Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19: Form, Fill Out and MORE

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As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) unleashed in this year 2020, it was declared as such, prevention measures have been sharpened in all countries of the world. The Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 It is one of the control and registration strategies for the detection of possible cases that enter or leave a nation.

If you want to know much more about this form, we invite you to stay reading with us this informative article, where we explain what it is, what it is for, how to obtain the form and the procedure for filling it out.

Know all the details of the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 in Peru!

Format of the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19

The Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 It is a form that can be completed by hand (when the format is printed) or through the computer. If you want to have access to the PDF format of this form, you can enter this link that we leave you below: click click here.

On the other hand, to fill out the form virtually, you can enter the Migrations web portal through this address, or by clicking on the following link. In which you will go to the Affidavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization.

Filling out this form is a fundamental requirement to obtain authorization to enter the means of transport that you will use to make your trip.

Filling out the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19

To complete the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 it is necessary to cover four (4) sections.

Traveler identification

The first refers to the identification of the person who will undertake the trip, where personal information is indicated, such as: the type of travel document (national identity document, passport, visa, among others) and its associated code.

The names, surnames, nationality, date of birth and date of entry to Peru of the traveler are also requested. Specifying the country or region of origin, the means of transport used for entry (air, sea, land) and the data of the transport company.

Basically these data are: the flight or departure number, the name or Company Name of the company, seat number, the telephone number of contact with the agencies of the transport company and an email address for customer service.

To finish this section, the traveler must indicate the countries, regions or cities that they visited in the last fifteen (15) days, if this were the case. If you have not traveled in that period, then indicate the area where you resided during that time.

Traveler’s address information

The second section is associated with the place of residence of the traveler, if this is a Peruvian citizen. To do this, indicate the address of your current domicile within the country.

Visiting destinations

The third section is related to the registration of the information of the destinations that the traveler had within Peru during their stay. So you must mention all the cities you visited during your stay in the Republic of Peru.

It is very important to express the exact address of the address where you stayed (hotel, private house, residence, among others).

Traveler’s health status

Finally, the fourth and final section is based on the traveler’s health history. In which, the person who has traveled or is going to travel, must select with an «X» the symptoms that he has suffered in the last fifteen (15) days. To do this, you must follow the list shown below:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Throat pain
  • Breathing difficulties
Powerful: If you have not had any of these symptoms before, leave all these fields blank.

Then, answer with «YES» or «NO», as appropriate, to the dichotomous question that is presented, which states: Have you had contact with someone who suffers from Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Finish filling in the form by placing the date and your signature. Remember that this form has the character of an affidavit, any information you enter must be a true copy of reality.

Who should fill it out?

This form is intended for native or foreigners of Peru, who wish to travel within or outside the country. Regardless of the means of transport used, it is necessary that the person who undertakes the trip and moves from one place to another, register their data and proof of their health status when entering or leaving a geographical area.

The reason is that through these controls, it is possible to keep a statistic of the amount of infections existing in various regions of the country, of the COVID-19 virus. This requirement applies to all types of travel, whether by plane, helicopter, boat, boat, car, bus, train, among others.

Usefulness of the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19

The important thing about this form is that it is a strategy to control the number of people entering or leaving a certain region. Tracking your personal data if its location is necessary.

This means that, if a person travels from one city to another, and subsequent days present some of the common symptoms in cases of coronavirus infection. Through this record it is possible to detect it. Observing the date of departure, the places he frequented and the data to contact that traveler and apply the respective isolation measures.

All this with the aim of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its expansion in the city or cities where the allegedly infected person has previously visited.

Who issues it?

The Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 is issued by the Ministry of Health of Peru, and is regulated by the Ministerial Resolution 086-2020-MINSA. Which approves and establishes as a mandatory preventive measure, that every person who enters the country and leaves it, gives a report of their health status.

Report that will be made every time the citizen is going to move from one place to another by some means of transport.

The Ministry of Health of Peru is obliged to enforce prevention measures against the spread of the COVID-1 virus. And in such a way that it can ensure the public and private health of citizens residing in the country or foreign tourists who visit the nation. On this link, you can get the Ministerial Resolution that establishes the protocol for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the Peruvian country.

What is the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19?

The Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 it is an affidavit form. Which must be presented by every citizen who is going to make a trip. It is a mandatory requirement for the movement of people within and outside the Peruvian national territory.

Its function is to record the personal data of the traveler and keep track of the dates and symptoms that passengers have related to the Coronavirus.

It is a health protocol and a preventive measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Peruvian region. At the end of the trip, the entities in charge of carrying out the routine inspection when the passengers arrive at their destination, will take the body temperature of the passengers.

If a value is higher than the normal human temperature range, the person will undergo the medical examination to rule out COVID-19.

By filling in this form, Peruvian citizens affirm that they do not feel any characteristic symptoms of the Coronavirus in their body. And they also declare not to have been (prior to the trip) in contact with a recognized case of COVID-19.

How is the information provided in the Traveler Form used to Prevent COVID-19?

  • The data of the destination to which the passenger is going to travel is used as a reference in the event that the location of the person is necessary for their isolation.
  • The information associated with your Travel itinerary, that is, the places the passenger visited or will visit, is used to determine whether they have been to or near an area affected by the disease.
  • The data of the place of origin of the traveler, is used to keep a statistical record of the entrances and exits of people, their origin and their state of health.
It is very common that in airports or ports of ship, passengers are applied a test to discard the virus before entering the means of transport. In this way, the information that is handled in cases of contagion is more reliable.

Since you got here, we have explained how to complete the Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19 and what this document is for. Therefore, if you want to make a trip soon, inside or outside the Peruvian territory, you must take this requirement into account.

Complete your Traveler Form to Prevent COVID-19!


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