Special Vehicle Characteristics Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Special Vehicle Characteristics Form It is a format that you must request in case of undertaking work with freight transport. In the same way, in it you must specify those aspects that highlight the motor vehicle. Also, record each of the data pertaining to the company in which you work continuously.

In the same way, this authorization form must be completed in the form of a legal procedure in advance. With which, in this portal we will guide you with the most appropriate advice so that you can carry out the process correctly. Next, you will learn how to fill out the form, what aspects it contains and much more.

Special Vehicle Characteristics Form Format

First of all, it is essential that we tell you what the format of the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form. So, while you take the following into account, you can complete this worksheet in the most appropriate way. Immediately, we indicate each of the data that you must demonstrate under the respective legal regulations:

Transport Company Data

  • Registration number of the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Unique Taxpayer Registry
  • Telephone contact
  • Name and surname
  • Representative Identification
  • Email or email
  • Address of the company where you work
  • Province, District and Department in which the entity is located

Vehicle details

  • Identify the make, model, plate, length, width, height and dry weight of the car
  • Number of Tires it owns
  • Distance in meters between its axes
  • Standard, extra, wide tire

  • Suspension Type
  • Weight per axle in Kg
  • Characteristics of the fifth wheel or spare

Motorized and Non-Motorized Vehicle Characteristics

  • Specify additional vehicle details
  • Distance in meters from the determined areas suggested by the format
  • Detail the width of the lower platform

Filling out the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form

  • First, to fill the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form you must have internet services
  • In the same way, it is essential that you have an electronic device such as a cell phone, laptop, tablet or computer
  • Next, you need to access the following link
  • Once inside it, you must proceed to download the file in the database of the electronic device with which you are carrying out the process

  • In turn, this will be downloading under a PDF type format
  • After the download process has been completed, you can proceed to print it
  • Thus, you will possess the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form in a physical format
  • With which, it will be necessary that you start the filling process with a writing instrument of your preference with black ink.
  • You must be very careful when doing this so that you can do it properly
  • Also, you must be aware that each of these data must be true
  • However, there is the possibility that you make changes in case your special vehicle contains renewed details
NOTE: you must complete the filling out using an «X» in the appropriate descriptions, depending on the suggested section

Usefulness of the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form

On the other hand, we can tell you the main utility of the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form. Likewise, it is essential that you know that the main one is to maintain the record and control of each of the details that comprise the motor vehicle. In the same way, it contains the specifications of the company in which you work.

Special Vehicle Features Renewal

In this sense, those instances in which you must make some type of change in the vehicle’s characteristics apply. Either external details, new visible improvements or change from a cargo vehicle to a small load. Therefore, it is necessary that you take into account the aspects that we will mention below.


  • Document in which your National Identity Document Number is reflected
  • In addition, you must prove the data in which your Unique Taxpayer Registration Number is shown
  • Specify the type of cargo you transport
  • Clearly detail the type of vehicle in which you work
  • Make the respective cancellation payment according to your interest in the process

Ways to carry out the process

  • The owner of the special vehicle has the availability to carry out this procedure at the notary of his preference
  • Likewise, in this alternative, the person must fill in each of the requirements suggested by the competent entity as well as the determined Form
  • Thus, in this format each of the new descriptions presented by the motor vehicle must be found.
  • In addition, there is another option in which you can go to the offices of the National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP)

  • In this case, it will be necessary to present the corresponding Form with each of the renewed aspects of the vehicle
  • Also, you must present the Certificate of Conformity of Modification provided by the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • In this way, said document will contain the guarantee that these changes do not negatively impact the environment.
  • Finally you can go to the headquarters located at Jr. Antonio Vargas N ° 1733 Urb. Elio – Cercado de Lima, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
The cost of this procedure for natural and legal persons is S /. 115.20

Who Issues It?

The body in charge of issuing the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form is the National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP). Likewise, this entity belongs in alliance with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru. In order to provide the best care and services to each of the citizens.

In the same way, we can mention that SUNARP is an autonomous decentralized entity of the judiciary. Thus, it is part of the management institution of the national public registry system. Thus, its main functions are to supervise the registration and promotion of conduct and contracts in the registries that make up the system.

Also, it is necessary to indicate to you that his vision focuses on respecting human rights in the context of the coexistence of a legal culture and a harmonious society. That is why the crime and discrimination rate is low in Peru. In this way, everyone enjoys legal security and an inclusive and trustworthy justice.

Which means that this is because the country is modern and transparent, and thus effectively protects citizens and their own and collective interests. In turn, this entity is in alliance with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Here are some of the most important functions it performs:

  • Register and advertise events
  • Contracts
  • Rights
  • Ownerships
  • Carry out these procedures in a timely, efficient, transparent and predictable manner
  • Maintain a quality and progressive service that complements the own and joint ideals of the Peruvian population
  • Provide improvements in the field of work coexistence and public registry
  • Authorize legal procedures that involve judicial levels inclined to the social order of the nation
  • Supervise each of the legal processes that concern him

What is it?

The is a spreadsheet format in which you must specify certain data about the motor vehicle. Said vehicle must correspond to the one with which you carry out cargo loading tasks. It is also necessary that it remains authorized and supported by its representative.

With which, in general, this representative is a figure of responsibility granted by the labor company determined. In the same way, this form must contain the data of the work entity and certain contact details that identify it. Also, we suggest that you take into account providing the most up-to-date information possible.

On the other hand, the entity that issues the Special Vehicle Characteristics Form is the National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP). That is why it is in charge of authorizing and supervising procedures related to the public records of the nation. As well as providing quality attention and responses.

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

However, this body is the main alliance established with SUNARP. That is, they work together to achieve their skills in the most appropriate way possible. In the same way, they work to maintain human rights in force within Peru. Thus, a coexistence of harmony and well-being will continue to be established.

In the same way, it is in charge of guaranteeing an inclusive, transparent, reliable and modern justice in Peruvian society. It also focuses on supporting vulnerable populations and promoting respect and protection of human rights by civil society and the state. Here are some of their approaches:

  • Formulate, implement and evaluate institutional public policies at the national and international level
  • Provide timely and effective legal advice for the defense of national interests
  • Fight the corruption of the Peruvian nation
  • Advocate for a civic culture that respects the law and strengthens the rule of law
  • Guarantee legal security by strengthening registry and notarization services that benefit all citizens

Work responsibly and get your Form!


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