SURA Affiliation Form: Steps, Format and MORE

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The SURA Affiliation Form, officially called Affiliation Form and News Report to EPS SURA, It is the most important document when signing the affiliation to this entity. For this reason, today we will be explaining how you can obtain it, what format it has and what you should take into account when filling it out.

Likewise, we will tell you so that you can use this form and how to continue the affiliation process once you have it. We will also explain what it is about EPS SURA, so that you have all the information you need in one place. Stay with us!

Steps to Request the SURA Membership Form

There are a number of Steps to Request the SURA Membership Form, believe it or not. This is obtained from the official web portal, but What? For some time now, the affiliation process has been done completely online, so you have to know what you have to do to obtain this document.

You also need to know what to do once you get the form. We will be talking about this throughout the article, so that you do not miss anything when filling out your affiliation. Let’s see!

  • To begin, you need to enter the page of EPS SURA, to the section dedicated to exporting this document. Use the link that we have left you, as it will direct you directly to the page you need.
  • Once there, click on the option Download Form.
  • You will be redirected to a new page. There they will ask you for the Form Number. Select ‘1’ if it is no longer typed. Then proceed to verify that you are not a robot.
  • The SURA Affiliation Form it will download automatically. Remember that you must have an application or program that allows you to view PDF files, as this will be the format that the form will have.

On that same page you will find the Instructions to fill out the SURA Form. You just have to click on Download instructive and ready! At the same time, we recommend that you also download the Guide for filling out the form.

The first will tell you how to fill out the form exactly, space for space. The second will let you know which spaces you must fill in depending on whether you are an independent worker or a dependent and retired worker.

We will also be talking about it in the next section. For now, you should know that once you print and fill out the document, you must sign and scan it. Then you must Request a Shift and follow the instructions given to you by the person assigned to advise you.

Guidelines for filling out the SURA Membership Form

Before telling you what information this form includes, we would like to give you some guidelines that you must follow when filling out the document.

  • First of all, you must use black ink pen. It is an unalterable requirement.
  • Also, the letter you use must be printed and legible.
  • The document will be rejected if ink stains, studs, emendations and concealer are found.
  • Respect the spaces available for information. That is, do not write where it is not your turn.
  • Just fill in the sections that correspond to you as a dependent, independent or retired worker.

Bearing this in mind, you can proceed to know what information will be requested in the Form. Once you know this, you will be ready to fill it out and present it.

SURA Membership Form Format

Now that you know how to request this document and the guidelines you must follow to fill it out, we can go on to tell you about the SURA Membership Form Format.

The first thing you should know is that this was designed to collect all the necessary information from the applicant. This either for the dependent worker, independent for the pensioner.

Is found in digital format or in PDF format, whatever you prefer to call it. This is thus arranged so that the applicant can download it from the page and fill it out as comfortably as possible. In addition, you will be able to save time and meet all the other requirements to join.

There are two (02) pages. The first corresponds to the affiliation and the second to the news report. There are two procedures to be registered by the EPS.

But, What data does the form include exactly? We will tell you below.

  • The first thing you will find are the Document Identification Data. We are talking about the SURA logo, the unique form number, the official name of the document and the filing date.
  • Then you will see the Procedure Data. These are the ones that will allow the advisor to know if you are requesting membership or reporting news. Likewise, they ask you for the type of affiliation and what regime you will be subscribing to.
    • Remember that the subsidized scheme it only applies to the poor and vulnerable population of the country. The contributory regime It is carried out with contributions to the EPS by the contributor.
  • The next section corresponds to the Identification data. It can be the head of the family or the contributor. The important thing is that you must enter both basic and complementary data. The latter refer to ethnicity, race, SISBÉN score, ARL, IBC, etc.
  • Next, you will find the Identification Data of Family Nucleus Members. The spouse or permanent partner are entered first. Then that of the rest of the beneficiaries. Remember to follow the order for each space (B1, B2…).
  • Finally, and only if it is not an independent worker and / or individual affiliation, you will find the last section. This corresponds to Identification Data of the Employer and other Contributors of the Entities Responsible for the Collective, Institutional or Trade Membership.
    • Here you enter the company name, type of contribution, among others that allow you to recognize the employer or contributor.

