Unique FNA Affiliation Form: How it is, Regulations and MORE

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Do you want to process the Unique FNA Affiliation Form and you don’t know how to do it? Here we leave you all the information you need to use it. In addition, it is recommended to read the declarations and the corresponding regulations in detail in the Form.

Through this article, you will learn about the format of the Form, what it is for, what the FNA is, what it is in charge of and many other information of interest.

What is the Unique FNA Membership Form like?

The Unique FNA Affiliation Form, consists of some parts which are named below:

  • The affiliate’s personal data. In this section you will find a space in the case of processing it from abroad.
  • Labor information.
  • Financial data.
  • Continuing with a field in the case of a proxy.
  • The declaration of origin and destination of funds, data declaration.
  • Declarations and authorizations.
  • Finally, a exclusive field for the FNA.

The Form can be downloaded through this link.

Declarations of the Unique Form of Affiliation to the FNA

Inside of the Unique FNA Affiliation Form, are the Declarations that are detailed below:

The Declaration of Origin and Destination of Resources – Information Declaration


It is declared that the means that will be granted to the FNA as severance payments that originate from legal operations. Third parties are not authorized to make deposits in the account, with resources generated by illegal operations, nor will dedicated operations be carried out for those purposes.

It is also declared that the data provided in the Form are faithful, complete, true. In such a way that, it is understood that deception, omission or mistakes in it, has effects established in the Law and in the internal regulations of the institution.

Likewise, it is declared that commercial information has been received, about the duties and rights that are obtained as a member of the FNA and the norms of the institution are accepted.

Contractual Voluntary Savings

  1. The affiliate declares that the goods and means that you have, which it has notified in the contract, and those that it will grant due to the AVC, they do not come from illegal transactions of those stipulated in current regulations.
  2. The goods that are granted in AVC, originate through the following activities (specification of the profession, business, trade, occupation, etc.).
  3. Third parties are not allowed to make deposits in accounts in the name of the affiliate, with resources originating from illegal transactions, nor will operations be carried out for those purposes.

Regulation of the Contract with the FNA

Regarding the regulation of the contract with the FNA, the following is signed:

Terms for Subscribing the Contract

Every natural person or Subscriber has the possibility of signing a voluntary savings contract with the FNA, through severance payments. Should provide the FNA with all documentation and other data required to comply with an appropriate procedure of distinction and knowledge of the client.

The National Savings Fund may use norms and inspections on the provision of money laundering and the subsidization of terrorism. Also, the National Savings Fund may provide electronic channels for the Subscriber to make the agreed deposits, make the withdrawal in their entirety.

Management Provisions

  • The entire amount of voluntary savings, cannot be less than 1.2 of the monthly minimum wage in the country.
  • Subscribers cannot have more than one valid voluntary savings contract with the National Savings Fund.
  • The amount of voluntary savings can be increased every month, according to the amount of the monthly installments of the credit. The affiliated person who is benefited by a loan from the FNA, can estimate the balance of voluntary savings and its profits upon cancellation of the credit.

The Settlement and Payment of Interest

The FNA will distinguish and amortize to the Subscriber, regarding voluntary savings deposits, an interest rate at the lower limit of the target degree of inflation stipulated by the Bank of the Republic, for the current year. This interest rate cannot be changed, in the course of the amortization time of the corresponding deposit.

In addition, the interest rate paid will be amortized every 3 months, on the quarterly average amount or the pertinent part from the first presentation. Also, the payment of profits will be made on the last day of each amortization period, that is, the expired quarter, in the following months: March, June, September and December.


  1. The affiliate will make the deposits agreed in the contract in the financial institutions indicated by the FNA, who will adjust the appropriate means of communication to keep the Subscriber aware of the banking facilities in which they can make the deposits.
  2. Also, you can make additional deposits, when the balance both individually or jointly is greater than the total savings originally agreed in the AVC contract.
  3. The extra deposits made by the Subscriber will be taken into consideration for the estimation and remuneration of the score, in order to have access to credits granted by the FNA.

