ULICORI Scholarship Form: Format, Filling and MORE

The ULICORI Scholarship Form, It is a procedure that must be carried out to opt for the scholarship of this recognized university in Costa Rica

In this article you will be able to know different ways to obtain the form to obtain this scholarship and clarify several doubts to the next students of this house of study.

Format of the ULICORI Scholarship Form

The form can be found on the university website or can be obtained through this Pdf

Before completing, it is necessary to know the different data that must be filled in and they are:

  • Personal information: Name and Surname, Identification number, Career, Degree, Headquarters, Country of origin, date of Birth and Civil Status.
  • Permanent Address of the Family Group: Address, Telephone and email.
  • Academic information
  • Working Information
  • Possession of Personal and Real Estate of the Family Group: Current housing condition.
  • Household income: Primary income, gross, net, additional.
  • Familiar costs
  • Family Chart
  • Applicant’s Expenses as a Student
  • Requirements

How to fill out the ULICORI Scholarship Form?

It should be taken as many characteristics of this form, have on hand important information and personal data in order to fill out this document.

For each characteristic of these data are important and indispensable To comply with the parameters of a scholarship, on all the expenses you make, fill out the family picture with all the indications of the head of the family and groups.

The conditions of the institutional regulations must be accepted, regarding discretion and confidential handling, respect the rules of hours of services and agree on a work plan with the coordination of the Institution

There are several guidelines that must be adhered to in the Student Experience Department:

  • Prepare a formal application letter for the scholarship, addressed to the Student Experiences Department.
  • Fill the official form as mentioned before and can be downloaded and must be attached with the application letter.
  • Attach all the supporting documentation to the regulations of the university.
  • Present the address of Student Experiencel, in the calendar week of the corresponding cycle.
  • The Student Experience Directorate must prepare a report in the course of the week, to define the results with the analysis of the student’s performance.
  • The Scholarship committee must pronounce itself no later than the next calendar week and report
  • Recipients who lose a scholarship due to non-compliance, and wish to obtain it again, must start the application process again.
  • Those beneficiaries who finish the study plan and wish to renew the benefits to continue studies in other programs, must start the application process for the new study plan.
  • The scholarship awarded is formalized by signing the private agreement, endorsed by the Academic Vice Chancellor or for the designated stay.
  • Upon completion, students are given a certificate of scholarship study, during the study period.

Additional Documents for the Application

There is a list of important documents that must be met in order to expedite this process, and they are:

  • Attach in the form a Passport-size photograph From applicant
  • Needed legible photocopy of personal identification From applicant
  • Photocopy of indefiniteness of the family group over 18 years of age, copy of passport in case of foreign members.
  • Submit a formal letter, where the scholarship application is indicated.
  • A proof of salary of the salaried persons of the family group, indicating the gross and net monthly salary, with one month issued.
  • You must provide the proof of deductions of salary.
  • In those people who generate income on their own, they must complete the «Affidavit of income from own account» with the data requested there and the copy of the person’s identity card.
  • Proof of pensions received by members of the family group with more than one month of issuance.
  • Proof of financial aid institutional by the organization
  • If you receive help from other people outside the family group, you must provide a explanatory letter about this case.
  • Copies of the last receipt of the month for services water, electricity, cable, telephone and cell phone.
  • You must provide the copy of the last rent receipt, in case of not enabling your own home.
  • For those who have their own home, a property registration
  • If there is no 18-year-old person who does not carry out ato work or study activity, an explanatory letter must be filled out where it is indicated the dependence economical of these people.
  • And finally, the student documents like: Copy of the bachelor’s degree and the curriculum synthesis in case of specialization.

What is the ULICORI Scholarship Form for?

This compliance is defined as a partial subsidy to carry out studies in the undergraduate and graduate programs that are developed in the Free University of Costa Rica.

This grant is personal and non-transferable and applies exclusively to the cost of regular courses that make up a specific study plan, granting the benefit to students, in their respective grade level.

The benefits of the scholarship, enrollment amounts, leveling course, postgraduate courses, professional practice course, supervised practice course, competition module courses, additional graduation requirements, academic and administrative procedures are excluded.

Also, proficiency exams, undergraduate law, free and extension courses, final degree projects and others.

What is ULICORI?

The Free University of Costa Rica, known as ULICORI, is authorized by the National Council of Private University Higher Education (CONESUP). As a House of Higher Studies at the service of the well-being of the individual and the strengthening of civil society.

This institution trains professionals with academic excellence and social responsibility, capable of responding to the needs of society on the other hand, projecting themselves to new innovations.

This university entity seeks to be the first choice of young people in Costa Rica with innovative educational models, incorporating the competencies that is required for a job success.

What is the ULICORI Scholarship Form?

The Free University of Costa Rica offers students a scholarship program that provides great support for the development of a career at a higher level. The principles of this program are:

  • Support the student with less favorable socio-economic conditions
  • To stimulate to those who have a good performance

It is essential to be a beneficiary of a student scholarship, you must meet at least two semesters of continuous enrollment and average considered for the school year equal to or greater than eighty-five.

The Free University of Costa Rica offers students the following types of student scholarships, and they are:

  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Cultural and Artistic
  • Distinguished Student
  • Student Assistant
  • Support for Functional Diversity

Student Scholarship Maintenance

  • Register the academic load
  • Maintain enrollment
  • Do not fail subjects
  • Maintain the condition for which the scholarship
  • Do not have indisciplinary processes, or have sanctions.

Applications that are approved on the established date must be valid, the formal letter must be prepared with the request for renewal of the Beneficiary and fill out the official form respective again.

The Free University of Costa Rica is interested in the integral growth of the student community, therefore, this unit to ensure the well-being of the student body.

Implements are achieved in actions that facilitate comprehensive development, which allows the training of successful professionals, with social responsibility and with the capacity to make adequate decisions.

This entity counts people capable and sensitized to current needs, which provides support and seeks to resolve the situations presented through activities that promote research in the vocational, personal, social, recreational and cultural areas.

This university tries to give many offers and opportunities for many applicants they may find partial scholarships and great financial aid.

This University offers two tuition scholarships and 500 scholarships of 35% so that they can acquire a greater knowledge that allows them to place themselves in better jobs, with races in some cases


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