Total Health Membership Form: Format, Steps and MORE

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The Total Health Membership Form It will allow you, as its name indicates, to subscribe to this great Health Promotion Entity (EPS). This is the main requirement to complete this process, so today we will be telling you everything you need to know about this document.

Thus, we will explain how you can obtain it, what it contains, where to get the Instructions, what guidelines to follow for its completion, and what it is for. We will also talk to you about Total Health, so that you do not miss anything in your affiliation process. Stay with us and learn how to fill out this document!

Format of the Total Health Membership Form

Let’s start with the Format of the Total Health Membership Form. Knowing it is very important, so that you know not only what this document contains, but how to get it, something that is just as crucial.

This document is issued by the EPS itself, from its web portal. You just have to enter the page, click on Affiliate here, and then proceed to press Download the membership form. You will find this option by placing yourself on the Health Benefits Plan.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to Obtain the Total Salud membership form and proceed to fill it out. Of course, only after you have read everything that we have brought you today. In this way, you will be able to fill out the document correctly and present it smoothly.

Now that you know this, we can start talking directly about the form. The first thing you should know is that you will find it in digital format, specifically in Pdf format. It is officially called Unique Affiliation Form and Registration of News to the SGSSS. Cost of two (02) pages, one for membership and another to report news in the registry.

But what data does it include exactly? Let’s see!

Data in the Total Health Membership Form

  • First, you will see the Document Identification Data. That is, you will be able to see the Total Salud logo, the title of the Form (Unique Affiliation Form and Registration of News to the General System of Social Security in Health), and Number and Date of Filing.
  • Below you will find the Procedure Data. These correspond to the type of procedure (Affiliation), type of affiliation, scheme (contributory or subsidized), type of affiliate and / or contributor.
  • Then there are the real ones Identification data. It can be the head of the family or the contributor. You must enter both the basic and complementary data. The latter are those of ethnicity, disability, condition.
  • There are also the Identification Data of Family Nucleus Members. The spouse or permanent partner are entered first. Then that of the rest of the beneficiaries. Likewise, complementary data must be entered.
  • For all of these, both additional affiliates and beneficiaries, a Health Service Provider Institution (IPS) must be selected, if applicable.
  • Finally, and only if it is the case of an independent worker and / or individual affiliation, you will find the last section. This corresponds to Identification Data of the Employer and other Contributors of the Entities Responsible for the Collective, Institutional or Trade Membership.
    • Here you enter the company name, type of contribution, among others that allow you to recognize the employer or contributor.

Then you will find the sections of News Report and Data for the News Report. However, this is only completed by making any changes to the registry. That is, once you are already affiliated.

At the same time, you will find the section of Declarations and Authorizations. This section is very, very important. It must also be filled out by the applicant to join, in addition to placing the corresponding signatures and making sure that you present all the annexes.

To finish with the form, you will find the Data to be Completed by the Territorial Entity. As the name implies, you should not fill out this part yourself.

These are all the fields that the form contains to be filled out and presented by the interested party.

Steps to Complete the Total Health Membership Form

Now let’s talk about Steps to Complete the Total Health Membership Form. By following these steps, you will be able to fill out the form properly, avoiding headaches along the way.

Let’s see!

  • First of all, you must know this document very well. You have already completed this step if you read the entire previous section. Now you know how to get it, how it is presented, what it contains and you even have an idea of ​​what they ask of you.
  • Then what to know if you are going to join the subsidized or contributory regime.
    • Subsidized Regime: Only a part of the population can access it, which is the poor and vulnerable part. The homeless, older adults and children enter the care of an institution, and so on.
    • Tax Regime: the link to the SGSSS is made through a quote or financial contribution. This payment can be individual or family, financed only by the member or shared with the employer.

  • It is also necessary to know if the membership will be individual or will be managed by a third party.
  • Next, you must read yourself as many times as necessary the Instructions for the Total Health Membership Form. This is contained in the same form, so that you can print the instructions together with it. This is the most important step, as it indicates what you must place in each field.
  • Finally, keep in mind that form cannot have erasures, amendments, characters or be filled in the places intended for the EPS. Also, you must fill it in with a black ink pen and in block letters.

Once you fill it out, you can present it with the other antecedents and subscribe your affiliation to this EPS.

What is the Total Health Membership Form for?

The Total Health Membership Form It serves precisely to subscribe the affiliation to this Health Promotion Entity (EPS). This is the most important requirement to complete this process, as it contains all the data of the applicant and their beneficiaries, as well as third parties who participate in the process.

The person can join the contributory regime, where a certain amount must be contributed, or the subsidized regime, whose participation is free. Whichever it is, whoever is a beneficiary of Salud Total will be able to access the Health Service Provider Institutions (IPSs), hospitals and clinics, to receive care in this area.

This form also has the option of being used to make the News Report. This is done when you want to update the registered information, withdraw, transfer the regime, and so on.

In total, the entire document consists of four (04) pages, two to fill out and two corresponding to the Instructive that you must follow to the letter. Don’t forget about him!

What is Total Health?

Total Health is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS). In other words, it is an entity that is part of a large system of companies whose task is to offer spaces for health services. They operate throughout the country, and are very popular.

As we told you before, these services are provided in hospitals and clinics associated with this EPS. They do not charge anything for the services, since there is a prior commitment by all parties involved.

As you already know, there is two primordial regimes, the contributory or the subsidized. In the first if certain economic contributions or contributions are made. Those who request this scheme have the ability to pay, so they must cancel from time to time. These are cared for in Health Provider Institutions (IPS).

The subsidized scheme It is intended for the entire poor and vulnerable population of Colombia. Here come people with certain characteristics: gypsy population, indigent, indigenous population, and so on. They pay little or nothing.

You must define which one suits you before subscribing to Salud Total. Do not forget!

What is the Total Health Membership Form?

To subscribe the affiliation in Salud Total EPS you need the Membership Form and News Report. This can be found on the entity’s web portal, from where you can also acquire all the information about the health plans they offer.

This document must be printed, filled out, signed and digitized. Before filling it out, the applicant has to define what type of regime he can enter and consciously read the instructions available for it. In addition, it is filled only with black ballpoint pen and using block letters.

Total Health is a Health Promotion Entity. It is responsible for providing services in this area, offering spaces in IPS, clinics and hospitals with which they have agreements. Hundreds of people enjoy these services, every day of the year.

The basic services are general and specialized medicine, emergency service, outpatient care, preventive medicine, and so on. In addition, it offers complementary plans for additional services to those who want them and meet the requirements.

Today we have told you about all this and more. As a result, you now have the tools you need to use this document properly. We hope we have been of help to you.

Until next time!


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