SME Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The SME certificate It is a great opportunity to present your new small business with the legal authorities of the country. In addition, in this document you can have a premise of all the aspects that make up your company: initial capital, number of workers, judicial composition, among others.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages that Argentina has when legalizing this type of company is the increase in its internal production and the increase in job offers. Do you want to know more about this certificate? Keep reading with us to create your own SME!

Requirements for the SME Certificate

SMEs, better known as Small and Medium Enterprises, are those institutions that operate in the business world, but from a micro point of view. In other words, these types of companies are capable of taking advantage of small businesses and can even be better than a large and recognized company.

Today in Argentina, there are different SMEs that develop in various areas of the market: food, industrial, textile, among others. In addition, the creation of these business models has increased the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

As well as, it has managed to stimulate the job offer throughout Argentina and of course, improve the quality of life of Argentine citizens. For this reason, it is important that you know all the implications of creating and / or working for an SME.

Next, we will explain all the aspects that you should consider to start setting up this type of company:

  • Legal process: Most SMEs tend to choose a Limited Company or Cooperative.
  • Social capital: You must be aware of the minimum capital to constitute this type of company.
  • Commercial Registry: Go to the Mercantile Registry of your city and subscribe to the company with all the details that make it up.
  • SME Certificate: It is a document that will reflect the validity of the process of creation and constitution of the business.

Now, if we focus on this last point, that is, on the SME certificate, we can find several important points. Therefore, one of them are the mandatory requirements and precautions to obtain this certificate. Do you want to know more about them? Find out everything here!

  • You must have your CUIT.
  • Also, have a tax code level (2) or higher.
  • As well as, you must be registered in the Monotributo or in the General Scheme.
  • Finally, be subscribed to Remote Procedures.

Likewise, the SME certificate It can be obtained by professionals, birth companies, merchants and any other type of person trained to carry out this type of business. Similarly, they should be aware of the secondary requirements to obtain this type of certificate.

  • Presentation of Tax Returns of VAT.
  • Next, the last (3) social charges for fiscal years.
  • Be enrolled in AFIP.

To end this first section, if you are going to present these requirements in person, you must be informed of the way in which they are presented:

Documents submission

  • Manila folder.
  • All documents must be presented in original form and photocopy.
  • Also, each of them should be well presented and fully legible.
  • None of the documents can have erasures or amendments.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the SME Certificate

Similarly, to get the SME certificate A series of steps must be completed in order to ensure the success of the process. Still don’t know what to do? Quiet!, In this article we will tell you (3) channels to make your dream a reality.


  • First of all, it is crucial that you understand that to get the SME certificate You must be registered in AFIP.
  • To register this institution, you must obtain a good internet connection and go to the official website of AFIP.
  • Click on the «Tax Code» option and then press the «Enter» button.
  • Next, enter the CUIT to enter the system.
  • Progressively mark «Interactive Services».
  • Finish the registration with the option «SME Request for Categorization» and of course, select «Confirm».

Next, we will tell you all the instructions to obtain the SME Certificate:

  • Follow the system instructions.
  • Fill in the SME legal representation form.
  • Verify this last step by checking «AFIP e-window».
  • To finish, go to «TAD» and find the option to «SME Certificate».
  • If you want to have a digital backup, you can «Download» the certificate on your computer. As well as, if you are one of the people who like to have physical documents, you can choose the «Print» option.


  • Locate the AFIP offices closest to your home.
  • Provides all documents related to the SME Certificate.
  • Next, you wait to be cared for by an AFIP worker.
  • Wait the requested days to withdraw said certificate.

Via telephone

  • Contact 0810-999-2347 by phone to request information about this procedure.
  • Find out about all the steps and get your certificate.

Now, if you want to check your SME certificate you will have to carry out the following steps:

  • Access the Production and Work website.
  • Place «CUIT» on the web platform.
  • Subsequently, enter the AFIP registration number.
  • Click «Download.»

In another vein, the SME certificate It is valid for approximately (4) months. After that time, it will not be valid or accepted in the national territory. So, if you want to renew it, you can enter the AFIP website again to obtain it.

