.

What is the Sisbén Certificate for?

You already know how to consult the Sisbén affiliation certificate, how to know the score and how to print it, but you may be wondering but what is the use, what is it for.

This certificate is a tool that works for the national government to identify families that are in a state or situation of vulnerability and are potential candidates for access to social services, either health insurance, housing subsidy, for higher education. , social welfare, food subsidies, among others.

Consultation of the Sisbén Score

Continuing with the Sisbén system, it is important to know that the Sisbén score can be consulted, after answering the survey, since in this way it is possible to know which social programs offered by the government can be accessed and that in this way benefit people in vulnerable situations.

To check the score, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the Sisbén web portal.
  • Select Enter Sisbén here.
  • Press the button that says Check your score here Sisbén.
  • You must make the selection of document type.
  • Enter the identification number.
  • You must click on the captcha.
  • Then, you must click on Consult.
  • Then you need to press the gray vertical bar on the right side.
  • You should scroll to the bottom and you will see on the screen the score obtained in the Sisbén, with all the personal information, administrative data and the contact number of the person who will assist you in the Sisbén.
  • Finally, after making the query and reviewing the score, at the top of the format, you must click on the blue button that has the word Print.
  • The Certificate is generated and you can save it on your computer and print it when required.

Once you have consulted the Sisbén score, you can find out the types of benefits that you can qualify for and they are the following:

  • May join an EPS of your preference in the Subsidized Health Scheme.
  • Too, benefits for children younger.
  • Those of families and youth in action.
  • You can get the credits with Icetex.

In addition, According to the score, you can also be a beneficiary of:

  • Obtaining a subsidy for a new home.
  • For the construction on their own land.
  • Likewise, to do improvements in the house.

This subsidy is a contribution from the Colombian state that gives it only once and gives preference to the following citizens:

  • The people who are head of the family, whether they are women or men.
  • Also, those people with some kind of disability.
  • Also, older adults.

The government grants another important subsidy that is through the Ministry of Labor, and is the protection program for the elderly. This program seeks the protection of older adults who do not have a pension and have financial difficulties, and it does so with the delivery of an economic subsidy.

Functions of the Sisbén DPN System

The National Planning Department (DPN) is the technical entity that implements the strategic vision of Colombia, in economic, social and environmental aspects, through the preparation, evaluation and design of public policies, management of public investment. All this leads to government projects, plans and programs.

Therefore, the functions of the DPN are as follows:

  • Coordinate the formulation of the National Development Plan, for subsequent evaluation by the National Planning Council and then present it to the Congress of the Republic.
  • Likewise, you must follow the presidential guidelines and coordinate the work of formulation, execution, evaluation and monitoring of the results of the National Development Plan and other government policies with the Ministries, Departments and territorial entities.
  • Also, present to the Presidency of the Republic the periodic reports on the fulfillment of the development plans.
  • Likewise, you must give technical support to public entities of the national and territorial order for the development of its functions, with respect to the competence of the National Planning Department.
  • In the same way, it corresponds to the planning coordination and support of short, medium and long term that indicate the public policies and the priority of investment of resources coming from the General Budget of the Nation.

  • Likewise, you must perform the formulation accompaniment, monitoring and preparation of plans, projects and programs with emphasis on regional convergence, articulation between different levels of government, land use planning and source of resources.
  • On the other hand, organize and design the results evaluation systems of the public administration.
  • Make the proposal of macroeconomic strategies and objectives jointly with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
  • Perform the investment resources budget programming, following government priorities.
  • In addition, coordinate compliance with budget and public investment policies to be consistent with the Interannual Investment Plan.
  • Likewise, give priority, according to the objectives of the National Development Plan, Annual Operational Investment Plan (POAI) to incorporate them into the Annual Budget Law.
  • It must systematize, regulate and operate the Bank of National Investment Programs and projects.
  • Similarly, strengthen public sector capacities in administration and management.
  • In addition, support the development of linkage schemes between the public and private in matters related to projects of government interest.
  • Also, it is responsible for participating in the evaluation of private, national or foreign investment projects.
  • Likewise, support entities in internal and external financing procedures related to social, economic, and institutional development plans and projects.
  • Likewise, you must propose measures for the fulfillment of the National Development Plan.
  • Additionally, perform the driving tracking system, for monitoring, evaluation and control of the Royalties System.

What is the Sisbén Certificate?

The Sisbén Certificate o System for selecting beneficiaries for social programs, it is nothing more than a way or means of identification by the National Government of the families that are in a vulnerable and disadvantaged situation, and that are potential candidates to access the benefits or social programs of different kinds that are launched in Colombia.

Therefore, the Certificate that can be consulted and downloaded on the Sisbén web portal and applies to people residing in neighborhoods of level 1, 2 and 3. With this certificate, which serves as a document for access to the different social programs .

If you want to obtain the Sisbén Certificate, you must request a visit to have the survey conducted and the person or family group classified prior to entering the system.

This is a unique document, it also contains information that corresponds to the data that has been registered in the Certified National Database that is published by the DPN.

Now, the System of Selection of Beneficiaries for Social Programs (SISBEN), consists of a tool that seeks to obtain reliable and current socioeconomic information on different groups in departments, districts and municipalities of the country.

What the state seeks is to direct public spending towards social spending assigned to vulnerable population groups.

The Sisbén is an entity attached to the National Planning Department of Colombia, its objective is to have the information of citizens who reside in Colombia and are in a situation of poverty, so that they have the option of receiving social and economic benefits from the Colombian state.

Social programs that people in vulnerable conditions can have access

  • From Social welfare serving early childhood.
  • Those of Icetex and Acces Support allowance.
  • Minagriculture that they are in charge of the rural houses, of the integral subsidies of the land; and Sena, which are young people from the rural area.
  • Children’s Homes, Child Development Centers and Community Homes.
  • Also, those of Mini-housing.
  • Those of Social Prosperity.
  • In addition, those of Ministry of Labor and Education.
  • Likewise, those of the Military Army.

Thus, through the survey, they are able to identify potential beneficiaries. If you came here with reading, you already know about the Sisben and the importance of having the Sisbén Certificate.


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