SSL Certificate: What is it for, Types and MORE

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Possess a SSL Certificate it is decisive for online recognition. This gives people who visit your website the opportunity to trust and appreciate the privacy you provide. Therefore, you know that all the information that is handled by users will be protected.

We invite you to read this article, as it provides information of interest such as: What is a SSL Certificate, what it is used for, the cost, the types of certificates that exist, and much more.

What is the Ideal SSL Certificate for you?

The SSL Certificate ideal for a website, it is one that adapts to the level of security that you want to provide both inside (staff) and outside (visitors and suppliers). It should be remembered that some certificates only provide a general data encryption service. From there, you can add other services such as the following:

  1. DV Domain Validation (Domain Validation), this can be acquired only in five (5) minutes, however, it offers a very low level of security on the side of auditing companies and visitors.
  2. OV Organization Validation (Validation of the name of the organization), can be purchased in one day, and offers a little more security, but does not disclose the name of the organization.
  3. EV Extended Validation (Extended Validation), enter the green bar in the user’s search engine and present the name of the organization (for corporate image or e-commerce websites, this is suggested). It is highly recommended and offers an excellent level of security.
  4. Digitization of viruses and malware on the website.
  5. Search engine safety certificate.
  6. Organization concentrated each one of the trust certificates of the institution in a single place, even being different types of CA (Certifying Authorities).
  7. Certifications for signing programs scripts (Code Signing) and / or applets.
  8. Take out insurance against encryption errors (this can be starting at $ 5,000 and up to $ 15,000 dollars), in case of an error in the encryption procedure.
  9. Every Certifying Authority provides an amount according to the type of certificate chosen.

What is the SSL Certificate for?

A SSL Certificate It is used to verify that a company’s website is real and official, and that it is not a misleading copy which wants to imitate another entity. For this reason, it is that the type of SSL Certificate of Extended Validation, presents the real name of the company in its web address.

To expand this information you can enter this web portal. In order to make the best decision regarding the most suitable security certificate for your website.

Elements to take into account about the SSL Certificate

  • View a padlock on a website, doesn’t mean it’s safe. It simply indicates that your data is encrypted. Only websites that display the green lock plus the full company name should be trusted.
  • If you have observed on the net sites similar to the one you have (regularly cloned), and for this credibility is affected, users must be informed that the website has a formal security certificate, which shows the same company name. This is usually the same as what appears on bank deposits and credit card charges.
  • In the case of having an e-commerce place (electronic commerce), or you want to have one and this is a requirement for the bank to grant the service to process debit and credit cards.
  • Capture sensory data of visitors, such as the following:
    • The credit cards.
    • Medical results.
    • Trackable information: The identification number both legal and personal, related to a name, telephone number or address (what is known as PII Information).
  • Grants entry to the external computer system (outside the institution).
    • E-mail (SquirrelMail, OWA, Office365, MS-Exchange, etc.).
    • Centralized data site (Zimbra, MS-SharePoint).
    • Different places for exchanging information (provider services, Extranet, MS-Lync).
  • It is an entity that corresponds to the financial and health field, which complies with international regulations:
    • HIPPA.
    • PKI.
    • AICPA-CICA, etc.
  • He is a member of a trade union group with facilities in different locations (different countries or the same country), and use the network for the exchange of sensory information of the company.
  • You want to provide privacy and you want others to offer it to others.
  • You want to ensure durability in search engines like Google.
  • Too want to increase the website list (Currently, Google appended to the algorithm of positioning / ranking of website, a favoritism to the places that have SSL Certificate).

SSL types

There are a lot of SSL Certificates. For this reason, the types of SSL are detailed along with the authority that certifies them, as well as the qualities of each one. These are as follows:

Simple SSL Certificates or DV (Domain Validation)

They are the ones that give the opportunity to do the basic necessary: Encode the information between your clients and the server. It can be requested for a maximum of two (2) years, in accordance with the provisions of the CA | Browser Forum. There are WildCard certificates (*, which belong to this type of DV validation.

OV Certificate (Organizational Validation)

This type of certificate encodes the data that goes to and from your server, but they have the peculiarity that to be issued, the authority that certifies as: Digicert, Symantec or GlobalSign, must confirm before you are who you say you are.

The aforementioned is known, verifying the domain data and a legal proof issued by a third person is needed (normally it is a lawyer who certifies who the person is). Like the previous certificate, it can be requested for a maximum of 2 years, according to the rules of the CA | Browser Forum.

