Suspension of Benefits Form: Format, Completion and MORE

Students who carry out studies in the different Educational Entities in the Chilean Country, must bear in mind that in order not to lose the benefits of Student Credits they must fill out the Suspension of Benefits Form.

To do this, we will explain in detail what are the procedures that must be carried out to avoid loss of well-being. It is important that the student is attentive to the deadlines for the delivery of the collections. The Suspension of Benefits Form, it is the document that allows you to materialize the process.

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Suspension of Benefits Form Format

The suspension of benefits transmitted by the MiMinistry of Education (MINEDUC), it focuses on students, who, due to force majeure, are forced to delay their investigations. The cycle can be done for all scholarships for educational costs.

The most extreme suspension period for educational cost grants is one academic year or two consecutive semesters. On behalf of FSCU, the advantage can be extended up to half the extra time to the conventional term of the degree.

How to suspend benefits?

Students who require this process should take into account that there are currently eleven justifications for suspension. Once the reason is recognized, the circumstance should be asserted by presenting the Suspension Structure and the aforementioned documentation.

Subsequently, the Social Specialist of the faculty, organization or study program, will be in charge of thoroughly verifying all the consigned errors. Therefore, the student must appear personally, in order to explain any other information that is requested.

Significant data:

  • The cycle requires two channels. On the first occasion, the College evaluates the cases. The individuals who satisfy the needs are referred to the MINEDUC, the element responsible for supporting or rejecting the suspensions.
  • It is important that you complete the suspension cycle during the time limits established by the university.
  • If the student does not report in a convenient way, it can cause the loss of benefits. For this, it is essential to obtain advice regarding cut-off times with your Social Welfare.
  • This cycle is done whenever you have suspended or solidified your career.

It is important to highlight that the dates of suspension of the benefits will be informed by the Directorates of Student Affairs of each faculty, foundation or academic program and in informal organizations of the Directorate of Student Welfare and Development.

How to fill out the Suspension of Benefits Form?

Those involved who mentioned the postponement of semester or annual studies and who have been assigned a fee advantage by MINEDUC should follow the steps that accompany it to finalize this cycle:

  1. Students must fill out and sign the Suspension of Benefits Form of MINEDUC 2020, showing the cause and the semesters to be suspended.
  2. You must also submit all supporting documentation that legitimizes the purpose behind the Suspension.
  3. Students who have several semesters with suspensions, must attach a supporting file that legitimizes the reason behind why they suspended the study.
  4. Attach the copy of the academic resolution that authorizes the postponement of annual or semester studies and the copy of the letter entered into the system, addressed to the Dean of the Faculty to which it belongs.

Steps to carry out the process

Students must perform a series of procedures to fill out the Suspension of Benefits Form, among them we cite the following:

  • The student must have access to the Internet.
  • Enter the official page, to locate the Form.
  • Subsequently, you must download the Suspension of Benefits Form.
  • Before printing it, you must fill it out carefully, without ignoring any fields.
  • Finally, Review the document that you must submit according to the reason for suspension of benefits.
  • It is important to consign it in advance, since the delivery of some of them takes several days.

Causes for Suspension of Studies and Abandonment

This point is very important for the students. Here are some procedures to follow:

  • Students who do not pass the second semester of 2020 and are beneficiaries of some aid for the payment of financed charges by the Ministry of Education can freeze these benefits.
  • Likewise, first-year students, whose enrollment is annual, may demand the suspension of benefits only in the event that they did a Study Interference for the second semester of 2020.
  • Finally, those involved who made an absolute withdrawal from subjects in the main semester, will not be able to rejoin the second semester of 2020).

Students who require a more in-depth procedure, and depending on each case, will have to abide by the following:

Granting of Suspension of Scholarships and Gratuity

  • In the event that the semester to be suspended refers to a first or second academic period without enlistment, during the entire profession, only the suspension structure must be presented.
  • On the other hand, in the event that it is mentioned to suspend a third period without enlistment.

  • Students will have to present the framework and demonstrate the defended causes, as demonstrated by the Instruction Service:
    • Pregnancy.
    • Change in the economic circumstances of the family reunion.
    • Current situation of the working student.
    • Change of family dwelling arrangement.
    • Scholarship.
    • Temporary work abroad.
    • Medical problems of the student or an individual from the immediate family reunion.
    • State of the father or mother.
    • Legal issues or different reasons of power of attorney that prevent the student continuity of study.

Important fact

Because of the office scholarships, they could be suspended for an extreme period of two semesters for the entire career. The guidelines that administer fee grants establish: The suspension will be approved by the Instructional Service for up to one year.

Despite the foregoing, the Instruction Service may approve, for duly substantiated reasons, the suspension for more than one academic year. Take into account these regulations.

Who is entitled to gratuity?

Students who belong to 60% of the households with the lowest income in the country, also the following:

  • Students who are already enrolled.
  • Also that they have a professional degree or a bachelor’s degree.
  • THave Chilean nationality or foreigners (foreigners must have permanent residence or permanence). In case of having residency, students must have completed secondary education in Chile.
  • Finally, that they are students of Higher Education.

Granting of Suspension of the Solidarity Fund of University Credit

  • In the event that a student fails his exams and is a beneficiary of the University Credit Solidarity Fund, he will not need to complete any method since the suspension of this advantage is programmed.

  • However, the foregoing, if the study suspension season exceeds 4 semesters, the student must take the pprocess of income declaration, as established by Law 20,572.

What is the Suspension of Benefits Form for?

The Suspension of Benefits Form, is a tool that allows students to suspend, delay or deny the degree they are currently studying, they must remember that the administration of this strategy is totally close and personal.

To do this, they must require the application structure to the Secretary of Studies of the Faculty to which they belong. Thus, those students who have benefits from homework, for example, scholarships and / or credits, should consign this document so that they do not lose the benefit.

What is the Suspension of Benefits Form?

The Suspension of Benefits Form, is a Cycle focused on students by assignment and renewal of state fee benefits (Gratuity / State Scholarships), who for unknown reasons cannot continue their studies.

By taking academic suspension during the following semester or for the 2020 school year, they have the ability to suspend their advantage and resume it once they continue their career. The reception of the structure and the supporting records will be made by email.

Also, the Suspension of Benefits Form It must be sent in readable PDF format and record the student’s signature. Supporting documentation, and all reports must be submitted in a single record, PDF layout.

Frequent questions

How is Gratuity lost?

In case you have a scholarship or credit from the State, do the Suspension of Benefits Form, set the requirements for 2020 and try an organization that offers these benefits, the above grants will be supplanted by this process.

What documents must be presented?

  • Form for Suspension of State Tariff Benefits 2020.
  • Academic suspension resolution issued by the study house.
  • Formal support of the cause for which the suspension of the benefit is carried out, according to what MINEDUC indicates.

How many times can the student request the Gratuity?

Students who need to opt for this benefit must enroll for the MINEDUC scholarship process and educational cost credits the same number of times as they wish. However, if they profit from two different events, they will not have the option for the third time.

How can you lose the Gratuity?

This occurs when the student exceeds the appropriate period of a degree, there are also different causes. In addition, the loss of gratuity simply becomes viable once the conventional time of the degree has closed.

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