SOI Payment Certificate: Steps, Form and MORE

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The SOI Payment Certificate It is a document that will serve as proof of the contributions made and will also help you when monitoring payments related to the social security system. In the SOI system, users will be able to pay multiple procedures, they will also be able to count on the certification of the transaction.

The SOI certificate is important because all applicants must obtain one, since if they do not have a certificate or a form, they simply will not be able to make payments through the SOI service. In this article, we will explain how to obtain the Payment certificate SOI. Keep reading! This information is for you.

Steps to Obtain the SOI Payment Certificate

Issue the SOI Payment Certificate, it’s quick and easy, you just have to follow the steps below:

  • You must access the official website of Nuevo SOI from your browser or you can also do click here.
  • Once you enter the page, you will be directed to the «Self Service» option which will be in the lower right part of the page.
  • Then, it will go to the option «PILA Supports»
  • You will be directed to a form, which you will have to complete with the data that is requested correctly, as well as you will also enter the user password.
  • He will press «Enter».
  • When you are inside the platform, you will go to the menu and click on the option «Inquiry of Assets» or «Inquiry Pensioners» depending on the procedure you are going to carry out.
  • Finally, you will select the option «SOI Support», you will enter the requested data and look for the option «Download payment support».

In this way you will obtain your certificate in PDF format, which you will be able to have on your computer or on any device, you can even print it and file it in order to have control of all your expenses.

Entry Form for SOI Payment Certificate

In order to get the SOI Payment Certificate, you must enter the Web page SOI using your computer. After you enter the page, you will select the option «BATTERY«Next, the page will display a form that you must complete with correct information. This form contains:

  • Company – you must state if the company is managed with an ID number, diplomatic card, foreign ID, NIT, passport, among others.
  • Users – the same options will appear in this box, you only have to select the document that identifies you.
  • Password – Finally, in this box you will put the password that you already created previously.
In case you have forgotten the password, the page will give you the option of recovering it by selecting the «Forgotten password» option, then the page will display a form that must be filled out with the information requested and it will be sent. This way you can perform key recovery.

Consultation and Download of the SOI Form

SOI assisted return appeared from the ACH Colombia system. The SOI form is a functional and safe service. It is used to manage personal payments and contributions from your company to social security month by month. If you wish consult and download the SOI form, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the web page.
  2. Go to the PILA option.
  3. Enter the system with the password you have already generated.
  4. Once you have entered the system, click on the option «Inquiry of Assets» and then, select the option of «Inquiry of Payrolls»
  5. In the section «Search criteria» you must choose the option «General»
  6. Then, in «Type of Return» select «Independent» and then the status and date you wish to consult.

In case it is a Non-Automatic Return, you must follow the steps explained above, click on «Asset Settlement» and then select the «Online» option. Once you complete all of these steps, you can create your template online.

If you want to download said spreadsheet, you just have to follow the steps already explained above, correctly. After you have consulted your Return, an option will appear to download. This document will appear in a PDF file which you can print if you wish.

In case you need to contact the Information Operational Service, for any doubt, complaint or inconvenience, we recommend that you contact the following numbers, so that in this way the operators can give you a solution quickly.

  • Bogota: 380 8880
  • Medellin: 204 0180
  • Rest of the Country: 01 8000 11 0764

Mechanisms to Pay in SOI

SOI offers several ways to make payments within the platform, you can make these payments from the comfort of your home or in person. As we said before, there are several payment mechanisms and here, we explain what they are Keep reading!

Secure Online Payment (PSE): With this service you will be able to make payments virtually, this option is found on the platform and in order to use it you must have an account registered in the Secure Online Payments system. Payments are made in a simple way, below we explain how.

  • You must select the PSE payment option.
  • Login by entering your username and password.
  • The system will be in charge of directing you to the official payment site of your financial institution, there you select your legal or natural person.
  • Next, you will enter your account details to carry out said transaction.
  • Finally, in this way you will be able to cancel the total amount of the returns that you require.

Payment by Affiliate Bank Headquarters, this option allows you to go directly to the affiliated bank. When making the payment in person, you must have an SOI code, which is generated through the website. Once said code is generated, the user has a period of approximately two months to make the payment.

The places where you can make your payments are the following:

  • Baloto
  • Effective
  • Carulla
  • Success
  • Surtimax
  • Edeq
  • Servypagos
  • Merca

SOI Supplementary Payments. In case uIf you require payment of all those social services that complement the salary, be it payroll, severance pay, pensions, among other procedures, you will be able to use the same generated password and carry out said transaction through the Internet.

SOI Services and Benefits

The Electronic Template is aimed at any type of contributor, whether companies or independent, who are banked. With internet access this will allow you to make the settlements of the Social Security Contributions.

Among the benefits of this template are:

  1. Personalized and specialized service through our Commercial Consultants.
  2. Quick, easy and safe settlement through our website.
  3. Upload of the integrated spreadsheet through flat file or online.
  4. Timely payment through our PSE payment button, and other channels.
  5. Consolidated Payments, allows you to make the payment of multiple forms in just one, in a single click through PSE (Retroactive, approvals and Judgments).
  6. Reports according to the information needs of your company.

In the case of the Assisted Payroll, it is aimed at companies that have less than 30 employees and independent workers, it allows you to make the settlements of social security and parafiscal contributions in an assisted manner. Among the benefits of this Worksheet are:

  • They have specialized settlement points in the offices of some Financial Entities.
  • Monthly sending of your return, by text message or email.
  • Every month you will be sent a text or email message with your payroll number available for payment, regardless of the news you have for the month.
  • Only with your ID number you can go to the bank offices: Bancoomeva, BBVA, Bogotá, Davivienda and / or Occidente to make your payment without having to have your payroll number.

With this form, you will also have a Call Center service with specialized advisers who will provide you with adequate support during the settlement process. Still don’t know what the SOI Payment Certificate? Below we will explain to you.Keep reading!

What is the SOI Payment Certificate?

The Operative Information Service, by its initials SOI, is a service that belongs to the Social Security of Colombia. It is responsible for speeding up and directing the processes related to payments, validation and settlement, both to companies and independent workers who carry out their tasks in the country.

The SOI is also in charge of tasks related to payments, validation and disbursement to companies and independent workers. The SOI Payment Certificate It is a document that is used as proof of the contributions made, this certificate will also serve to maintain and carry out the respective monitoring of payments that are related to the social security system.

Once you register with SOI, you will be able to access the online system and this will allow you to carry out a series of transactions, such as:

  • Payroll settlement.
  • Payment of payroll for supplementary payments.
  • Cancel spreadsheets.
  • News report absenteeism.
  • Key request.

“Achieve Efficiency with SOI – Save Time and formalities with your electronic settlement «


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