Unique Entry Form to Easter Island: How it is, Steps and MORE

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East Unique Entry Form to Easter IslandIt is an interesting document for travel lovers to be allowed to travel to this wonder of the world.

If you want to know how to obtain the form, fill it out and much more, keep reading about this article, where you will learn the steps to follow to complete the form.

How is the Unique Entry Form to Easter Island?

To carry out the process, the following information must be entered so that it can be approved successfully, and they are:

  • Identity card, passport or other document travel officer.

For tourism reasons:

  • Return ticket from Easter Island (Untransferable) with a return date not exceeding 30 days from the date of departure.
  • Lodging reservation authorized by Sernatur, indicating the address of the place.

If the person is invited must contain in that document, the following information:

  • Invitation letter from a person belonging to the Rapa Nui people or another authorized person (according to article 6 of the law) to stay or reside on Easter Island.
  • Folio number granted by the Provincial Government of Easter Island
  • Identification of the person (s) invited, that is, full name, nationality, type of document, document number, email, start date, and end of the invitation with accommodation.
  • Identification of the host person: Document number, accommodation address, invited persons, telephone and email.

It is important to note that the documents can be requested by the competent authorities, together with the FUI form.

Steps to Follow to Complete the Unique Entry Form for Easter Island

The steps that must be completed here are important to highlight, it is the idea of ​​having a successful procedure to have an unforgettable trip.

  • Click on «Complete form»
  • When entering the institution’s website, you must enter the means of entry (plane or ship), complete the date of entry, the required data, select if the terms and conditions have been read, and click on «Continue»
  • Select with your type of income: guest, tourist or qualified (resident) If the requirements are met, click on «Continue»
  • Complete the other antecedents in the Rapa Nui, requested, according to the type of income, and click on «Send»
  • As a result of the process, the form must be sent to enter the Easter Island. Send the information, receive a confirmation email, you must present the Investigative Police of Chile
  • As a result of the process, the form must be sent to enter the Easter Island. Send the information, a confirmation email is received, it must be presented in the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI), just at the time of travel.

Requirements to travel as a tourist

  • Passage gone and back
  • Identification document: identity card, passport or other document related to the trip
  • Accommodation: It is important to reserve in tourist accommodation authorized by SERNATUR or an invitation letter written by the resident to operate belonging to the Rapa Nui people, delivered by the Government. If there are two cases, the place of stay must be proven.

If you are a resident, you should know that, the quality of qualifiers to stay more than 30 days, is allowed for:

  • Family group
  • Workers
  • Public workers
  • Public Functions
  • Researchers
  • Pre-candidates and Candidates
  • Authorities

What is the Unique Entry Form to Easter Island for?

Easter Island has been experienced in recent years and has had a growth amazing tourist. Thanks to low-cost flights, offers and tour packages, together with the national and international promotion of Rapa Nui through fairs, events, and the media.

In the social media platforms it is possible to find a great position in this remote and unique territory as one of the destinations dreamed of by many travelers.

Currently, Easter Island receives more than about 100,000 Tourists every year. The figure that can appear modest when compared to other tourist destinations, is a very important amount for that island.

This increase in tourists has favored in the economic sphere and in the development of the chair, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants and the purchasing power.

This rapid growth also creates a certain threat to the very vulnerable ecosystem due to the downsizing and extreme isolation

The increase in waste, the scarcity of water resources and the overpopulation of the urban nucleus are some of the problems that are brought with them in development.

Therefore, the authorities and Rapa Nui citizens have decided to make this form in order to control the growing flow of tourists and residents before it is too late and dark.

Who should process it?

This document can be done by people who are residents of the Chilean country and foreigners who are moved to Easter Island, according to the following cases:

  • Tourists
  • Invited
  • This is enabled according to the qualities indicated by the Law. In this case, the form must only be filled out if it is not registered in CONADI, or declare if it is enabled by some of the conditions indicated by law, and has not started the process in the governorate.

Attractions of Easter Island

This wonderful island brings with it an incredible open-air museum. Wherever you move and walk you can find different types of natural wonder or archaeological remains that captivate from the first moment.

There are volcanoes, caves, different kinds of plants, a single city, moais everywhere and much more.

Among them are the following attractions:

  • Easter Island Beaches
  • Easter Island volcanoes
  • Hanga Roa
  • Easter Island Caves
  • Archaeological Site.

On Hang roid It is a totally magical energy, it is the only city on the island and the place where the 99% of the population of Rapa Nui.

In that place is where you can find the greatest number of services, such as restaurants, hotels, cabins and other spaces throughout the tour.

Right in this place, you can go to the Easter Island church, mixing original elements of the Rapa Nui culture with typical elements of Christianity, to the ports, where the natives arrive with incredible fish for daily sale.

Also, you can go to the incredible cemetery of the island, the museum with the only Moai eye that exists in the world.

It is important that, being in the city, it is time to set up the tour. First of all, the volcanoes, some lava giants that gave life and shape to the Island at the time.

For those who do not know, the island was formed by a series of volcanic eruptions that were leaving the rest of dry land, giving it the shape of Rapa Nui. Without these volcanoes, today the island does not exist.

Over the years, the essence of great stories continues to be maintained, being a fundamental part of the place, you can climb a crater of more than a kilometer in diameter and surrounded by flora.

There are other important volcanoes that no visitor to this island can miss and they are:

  • Terevaka volcano
  • Puna Pau
  • Pukaos
  • Poike

Likewise, if your trip has been a bit exhausting, you can enjoy an incredible beach, with white sand and crystal clear waters, called Anakena beach.

This beach is divided for every taste, you will find the Ovahe Beach, with red sand and almost no people around it and minutes from downtown is the Pea Beach.

Lastly and most importantly, are the archaeological sites. There are some that we can mention that are very visited:

  • Caldea Ceremonial orongo: Typical house of the natives
  • I whistle you Kura
  • Papa Vaka

There are also the moais and the Ahu:

  • Ahu Tonkariki: ceremony where they raise 15 moai
  • Buried moais
  • Moai Paro
  • Ahu Nau Nau
  • Ahu Ko Te Riku

These are the most important attractions that you can write down in your agenda and that you do not miss any visit to this wonderful place.

What is the Unique Entry Form for Easter Island?

In 2018 the new Law 21.070 which has regulated the exercise of the rights to reside, stay and move to and from the special territory of Easter Island.

The intention of this new regulation is to promote a harmonious and sustainable development of the territory and protect the island from possible collapse by saturation of inhabitants, visitors and vehicles.

The law mentions that every person, Chilean or foreign, will have the right to enter and remain on the island for a maximum period of 30 days, extendable under certain conditions.


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