SUAF Certificate: How to Get It, Print it and MORE

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The SUAF certificate It is an essential document to receive the contributions that the State grants to workers and those cases of family allowance. Similarly, this certificate is important to know the type of family allowance and the benefits that it implies.

In this article you will have information about all the documents, requirements and instructions to obtain the SUAF certificate. As well as, here you will have the opportunity to know all the obligations of the workers with respect to the Social Security of Argentina.

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How to obtain the SUAF Certificate?

In Argentina there is a body in charge of safeguarding the interests and rights of workers and their families, known as ANSES. Similarly, this institution assigns a series of benefits and remuneration to applicants registered with the country’s Social Security.

This payment is also executed for family allowances, depending on the case that arises. For this reason, Social Security is a competent and organized body in Argentina, which grants settlements to protect workers and citizens in extraordinary cases.

Now, to obtain all these benefits, it is essential to have the document issued by ANSES, that is, the SUAF certificate. The latter provides the corresponding settlements to all social charges in the country.

However, to get the SUAF certificate a series of mandatory requirements and precautions must be compiled. Consequently, by complying with each of these, Social Security will be able to have a better administration and control of the country’s social charges. Keep reading!


  • Personal Identification Number (DNI).
  • CUIT.
  • Proof of payment of basic services not exceeding (3) months of validity.
  • Social Security Card.
  • Letter of work, signed and stamped by the contractor of the same.
  • Other relevant.

Presentation of documents

  • All documents must be submitted in an original and a copy.
  • In addition, each of them will have to be completely legible and without erasures or amendments.
  • Finally, all documents that have signatures and stamps must be current as of the date.

Now to get the SUAF certificate you will follow a series of instructions. Make sure you comply with each one to guarantee the success of the process!:

Broadcast Channels


  • Get a good internet connection and use trusted browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or others.
  • Enter the Web page by ANSES.
  • Enter your CUIT number.
  • Next, write the security number reflected in the CAPTCHA.
  • Follow all the steps to register in the system.
  • In the case of being subscribed to the web platform, click on «SUAF Certificate».
  • Subsequently, it verifies that all personal and bank details are correct and that there are no omissions.
  • Ready, enjoy your SUAF Certificate!


  • Locate the ANSES offices closest to your home.
  • Request «Customer Service» and expect to be served by certified staff.
  • Provide all the documents to obtain the SUAF certificate.
  • Follow the operator’s instructions and check the certificate.

Via telephone

  • Call 130 by phone.
  • Ask for »Customer Service» by phone.
  • Check the options to obtain your SUAF Certificate.
  • Finally, complete all the steps indicated by the electronic operator.

Print the SUAF Certificate

However, on some occasions it is essential to have the documents in person or digitally. For this reason, in this section we will tell you how to «Print» and «Download» the SUAF certificate. Keep reading!


  • After accessing the ANSES website, confirm that the SUAF certificate it is complete and has no errors.
  • Next, click on the «Download» option.
  • Create and save in a safe and easily accessible folder.
  • To verify, mark the document again and check it in PDF format.

To print

  • In the same way, we suggest that you confirm that all personal and bank details are correct.
  • Proceed to select the «Print» option.
  • Choose all the details of the printing: pages, size and destination of the same.
  • Enjoy your physical SUAF Certificate!


On the other hand, we want to tell you all the benefits and advantages that you will have when you have this document in physical form. Stay tuned for our article!:

  • PSR program registration.
  • Obtaining public revenue AFIP.
  • Updated information of the applicant’s family members.
  • The company that is subscribed to the SUAF may actively have notifications of registration of new workers available to hire.
  • You want to know more? We recommend you visit the ANSES page!

Obligations of the Worker

While the SUAF certificate it has a set of benefits that increases the quality of life of workers. However, the latter must comply with a series of obligations that will reflect the level of commitment to Social Security in the country.

Do you want to know all the obligations that you must fulfill as a worker?Find out about everything here!

  • Be aware of all the rules, decrees and regulations of the different family allowances in the country (Form PS.2.61).
  • Likewise, the data of the workers and their first degree consanguinity must be declared annually.
  • As well as, present all the necessary documents to certify said affiliation (Marriage, birth, death certificate and others).
  • Update the letter or proof of employment with the necessary stamps, signatures and reasons.

In summary, you must go to the ANSES offices and present the following documents:

  • Form PS 2.3.
  • Disability certificate.
  • PS 2.51 form for educational support.
  • Finally, a copy of the PS Forms should be submitted. 2.55 and 2.61 respectively.

