SURA Certificate: Requirements, How to Obtain it and MORE

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If you are interested in getting your SURA certificate and you do not know the process of the procedure, do not worry. In this article you will find the necessary requirements for your membership.

SURA is a Latin American company, which is listed on the Stock Exchange from Colombia. Over the years, it has been cataloged as the only platform in the Diverse Financial Services and Latin American Capital Markets sector.

Here you can find the necessary information on how to obtain your certificate, what it is for and more. What are you waiting for? Keep reading!

What are the Requirements for the SURA Certificate?

If you want to request your certificate as an independent person or company, you should know what the requirements are for the SURA certificate that you will need at the time of doing your procedure. Next, we will mention them to you:

  • You should look for the form in the web portal and affiliate through the electronic form.
  • You have to bring your certificate of existence along with the legal representation. If you do not have them, you must bring their equivalent.
  • You must bring one (1) copy of the identity document of the Legal Representative.
  • You have to bring one (1) copy of the Tax Identification Number (NIT).
  • In case of being a company, you must present the initial relationship of each of the workers.
  • You must bring one (1) copy of the last three payments from each work center.
  • You have to bring the letter of disenrollment. This must have the seal of the Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL).
  • You must present the mobility letter.
  • You have to bring the verification of the Business and Credit History, along with the Authorization Report form.
  • You must bring the letter of the affiliation of the account and pre-cooperatives.
  • You have to present one (1) copy of the union’s contract. This must be deposited only in the Ministry of Social Protection.

In case the company comes from another Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL), you can keep the rates. Also, the various types of risks that were previously classified for each of the centers.

If the period of three (3) months from the start of coverage has been completed, or if the type of Occupational Risk Manager SURA does not match, you can make your classification.

The form is open for independent affiliations, contractors and / or various administrative procedures. The information requested must be personalized. In addition, it must be attached and signed by the Legal Representative.

How to obtain the SURA Certificate?

You must bear in mind that to obtain your certificate, you have to do certain steps, therefore, to meet the requirements for the SURA certificate, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. You have to enter the EPS SURA web portal (previously mentioned).
  2. You must click on «All online procedures for Affiliates» or «One Click Services». These options should appear in the center of the portal.
  3. Then, you must click on «Certificates»> «Membership».
  4. You must add the requested information to the form, such as date of birth, type of risk, document number, among other things.
  5. Next, you have to click on «I am not a Robot» and then on «Generate».
  6. You will obtain the information that certifies your affiliation to SURA.
  7. You can download the certificate on your smartphone or computer, and print the file.

Payment options

Members of Seguro SURA have various payment options and have the facility to do so in two ways, either in person or virtually. The payment options are the following:

  • In person: You must go to one of the authorized banking entities and make your payment by deposit or payment agreement between the bank and the associated network. Then they should give you proof of payment.
  • Virtual: Automatic debit or debit or credit card.

What is it for?

SURA Insurance helps you to enjoy the various financial services offered by the institution. It has strategic investments at the banking and insurance, savings, investment and pension levels.

This provides confidence in financial solutions in a comprehensive way in the long term. It also presents various options for its Colombian affiliates, so that the process is quick, easy and safe.

In addition, it has a technological implementation, which through the web platform, allows the population to download and print their EPS Affiliation Certificate.

What information does the SURA certificate contain?

The SURA certificate contains the complete data of the applicant. To the affiliated person, a help or financing is granted. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that at the time of making your procedure, you put all your personal data.

You have to detail what your request is due to. Also, the reasons and financial priorities you need. Remembering that there are various strategic investments to be made, of which are mainly based on the management focus within the SURA institution.

Benefits of the SURA Certificate

There are several benefits that the SURA certificate brings with it, since it allows the affiliated person to have the maximum attention in medical emergencies. These can be laboratory, clinical or pathological tests.

In addition, you can count on other care such as hospitalizations, surgeries or intensive care, and ambulance in case of emergency. Said attention is also extended to the urban parameter and protects both the affiliated person and their family members.

What is it?

SURA insurance, is a group of South American investors, specifically Colombians, which as an institution has a broad portfolio in the financial field. These are divided into sectors such as insurance, pensions, savings, investments, among others.

Furthermore, as a Latin American institution, is authorized to quote on the Stock Exchange from Colombia. Over the years, it has been cataloged as the only platform in the Diverse Financial Services and Latin American Capital Markets sector.

It is important to mention that it has its main headquarters, which is located in the city of Medellín in Colombia. This being the pioneer country of the extensive SURA group. It also has offices in other countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

This institution was inaugurated in 1945, in the Republic of Colombia, and has always been made up of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

What are the services it offers?

You must bear in mind that one of the main objectives of SURA is to be able to provide its affiliates with the Financial services in insurance. Which have a certain relationship with assets and / or properties in the Colombian territory.

Also, it provides the Colombian population the protection and care of your financial statements, in a safe and responsible way. Therefore, it offers various services to its affiliates, such as:

  1. It has civil liability insurance. This is based on providing their services to providers, clinics or hospitals. In addition to veterinarians, workshops, health professionals, employee liability, digital protection, extra-contractual civil liability, administrators and managers.
  2. It offers compliance insurance, of which they are in favor of state entities or individuals. Also, of the legal provisions, energy efficiency, public service platforms, leasing and judicial surety.
  3. Facilitates engineering insurance, such as constructions and assemblies.
  4. It offers insurance with respect to fraud, of which financial risks, infidelity and / or the management of the public sector operate.
  5. It has insurance for assets and assets, including corporate and business multi-risks. It also offers a plan for the company to be protected and a Sura business plan.
  6. Provide logistics and maritime insurance. These are based on providing their services to vessels of recreation, utility or heavy vehicles, and the various cargo agents.
  7. It offers group life insurance, such as the teaching, comprehensive, debtor life plans or the Sura business plan.


If you have any questions when applying for your certificate. You will have the facility to communicate through customer service or go to one of the SURA headquarters.

Next, we will mention the cities where the headquarters are located and their telephone numbers:

  • Barranquilla:It is located in block 49C, N ° 80-176. Telephone number: 3669710. Also, in block 30, in the university corridor, No. 1-850, on Floor 5, office 521. Telephone number: 3679360
  • Bogota:It is located at Calle 100, N ° 19-35. Telephone number: 4873888
  • Cali:It is located on 6th Bis avenue, N ° 35N-64. Telephone number: 6080101
  • Cucuta:It is located on Avenida Gran Colombia, 9E-120, in Quinta Oriental. Telephone number: 5776703
  • Medellin: It is located in block 48, No. 26-50, on industrial avenue. Phone number: 3506888

Finally, if you are interested in joining Seguros SURA and carrying out your processing, do not forget that you must meet the requirements for the SURA certificate, so that you can carry out your process in one of the cities of Colombia, previously mentioned.


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