Benefits of the SME Certificate

On the other hand, having this SME certificate You will be able to establish your company legally in Argentina. In addition, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits and advantages who owns this document. Still don’t know what they are? We tell you all the details, keep reading!

  • You can cancel the Value Added Tax (VAT), three (3) months after the establishment of the SME.
  • In addition, you will obtain compensation greater than 60% on the incorporation tax.
  • In the first year, you will be exempt from paying the Minimum Presumed Income Tax.

  • Likewise, having the SME certificate It will ensure the granting of other certificates and documents, such as: Certificate of No Withholding of VAT.
  • Finally, you will have the best advice on capital investments and you will be able to collaborate with the country’s economy.


Certainly, working under the constitution of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is totally different, compared to the large companies known in Argentina. For this reason, there are many differences between the two, and consequently, a set of limitations and disadvantages when creating this type of company.

So, if you want to know each one of them to try to counteract or mitigate these types of problems in the long term, this is the perfect place for you.. Get to know them!:

  • Few financial instruments available to be financed and listed on the stock market.
  • As is well known, starting this process is often difficult to capture or gain an advantage in the market.
  • There is usually greater confidence in quality and service in companies with long trajectories and with high levels of capital.
  • The first months, companies of this type tend to have losses, therefore, it is considered that their startup costs are high and their monetary retribution is of great uncertainty.
  • They will not be able to produce at a higher level than large companies, since in the short term they will have higher costs.
  • As a result of the failure financial support, it is difficult to counteract the crisis in the event of encountering a high-impact economic situation.
  • Also, the limitations of negotiating with future suppliers and clients. The latter is due to the fact that there is competition in the Argentine market that hurts new companies.
  • Given the trajectory of other companies, an SME is in trouble finding a qualified person.
  • Problems to obtain a technology adaptable to the market.
  • The SME certificate It is not usually present in Latin American countries, since most of the time it is more beneficial to carry out the issuance process for large companies.

However, all its cons have another story, so we want to mention the great advantages of establishing an SME. Keep reading, so you know all of them !:


  • Clients of this type of company tend to have a more exclusive and close attention.
  • This is also a plus point for these types of companies, since they can generate trust in affiliated users and expand their business through recommendations from them.
  • They are easier to control, because if there is a decrease in demand they can quickly reduce their production.
  • They take advantage of the acquaintances «Market niches», since thanks to their proximity to customers they have the advantage of satisfying the needs of certain users.
  • Decisions are usually faster, because they are made up of small groups of partners.
  • The work is much more integrated and the employees may be identified with the management of the company, which will lead to improving the quality of their production and increasing their productivity.
  • It is easier to create links.
  • Finally, communication is much simpler, that is, ideas flow as a team and are not taken by the heads of the company, as they happen in large companies.

What is it Needed for?

Regarding the needs of having a SME in Argentina, the idea that the latter allows to increase the production of the country’s economy stands out. As well as, they allow increasing the purchasing power of citizens by generating new sources of employment.

Now, regarding the importance of having the SME certificate, the following ideas stand out:

  • The company will be backed by AFIP.
  • This same one, will have advantages to sell to the public since it is constituted in a legal way.
  • It is a way of checking all the objectives, year of foundation and initial capital of the SME.
  • On the other hand, the issuance of this document is crucial before undertaking any type of business in Argentina. For this reason, you should know that once you get it you will have to renew it every four months.

To continue with the renewal process, you will need to perform the recategorization during the process. Also, remember that if your company has the VAT and Social Security tax return for the last (3) months, you will have to carry out this process as soon as possible.

What is it?

An SME is a small and medium-sized company that is available to start its new businesses in the micro field. As well as, you have the great opportunity to be part of the economy, offering new job offers and great opportunities for your future workers.

Also a proof of the constitution of this company, is the well-known SME certificate. The latter guarantees that said institution is registered in AFIP and of course, complies with all the regulations of the Law in Argentina.

To end this article, we want to mention that one of the great advantages of being part of this type of company is that you can supply yourself with a small market niche, meeting your sales expectations on a large scale.

Create your SME, dream big!

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