You will also find the section of News Report. However, this is only filled out when looking to make any changes to the data already registered in this EPS.

You also have to fill out the fields number 54 and 55, and advisor code. Here are the signatures of the contributor or head of the family and the employer, contributor or entity responsible for the affiliation. The annexes They are filled according to your individual case.

What fields should I fill out?

To finish, the fields that you must fill in will vary depending on whether you are a dependent, independent or retired worker. In these cases, the Guide for Filing reflects it like this:

  • Dependents and pensioners:
    • 1 to 10.
    • 15 to 18.
    • 19 to 23, if it is the case.
    • 24 to 34 (except 30).
    • 35 to 40 (except 38).
    • 47.
    • 49 to 52.
    • 54, 55 and code.
    • The corresponding annexes.
  • Independent:
    • 1 to 10.
    • 15 to 18.
    • 19 to 23, if it is the case.
    • 24 to 34 (except 30).
    • 54 and advisor code.
    • The corresponding annexes.

These numbers are the ones found in each of the boxes to write the information. You must fill them out in this order and submit them to complete the affiliation process.

What is the SURA Membership Form for?

The SURA Affiliation Form serves, precisely, to be able to carry out the affiliation process to this Health Promotion Entity (EPS). It is the most important document that must be presented for this process, since without it the applicant will not be able to complete the registration.

This consists of one page and remains invariant with respect to the person who requests it (dependent, independent or retired worker). As we said before, it must be presented without deletions, amendments or characters. It must be completed in legible handwriting, using a black ink pen.

Once this document is delivered, the EPS affiliation will be signed. Its purpose is to gather in a concise and summarized way the most relevant data of those who will be enjoying SURA services. Data that, of course, must be supported by other documents.

It also serves to make the news report. This contemplates modifications in the registered information, cancellation of the affiliation, and so on. This report must be done from time to time, in order to keep the database of this EPS updated.

What is SURA?

SOUTH AMERICAN is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS). What this means is that it is within the system of companies dedicated to offering spaces for health services throughout the country.

These services are offered in associated clinics and hospitals, which do not charge anything to those who come to request the services they have. Of course, they already have a prior commitment to SURA, and we are talking about both the beneficiaries and those who offer their services.

There are two primordial regimes, the subsidized and the contributory. The first is intended for the entire poor and vulnerable population of Colombia. People with certain characteristics enter here: minors and adults in the care of the State or non-profit organizations, the gypsy population, the indigent, the indigenous population, and so on. They pay little or nothing.

For him contributory regime certain contributions or economic contributions are made. This is carried by the employer with the worker, or only the latter. Those who request this scheme have the ability to pay, so they must cancel from time to time. They are served in Health Provider Institutions (IPS), Something very important.

For more information, you can contact the Lines of Attention.

  • Bogota: 489 7941
  • National Line: 018000 519 519
  • Medellin: 448 6115

Benefits of EPS SURA

You will find access to health services such as:

  • Ambulatory care.
  • Odontology.
  • Maternity.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Ambulance.
  • Preventive checkups.
  • General and specialized medical consultation.
  • Much much more.

What is the SURA Membership Form?

The South American Health Promotion Entity is in charge of managing health services at the national level. Through IPS, hospitals and clinics, it provides these services for all members and their beneficiaries.

At its most basic level, it offers outpatient care services, general and specialized medical consultation, preventive check-ups, and so on. Its different programs and access to the contributory and subsidized regime are tailored to the needs of the affiliates.

In this sense, to subscribe the affiliation you need the Membership Form and News Report. This can be found on the SURA website, from where an appointment is also requested and instructions are given on the steps to follow to complete the process.

This document must be printed, filled out, signed and digitized. To fill it out, the applicant has to define what type of scheme can enter and what spaces must be completed. The latter is done with a black pen, printed.

Today we have told you about all this and more. As a consequence, you now have the necessary tools to make use of this document. We hope we have been of help to you.

Until next time!


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