Strength and Safety Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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In Spain there are essential requirements to comply with with respect to real estate, since these are regulated by safety and structural stability rules. Therefore it is necessary to have the Certificate of Strength and Safety

Any building, whether an office, a house, a flat or industrial buildings are the responsibility of the engineer, architect or technical architect, or whoever is in charge of a reform or construction project. That is why it is absolutely necessary when undertaking projects in this area to have the Certificate of Strength and Safety.

Continue reading this article and learn what requirements you must meet and what is the procedure to obtain the aforementioned certificate.

Requirements for the Certificate of Strength and Safety

The Certificate of Strength and Safety, in addition to being one more requirement in the construction area process, is part of the validation of the project. The requirements to obtain this certificate are as follows:

  • Must have all data referring to administrative information of the construction.
  • In addition, you must accurately indicate the construction start date and location correspondent.
  • Specify the materials that were used in the construction of the building, and also the building materials used in remodeling.
  • Must also indicate construction uses both now and previously.
  • Likewise, you must carry out the calculation or estimation of the loads that can withstand the construction in the conditions that its use requires.
  • Likewise, it must be specifically mentioned if the building has in particular some kind of fractures or landslides, since any detail must be taken into account.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Strength and Safety

If you are interested in getting the Certificate of Strength and Safety and you have already reviewed the previous section and consider that you have all the necessary information and that you meet the requirements, then you must follow the steps described below to obtain the certificate:

  • Initially, you must make an appointment with an architecture professional or engineering, to carry out a review of the building and prepare the corresponding report.
  • Afterwards, you must wait a period of time until the document is certified by the professional association of the particular autonomous community that corresponds.
  • When you have the document certified by the professional association, you must then go to town hall with all the documentation mentioned above.
  • The city council does not endorse the document, it is enough to deliver the document to be taken as valid.

When is it requested and what is its validity?

Most of the people wonder what situations must occur to apply for this certificate.

It is generally a document that is requested in cases in which a property is going to be used for commercial purposes. In other words, if the property is to be used as a warehouse or commercial premises, it must have its solidity and security certificate.

Equally, if the property is to be converted into a hotel or inn, its structure must be duly accredited. The structure must comply with the security schemes required by law.

The purpose of this is the protection of the citizen, avoid possible collapses, fires or other types of catastrophes associated with the structure of the property.

When you are planning to carry out a remodeling of the propertyThis certificate is also required, for the protection of the workers at the time of carrying out their work without any type of risk and with the minimum security.

The request for the certificate must be made at least one month before starting the work in question. However, it is advisable to request the appointment in advance because the review may take longer than initially estimated. Once the review is done, the process does not take more than a week to be ready.

Regarding the validity of the solidity and safety certificate, it is good to highlight that this certificate has no expiration date in which it is necessary to renew. However, there are certain circumstances where the certificate requires to be renewed as it is in a remodel.

Likewise, those constructions that made changes to their structure must renew the certificate.

What does the Certificate of Strength and Safety include?

The Certificate of Soundness and Safety includes a series of data related to the property or structure under review.

The existence of this certificate is based on the Technical Building Code of Spain, where in the article 10, specifies the basic requirements of structural safety.

The objective is to ensure that the property is structurally resistant, both during construction, rehabilitation and during its intended use. The buildings or structures must be projected, constructed and manufactured in full compliance with the reliability established in the basic documents DB-SE-AE and others.

Likewise, this same article 10 of the Technical Building Code describes the basic requirements of stability and resistance. They must be appropriate, thus minimizing undue risks.

The construction must maintain stability and resistance in the modification process that the structure undergoes, thereby anticipating the influences that it will suffer during the works. Likewise, any unusual event is prevented from occurring and producing disproportionate consequences.

Fees for the Certificate of Soundness and Safety

In relation to the cost of a solidity certificate there is no specific rate, price or fee. The development of the certificate includes different factors that must be considered.

Each expert professional in the area has a particular rate that they charge when they evaluate the property or structure. This rate is not subject to any limit established by any government agency.

Likewise, there are the different professionals who they charge according to their specialty, an architect has a different rate than the one that an engineer can charge for the same revision of the property.

To establish a cost, you must take into account the size of the structure or building to be evaluated. As the construction has a greater number of square meters, the cost is therefore higher. The evaluation that is carried out to a house, a factory or an apartment is different.

In general terms the cost of evaluating a building is approximately 700 euros. The solidity and safety certificate has a cost that ranges between 325 and 1210 euros, including the review of the property.

Also important is the mention that this article makes in part 2 of the intended use of the property, thus avoiding unacceptable deformations to the structure.

What is it?

The Certificate of safety and solidity is the document by which a technician certifies that a structure or a property fully complies with all the requirements established in the regulations for a specific use (solidity and safety). These necessary requirements refer to the safety of the structure, the safety in case of fire and the robustness against the conditions of use.

The certificate is a document issued by a registered technical professional, an architect, technical architect or engineer. Then may be visa by the professional association that corresponds toValidating that the structure complies with the regulations and specific requirements in terms of safety and solidity.

The Safety and Soundness Certificate is required when you are going to rehabilitate, or change the uses of the property, or when you are going to add elements that may affect the structure or the protection and evacuation plans against fires.

To apply, it is necessary to attend a office of architects or engineers where the documentation required to carry out the corresponding procedure is delivered.

The person who generally requests the safety and soundness certificate is the owner of the property, either because they want to incorporate new elements into an existing structure or building.

This new element may have an importance that was not initially foreseen, since it could hinder any exit or pose a risk in an installation.

Safety and robustness certificates

There are many models of certificates, among which are the following:

  • Placement of wind masts on deck.
  • The installation of tents for events.
  • Also, legalize an existing home.
  • Certificate in the installation of new equipment in gyms.
  • Likewise, the installation in homes and offices of jacuzzis and bathtubs.
  • Likewise, the installation of shelves and files in offices or offices.
  • Certificate for new machinery in the case of industries.

You already know well the importance and necessity of having the solidity and safety certificate when doing some kind of construction. Take it into account.


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