Tax Appraisal Certificate: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

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Do you want to manage the Tax Appraisal Certificate, and you don’t know how to do it? Here we expose you all the necessary information so that you can process it. This is used for some errands, which are detailed later.

For this reason, continue reading this article that contains the following: Requirements to acquire the Certificate, the steps to follow, how to obtain it online or in person, the types of Certificates that exist, what it is for and much more information.

Requirements for the Tax Appraisal Certificate

The requirements to process the Tax Appraisal Certificate, they are mentioned here below:

Acquisition of Tax Appraisal Certificate Online

  • The Simple Appraisal Certificate without Information on the Owner and on Effective Possession: The person requesting it must enter the region, commune and Role of the Real Estate of the Certificate that is required. An internet password is not necessary to obtain this information.
  • Simple Appraisal Certificate with Owner Information: The applicant has to provide the region, commune, the property’s Role number and validate on the web portal with the Unique Tax Role (RUT) and the internet password.
  • The Detailed Tax Appraisal Certificate Series I and II (Non-Agricultural and Agricultural Properties): Likewise, the region, the commune, the Role of the property must be provided and validated on the website, with the RUT and the internet password.

Information of interest

  • For more information, review the Circular N ° 38 of the year 2016 and Exempt Res. N ° 46 of the year 2017.
  • Processing of Special Certificates cannot be purchased online.
  • In the case of Certificate of Tax Appraisal, it does not authenticate the domain of a Real Estate.

Step by Step to Obtain the Tax Appraisal Certificate

To get this Certificate, a series of steps must be followed, which are specified as follows:

Via Internet

Current Type Appraisal Certificate

  1. Come into SII web portal, go to the Online Services option, then the Real Estate Appraisals and Contributions sub-menu, the appraisals and certificates consultation menu, choose «Get Tax Appraisal Certificate”.
  2. The Direct Search page will appear, where they ask to place the precedents corresponding to the Real Estate: The Role of the property, the region, and commune. Then they will spread four (4) Certificate alternatives:
    1. The Simple Tax Appraisal (no validation required in the web portal with the RUT and the internet password).
    2. Tax Appraisal with information from the Owner registered in SII (validation required).
    3. The Certificate of Effective Possession procedure (validation is not required on the web portal with the RUT and the internet password).
    4. The Detailed Tax Appraisal, I Agricultural Series and II Non-Agricultural Series (validation is required).
  3. Continuing with:
    1. Select the Certificate that is required.
    2. Place the code that the web portal indicates.
    3. Click on «Obtain Certificate», which allows you to review the Certificate online for free.

In person (Office of the Internal Revenue Service)

Current Tax Appraisal

  1. It can be requested by the person concerned, the owner or one of the legal representatives of a company. These must be registered in the Real Estate cadastre of the services, or the authorized representative according to the general rules, stipulated in the Appearance Circular No. 54 of 2002. In the event that it is requested by a non-certified person, you can only request the Simple Tax Appraisal Certificate and for Effective Possession.
  2. The issuance of the Current Certificate requires the oral expression of the subjects named in the previous point. For this, they must indicate the appraisal Rol number and the address of the Real Estate, so that the documentation is issued at the time of processing.
  3. Authenticate the domain of the property, when the Simple Certificate is requested with information of the owner and / 0 Detailed for Non-Agricultural and Agricultural Goods, only if the name registered in the Real Estate Cadastre of the service is not renewed.
  4. The Certificate that has the owner’s information such as RUT or name, and the Detailed Tax Appraisal, is delivered only to the owners or agents who have a notarial authorization.

