Term Deposit Certificate: Electronic, Physical and MORE

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If you are looking for a way to invest and save a part of your money, to seek to obtain a higher rate of returns with an affordable rate, we invite you to check a little about it Term Deposit Certificate. This type of savings provided by the Bank of Costa Rica, helps you find a way to invest and save, without wasting or losing your savings during the procedure.

In the following lines you will be able to find information about the interest rates of this type of saving and the virtual and physical procedures to obtain the certificate. In addition, we are also going to develop a little information about the Bac Credomatic and the relationship of the document with the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR). So, if you are interested in obtaining this certificate, we invite you to continue reading about this article.

Saving is the safest way to secure your future!

Interest Rates of the Term Certificate of Deposit

The first step to obtain the term certificate of deposit has to be to know the interest rates generated by this method of saving. To be able to choose and carry out a saving mode, you must know how much you will have to pay each installment, and analyze whether or not the plan suits you.

In the case of the term deposit certificate issued by the Bank of Costa Rica, you will have a large number of options to choose the best rate that suits your financial situation.

Now, before presenting the table of interest rates, you must bear in mind that you must plan with the national currency of Costa Rica (Costa Rican Colones) and some percentages based on a nominal rate. Without more information to add, here is the interest table of the term certificate of deposit:

Physical Negotiable on the Stock Exchange
Term of DaysPhysical Negotiable on the Stock ExchangePhysical Negotiable in BCR
1-6 daysN / A0.75%
7-13 daysN / A1.00%
14-20 daysN / A1.20%
21-29 daysN / A1.25%
30-59 days1.30%1.40%
60-89 days1.80%1.90%
90-119 days2.30%2.40%
120-149 days2.80%2.90%
150-179 days3.05%3.15%
180-209 days3.30%3.40%
210-239 days3.55%3.65%
240-269 days3.80%3.90%
270-299 days4.05%4.15%
300-329 days4.05%4.15%
330-359 days4.05%4.15%
360-539 days4.55%4.65%
540-719 days5.05%5.15%
720-1079 days5.80%5.90%
1440-1799 days6.55%6.65%
1800 days6.80%6.90%

In addition to taking these interest rates into account, you should also consider that you have to add 15% Income Tax on any of the interests in this table. This is due to article 23 of the Law No. 7092 of the Income Tax Law and its Regulations.

Electronic Term Deposit Certificate

Electronic Time Deposit Certificates They are aimed at natural and legal persons in the country, who wish to make an investment of their capital to obtain high returns on their savings. In this way, they can make a simple, agile and very secure process with your personal data.

On the other hand, for these people to apply for their certificate and investment, they must meet a few requirements to launch your petition. Now, the requirements that you are going to need to achieve are:

  • Have a checking or savings account with the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR).
  • Have the necessary financial resources to support and cover the requested investment.

Once you have made sure you meet these requirements, you will have to enter the virtual office of the Bank of Costa Rica, with your previously created username and password.


  • A minimum amount of 50,000 colones (Equivalent to $ 100 US dollars).
  • You have issuance deadlines between 1 and 1800 days.
  • You have the alternative of paying with the following periodicity options: monthly, bimonthly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Can you do financed payments, if you have negotiated directly with the Bank of Costa Rica.
  • You have the option to activate a automatic renewal of the certificate.
  • Can assign beneficiaries from account.


  • Designation of a beneficiary.
  • You can print the document at any BCR, if you lose your certificate.
  • Ability to pay in advance.
  • Automatic renewal.
  • Short-term issuance for both currencies.
  • Delivery of a plus in interest rates.

Certificate of Physical Term Deposit

The physical term deposit certificate is not very different from the electronic one; in principle, it is aimed at the same target: natural or legal persons who plan to invest their money to get May royalties.

In the same way, these people must meet the previously mentioned requirements. Therefore, they need have a savings or checking account and an economic support to support the requested investment.

Once you have met these requirements, you can go to any of the Banco de Costa Rica offices and make the request for your term deposit certificate.


  • Issuance amounts of 100,000 colones (Equivalent to $ 1,000 US dollars).
  • Issuance periods between 30 and 1,800 days.
  • Advance payment with the agreement of the Bank of Costa Rica.
  • You do not have the option to designate beneficiaries.
  • A security document is printed and delivered to the applicant.
  • You can pay monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually.


  • To renew the certificate you must wait for the expiration date.
  • To make changes to the investment you must wait for the expiration date.
  • It has a lower rate than electronic term certificates of deposit.

Bank of Costa Rica (BCR)

The Bank of Costa Rica is the financial institution in charge of managing and issuing the term deposit certificate; since it is a modality that the bank applies and offers to its clients.

However, it is also one of the oldest and most recognized national banks in the entire country. Therefore, we will take the following paragraphs of this section to inquire more about the BCR.

In principle, the Bank of Costa Rica has the mission of promote and contribute to the social and economic development of the country. As well as, it tries to be an aid to the sustainability of Costa Rica.

To achieve this, the bank offers its clients a innovative and safe service, so that they can invest and save with security and confidence in the processes.

On the other hand, the BCR aspires to be the number one option in financial matters in the country, always striving for innovation and quality of its financial and banking services.

Now, in order to maintain its mission and fulfill its vision, Banco de Costa Rica maintains a line of work based on the following values:

  • Leadership: Present an attitude of service with exemplary actions to follow and transmit.
  • Innovation: Try to constantly improve the service, through creative and innovative ideas.
  • I respect: Create a harmonious environment among all employees.
  • Responsibility: Be compliant with the delivery dates and tasks.
  • Credibility: Be authentic with the bank’s decisions and actions, based on its mission and vision.

BAC Credomatic

The BAC Credomatic It is another of the financial institutions that you have at your disposal, if you want to request and obtain the term deposit certificate of deposit.

In this case, BAC Credomatic is a company in search of leave a positive mark on each of your clients, through innovative and simple solutions.

To do this, they move under the guidelines of the following values:

  • Integrity.
  • I respect.
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility.
  • Innovation.


Working hand in hand with BAC Credomatic brings with it a series of advantages, which you can use to benefit your personal situation; as is the case of:

  • Access to Online Banking.
  • Make investments from anywhere.
  • Choose the term and period of the interest payment.
  • You maintain a fixed interest rate with each investment.
  • Use of the certificate as a guarantee for other procedures.


Now, in order to qualify for term deposit certificate delivered by the BAC Credomatic, you have to meet certain conditions established by the institution. These are the following:

  • You can choose to use local currencies (colones) or international currencies (dollars).
  • Comply with the minimum opening amount: 250,000 colones or $ 1,500 dollars.
  • Comply with the monthly, quarterly or end-of-term interest settlement.
  • Have the money at the agreed term.
  • You can choose between 1 month and 12 months as the available term.

What is the Certificate of Term Deposit?

Finally, for this last section we are going to make a brief summary of the term deposit certificate, starting with knowing exactly what this document is.

Term certificates of deposit are a document delivered by banking institutions to their clients, which certifies that the user made use of the savings and investment benefit that institutions have.

Now, to access these certificates, you have the option of using the Banco de Costa Rica and BAC Credomatic institutions. In this way, you will be able to choose the plans that best suit your possibilities and aspirations.

Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining a term certificate of deposit, we invite you to put into practice all the information that we have discussed in this article for yourself.

We hope we have helped you and we invite you to investigate other articles on the page!


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