To take into account: There are WildCard certificates (*, which correspond to the OV validation type.

EV SSL Certificates (Extended Validation)

With this type of certificate, the certifying authority examines who is the owner of the domain, it needs legal documentation from the entity that requests it.

Ratify in front of third-party sources, that they have credibility and thus observe that the contact information (email, name and phone) They are from the institution. To conclude, make a phone call to speak with the person and confirm that everything is true.

For this reason, the certificates have an issuance time of at least one year and a maximum of two years. This is because the data may vary or the company could have a different business-level change.

This certificate is very reliable, since it extends the green bar in your web browser certifying that the information of who they are is true.

Has a high degree of assurance of support against errors, and its delivery period may take 3-7 days, or maybe longer. However, if it is processed with a licensed medium such as InterHAND SA, it can be acquired in 24 hours, before obeying both legal and technical requirements.

There are no WildCard certificates (*, in this type of validation (EV). The OV and DV certificates do not present the green bar like the EVs do. In the same way, they do not present the information of the company that is inside the certificate.

Code-Signing Certificates (.exe, .dll, .ocx, .jar)

These types of certificates are digital for sign source code of scripts and programs. In order to assure the end user that the author’s topic has not been transformed since it was published. Typically used in applets or web parts in the scope financial.

Also from any other web place that has to interact with a user validation system, or with library files (, dll), feasible programs, web elements to interact (.jar and .ocx), etc. For example:

  • Java CodeSign.
  • Windows Authenticode.
  • Windows x64 Kernel Mode.
  • Apple OS X.
  • MS-Office VBA.
  • Adobe Air.

SSL Certificate Costs

Regarding the costs of the SSL Certificate It varies, and it goes according to the operations carried out in the procedure.

All the management can be done on your own, however, to facilitate the process, review time, difficult terminology, etc., you can hire this service. The tasks to be carried out are the following:

  • MS-Windows Server with
    • MS-Exchange Server.
    • MS-SharePoint Server.
    • MS-Skype Server.
    • MS-Internet Information Server (IIS).
    • Tomcat Java Server.
    • Apache Web Server.
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Oracle HTTP Server
  • Linux
    • RedHat.
    • Debian.
    • CentOS.
  • Cisco hardware.
  • Kerio Mail Server.
  • Ruckus Wireless Controller.
  • Apple Macintosh.

Operations that can be performed

  1. Fill in or not the certificate request forms.
  2. Authenticate the data in the domain registry (NIC of Costa Rica, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.).
  3. Ratify the legal data of the company (legal elements in front of the College of Accountants, the Ministry of Finance, the Bar Association, etc.).
  4. Review the TXT record data that correspond to the domain.
  5. Organize the granting of a USB key (token) for code signing and digital signature certificates.
  6. Specify with the authority that certifies the granting of documents, verification of texts, and call back in French, Spanish or English, to the person who is in charge of the purchase.
  7. Preparation of the site for corporate autonomy with respect to Personal Certificates for email encryption.
  8. Generation of the request file (.csr).
  9. File the request with the manufacturer.
  10. Mount intermediate certificate (.crt’s) and final.
  11. Send certificate and keys when there is multiple installation.
  12. Check the link on firewall, reverse proxy, router, NAT, proxy, etc.
  13. Checking external and internal ports.
  14. Encryption Mount (SEAL) of the certificate.
  15. Incitement to matters of corporate self-management of the website for personal signature.
  16. Apply the final tests.

The above can cost between $ 350.00 per server and up to $ 1,000.00 dollars. In the case of certificates for encryption signature, the value starts from $ 350.00 dollars and can reach $ 900.00 dollars.

For self-signed certificates, the minimum cost is between $ 650.00, reaching $ 3,500.00, when remote training is needed.

What is the SSL Certificate?

A SSL CertificateIt is a mechanism that authorizes Internet users to send and receive any type of information through a web portal with total security. The information exchanged by the search engine between the home and the web server of the company they visit is encrypted.

In addition, there are other types of certificates that are used to sign documents and program ciphers. Then the security certificate authorizes the search engine of the corporate web server and that of the visitor to use a key that only they know, decrypt it and then delete it at the end of the connection, all in seconds.

The SSL Certificate, is a pattern that provides security on the web. It is extremely important to protect all the data that is used in each of the websites that are visited. Therefore, it is suitable for any site that supports and receives information.

For a company of: Service providers, a bank, an educational center, State agencies, etc. You should think about acquiring an SSL Certificate.


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