Collection Forms

As mentioned above, ANSES is the body in charge of distributing social contributions to workers and their respective workers. Therefore, these workers must have the SUAF certificate updated and with all the correct data.

Currently, ANSES beneficiaries receive their salaries through their bank accounts and respective places of deposit of social contributions. As well as, in this way, other types of support to the State are discounted.

Similarly, in the event that the worker wishes to modify the receipt or this type of certificate, he or she must consult these information channels. Keep reading!


Go to the main ANSES offices, then fill in the following fields:

  • Names and surnames.
  • Identification number.
  • Postal Code.
  • Address of residence where you work.
  • Place where you want to collect your contribution again.

Change of bank account

  • To do this, you must request a transfer of the place of collection. As well as, you must present the CUIL number, identification number and other pertinent data to the process.
  • Likewise, you must present the last proof of payment from the bank and a proof of work.
  • Provide proof or CBU identification.

Electronic way

  • Enter the ANSES website.
  • Enter the CUIT number.
  • Record the certification period.
  • Afterwards, click on «Collection Certification».
  • Follow the instructions given by the system.

Certificate of No Collection

On the other hand, you can verify the Certificate of No Charge for the Web page. This document will allow you to know whether or not a person is a beneficiary of the country’s Social Security. As well as, check if all family members are registered to receive the corresponding contributions.

If you want more information, we invite you to follow these steps:

  • Access the ANSES website.
  • Enter the CUIT number.
  • Select the option «Certificate of No Collection».
  • Check that all the data are correct and none are missing.
  • Attention! In the event of an error, you can go to the page of «ANSES» and request «Customer Service».

Unique System of Family Allowances (SUAF)

This institution is allied to the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina. Likewise, said bodies allow managing all payments related to family allowances and those contributions corresponding to State workers.

Similarly, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security is in charge of the SUAF with the aim of equitably distributing the country’s social burden. Next, we will tell you all the benefits that all family allowance cases have:


  • Benefits: A contribution of money for having married one of the beneficiaries.
  • Requirements: Marriage Certificate, Identification of the spouses, address, telephone number, among others.


  • Benefits: The guardians or legal representatives of the child will have a sum of money each month to meet the needs of the minor.
  • Requirements: Birth certificate of the minor, identification document of the representatives or legal guardians.


  • Benefits: Collection of money to cover the needs of the minor.
  • Requirements: Adoption certificate issued by the competent bodies, all the documents of the legal procedure and identification of the adoptive parents.


  • Benefits: Mothers in prenatal periods who work for a company or organizations associated with SUAF, will receive a sum of money corresponding to the regulations of this institution.
  • Requirements: Medical reports that prove the pregnancy of the applicant.


  • Benefits: Fixed wages for pregnant workers. In addition, maternity leave for (3) months is included.
  • Requirements: Medical report of the applicant.


  • Benefits: Monthly remuneration for each daughter under (18) years of age.
  • Requirements: Birth certificate.

Children with disabilities

  • Benefits: Qualifying Remuneration without age limit.
  • Requirements: Birth certificate, medical report and all pertinent to this procedure.

School aid

  • Benefits: Teach Differential, Rehabilitation and fixed salaries.
  • Requirements: Birth certificate, medical reports, among others.

Remember! All documents must be presented as follows:

  • Original documents and photocopies.
  • Signature and stamp of all documents legibly.
  • It may not have erasures or amendments.
  • As soon as you have all these documents, you should go to the main ANSES offices.

What is the SUAF Certificate?

The SUAF certificate It is a document that will allow you to have proof of all the contributions granted annually. In the same way, this certificate is issued by the country’s Social Security offices (ANSES) in order to administer and manage the contributions of the beneficiaries and family allowances.

Likewise, ANSES supports and cares for Argentine citizens who find themselves in precarious situations and with fortuitous circumstances. For this reason, SUAF certificate covers the following family allowances:

  • Marriage.
  • Adoption.
  • School aid.
  • Maternity.
  • Also, prenatal.
  • Children with disabilities.
  • Others.

Finally, this document has a series of important data that you should take into consideration when reviewing it:

SUAF Certificate components

  • Personal data: Names and Surnames, Identification Number, Address of residence, telephone number, among others.
  • Social Security data: CUIT number, social security number, among others.
  • Family allowance type.
  • Monthly remuneration or contribution.
  • Corresponding signature and stamp.

Enjoy your SUAF Certificate!

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