The Special Tax Appraisal

  1. Among the Special Certificates are those of the type Proportional, Current with Complementary and Provisional Information.
  2. It can be requested by the owner, the legal representative of a company that owns the property, registered in the Real Estate Cadastre of the service, or authorized representative in accordance with the general rules detailed in Circular on Appearance No. 54 of 2002.
  3. Currently, this management has been simplified, since the person requesting it must orally express what type of Certificate they require. You must provide the data of the Role of Property Appraisal, the address, the name of the interested party, commune, telephone number, also the type of Certificate you need and the body where it will be consigned. Likewise, the detailed precedents necessary to deliver it, specifications that you will find in Exempt Resolution No. 46 of the year 2017.
  4. The time established to withdraw the Special Certificate is five (5) business days, when the request is consigned in the relevant jurisdiction, where the Real Estate is located, extending to ten (10) business days, if the request is made in a different jurisdiction.

Types of Tax Appraisal Certificate

Regarding the types of Tax Appraisal Certificate, are the following:

  • The Simple Tax Appraisal Certificate I: In this type of Certificate, the owner registered with the SII does not have the information.
  • Simple Tax Appraisal Certificate II: Presents the owner information that the Internal Revenue Service (SII) has in its records.
  • The Certificate of Tax Appraisal for the Effective Possession Procedure: With this type of Certificate, the information of the owner of the Property is presented and the password of the SII is required.
  • Detailed Tax Appraisal Certificate: This Certificate is issued only to the registered duel in front of the relevant body.

What is the Tax Appraisal Certificate for?

The use of Tax Appraisal Certificate, serves or is necessary for different procedures, such as:

  • What endorsement against banking institutions or financial that certify the solvency or possibility of payments for debts acquired or to be acquired.
  • It serves as a guarantee of the amount of a movable or immovable property.
  • To carry out the commercialization of the corresponding asset.
  • As a guarantee and support to obtain another property or property.
  • It works as an accreditation for the study of an investment.
  • In steps that have to do with foreclosures or inheritances.

Can it be taken out online?

If possible remove the Tax Appraisal Certificate by Internet. Applies for previous periods (only for the owner registered in the SII).

This documentation accredits the tax assessment of the deflated Real Estate according to the change in the CPI (Consumer Price Index), up to the scheduled time. Its use is for Effective Possession procedures and the Inheritance Tax calculation.

To acquire the Tax Appraisal Certificate, a Tax Code is required to be able to review it, through the web portal of the Internal Revenue Service. There you can check the following:

  1. Medium: The menu where you can find some alternatives: How to do it? Learn About, Educational Demos, Informative Material, additionally, Frequent questions.
  2. The SII Telephone Support Desk: It offers the possibility of communicate, from a landline phone to the Support Desk, from different regions or from the Metropolitan Region, dialing the number 223951115.
  3. The Offices belonging to the SII: Information and assistance centers.
  4. To conclude, if the guide that is available does not clarify the doubts, there is the opportunity to make a written communication, addressed to the Regional Director of the SII of the corresponding jurisdiction. Also, the precedents of the individual condition, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code in its Article 6.

NOTE: The answers to the questions have been made in accordance with the legal regulations in force, on the date of renewal of the answers. These are a referential support, which must be completed with each case individually, with the rules and guidelines of the SII. Therefore, they are not mandatory for taxpayers.

What is it?

The Tax Appraisal Certificate, is a documentation that is managed in front of the SII (Internal Revenue Service).

This indicates the appraisal of a property or property, and the exemption status of some contribution payments. This Certificate evaluates the commercial value of a movable or immovable property.

Said Certificate has a part, which it is the Exempt Value, and is one where the declared value is lower than the upper limit stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service. On the other hand, there is the Affected Value and it is the one that represents the difference between that limit and a value higher than this.

Everything Tax Appraisal Certificate acquired through the SII website, it is valid to be consigned in front of legal and natural persons. Similarly, it is valid against entities or corporations without legal personality, for all types of management, as established by Exempt Resolution No. 5207, of the year 2000.

Remember that the Tax Appraisal Certificate It serves as a guarantee to carry out other procedures, since with it the value of a movable or immovable property of your property is known.

Comply with the requested requirements, follow the steps mentioned above, and voila, you will obtain the Certificate as soon as possible.


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