SOS Certificate: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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The SOS Certificate is important for Colombians, because it guarantees the holder to be registered in the Social Security System and above all to obtain the benefits offered by the entity.

The Western Health Service (SOS) is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS). They are dedicated to helping each citizen, offering them the best quality service, in alliance with important institutions and professionals.

Likewise, in this entity it aspires that all affiliates have a pleasant experience, fulfilling their needs. In that case, the citizen is Colombian or if a person is looking for a health service in Colombia. We invite you to continue observing this article.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the SOS Certificate

Service SOS offers citizens who are registered or affiliated the opportunity to enjoy many benefits in terms of medical services. For this reason, to acquire these benefits you must contain the SOS Certificate or affiliation in Colombia.

To download the SOS certificate, the people who are registered, they must enter directly on the website of SOS. The citizen must first be registered in the Virtual office having your username and your respective secret password.

When you have entered the virtual office you will find a button which allows you to download the Certificate. Next, you must select the option to download said certificate.

This certificate will be downloaded in format Pdf and can print it out as many times as you want when you need it SOS certificate.

What is the SOS Certificate for?

The SOS Certificate is a document that authorizes people to be affiliated with a social security system. It is important to note that this certificate can be used to carry out another procedure.

The SOS entity guarantees affiliates a adequate risk management, also teaches each of them to take care of themselves and their entire family nucleus, so that they have better health and more years of life. In addition, this SOS Certificate provides members with excellent comprehensive care.

Beneficiaries can have access to a wide range of network of offices with staff, studied and prepared to offer you the best quality service.

Likewise, they have an excellent advanced platform so that you can carry out all the procedures you need, from anywhere you are. You only need any device, be it a phone, tablet or computer.

How to join SOS?

Citizens who wish to join the Western Health Service (SOS) should follow these steps:

  • The citizen who wishes to join, must first enter the web portal from SOS.
  • When you have entered you should see the option «I want to join» and it will click.
  • A form will appear that you must fill out. Must supply information such as: your email, you must choose the type of your request (affiliation, request for appointments, information on other services, complaints and claims), your full name, type of identity document (citizenship card, immigration card, passport, among others) , date of birth, department of residence, municipality where your residence is located, contact telephone number, etc.
  • When you have completed the form and given you send, then a SOS advisor You will contact the person for further guidance.

SOS Virtual Office

To access the SOS virtual office, you must follow the following steps:

  • First the citizen must enter the following link.
  • If you are registered, you should only put your username and password, but if you are not registered you must click on the button «Sign up».
  • Next, you must provide the information requested and you must put the verification code and it will give you the following.
  • In the next step, you must correctly answer the security questions that are asked and you will give the next one.
  • You must provide a email and a phone number. Then you must read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • You have to be pending because through your registered email they will send you the access password.
  • It is recommended that the password that was sent to you, change it when entering the virtual office and voila you will be able to enter.

It is important to note that the virtual office, affiliates will be able to enjoy services such as: download membership certificates, you can update the contact information and support document; You can register your medical requests, change your primary IPS, check your POS payment history, among many other things.

What is the SOS Certificate?

The SOS Certificate is a procedure that must be carried out, because it allows citizens who have affiliated to access a social security system.

The Western Health Service is associated with a Health Promotion Entity (EPS) which was established through the family compensation funds, which is located today in the south of the west of the country.

Citizens who are members can access many benefits including care plans and the mandatory health plan, being able to attend anywhere in Colombia.


The (SOS) assist and help all the people who need it most, but they are also interested in having in Colombia healthy, productive and reasonable progress.


They aspire to become one of the better comprehensive care services for all the people who need it.

The values

In the SOS they contain the following values:


SOS is committed to achieve the objectives that from day one they were committed to the company.

Service vocation

The people who make up the Western Health Service (SOS) act with a good attitude to each of the clients, where they offer quality services that they deserve, fulfilling and respecting their needs.


It is important to note that in SOS the tools and their services go progressing in time. The people who work in this place establish strategies to attract customers so that little by little they adapt to the changes that this entails, with the dynamics of the needs and that of the SGSSS in the country.


This value that the SOS contains, meets the needs that were promised to customers. In addition, each of them will be attended to when they need it.

I respect

Everyone must bear in mind respect and the SOS confirms it within its values. For them, respect is accepting and appreciating the criteria of each person, acting in the most appropriate and friendly way in the face of adversity.

Attention Offices

Citizens can visit any SOS establishment, but in the event that they cannot attend, they can contact them, before any eventuality, circumstances, they can do so through the virtual office or call the customer service line that is 018000 93877 or from Cali 489 8686.

But also people can attend the many venues that they contain, the following can be mentioned:

If you are in Cali, there are many in this city:

  • You can attend the SIAU Spain office which is located at AV.3 Norte, # 23 BN. Citizens can be served from the 6:30 am to 4:00 pm. and it is a continuous journey.
  • The citizen can move to the headquarters SIAU Oncological Clinic and it is located in Comfandi Tequendame on Calle 5A # 42-15 on the first floor. They can assist you from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. p.m then from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm
  • If you will visit the office SIAU Valle del Lili Foundation, is located at Lili Cra 98 # 18-49 and can assist you from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Other cities

They can attend other places and are as follows:

  • At the headquarters of BogotaThe citizen can attend the Santa Fe de Bogotá office and it is located at the Main Headquarters, at Calle 67 # 7-65. In addition, they attend to Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • At Municipality of Armenia You can go to the main headquarters located at Avenida Bolívar # 8N – 74. They serve people from Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Another that can go in the Municipality of ArmeniaIt is to the Sevilla office that is, at Calle 51 # 48-37. Likewise, they serve people, on days, Monday through Wednesday and Friday; starting at 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and then from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • At Pereira MunicipalityPeople can attend the Pereira office located at 1 Avenida, 30 Agosto # 36-51. They serve the Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For more information regarding which other places you can go, you must access the following link. It is important to note that the SOS Certificate is essential and important for citizens who are registered in the portal and can enjoy the best technologies, doctors trained in any specialization in the health area.

It is very important that people take care of and worry about their health, therefore, it is recommended that they go to these health centers.


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