Compliance with the Contract

All Subscriber may apply for education or housing credit, social rent or Housing Leasing to the FNA, when they have complied with the agreed terms. The Subscriber who is a beneficiary of a loan from the FNA, may dedicate the savings balance and its profits to the payment of the loan, and the FNA was allowed to debit the AVC account.

Continuation of the Regulation of the Contract with the FNA

End of your contract

The National Savings Fund will terminate the contract when:

  • Weakness or errors in the data provided by the affiliate.
  • When it is observed that the origin of the funds used by the affiliate, could have a connection with the behaviors mentioned in Article 102 of the Organic Statute of the Financial System (EOSF).

The Retreats

The FNA will grant the Subscriber, whom he admits or his beneficiaries, the amounts deposited, in conjunction with the utilities paid. Likewise, it will grant the affiliate to whom it allows the amounts deposited without profits.

Loss of Affiliate Quality by Voluntary Savings

Affiliate status will be lost through contractual voluntary savings in the cases mentioned below:

  1. At the request of the affiliate, as long as it has complied with the terms agreed in the contract. For this reason, said condition will be lost when it declares its intention not to postpone the contract.
  2. Due to the death of the member. In this case, the capital will be restored plus the interest originated up to the date of withdrawal.
  3. End of your contract by individual choice.
  4. In the event that the affiliate requests the withdrawal of the deposited amounts, prior to the end of the contract.

The AFC Benefits

According to the tax benefits, the holder of the voluntary savings that is connected to this product, in the conditions of this regulation and of the current norms applied in the matter, distinguishes and admits that:

  • Said tax benefits stipulated here are legal, for this reason, their permanence and effect are exposed to current legal terms.
  • That the data that have been provided to the FNA, relative to the tax benefits they are not a tax consultancy.

Other Provisions

Every Subscriber declares and admits that all the data contained in this documentation make up the voluntary contractual savings contract registered with the FNA. Similarly, all Subscribers you must renew your information every year.

If this condition is breached, you will be classified as a non-contributory member, you must renew the information and make a deposit according to the balances agreed in the contract, and can be classified as an active contributing member.

What is the Unique FNA Membership Form for?

The Unique FNA Affiliation Form, serves to:

  1. Collect the layoffs of its subscribers.
  2. Protect this aid against devaluation of currency and purchasing power.
  3. Prepare and carry out credit plans for the acquisition of homes.
  4. Manage national funds of the family housing subsidy that are used for the manufacture, obtaining and release of mortgages.
  5. Encourage savings, directed for the subsidy of important plans and thus consolidate the FNA.

National Savings Fund (FNA)

The FNA (National Savings Fund) is a Colombian banking entity, founded by means of Extraordinary Decree 3118 of 1968. Its function, is the administration of unemployment both public employees and official employees.

Through Law 432 of 1998, it became a commercial and industrial company of the State, of a financial nature, which allowed to increase the market to the private sector. Its objective is strictly connected with the purpose of the State, specifically on the right of the entire population to have a decent home.

What are the Products and Services offered by the FNA?


It is a service of a social and special nature, which forms a mandatory savings for employees, to be helped in the event of becoming unemployed. This must be paid as a general rule at the end of the employment contract and particularly as a simple advance to pay, obtain, manufacture or discharge real estate liens.

Said liens are dedicated to the employee’s housing or to subsidize, cancel tuition or other educational concepts of the employee, spouse and descendants. Severance benefits are covered in such a way that they are unattachable, unavoidable, in accordance with Art. 340,434 and 344 of the Substantive Labor Code.

Mortgage Credits for Severance Pay

They are the credits granted by the FNA for the acquisition of homes of the affiliates, through the layoffs for:

  • Obtaining used or new housing.
  • Manufacture and improvement of homes.
  • Release liens mortgage.

Mortgage Credits for Contractual Voluntary Savings (AVC).

They are those granted by the FNA to the affiliate, through the Contractual Voluntary Savings to obtain housing through the following modalities:

  1. Development and home improvements.
  2. The release of mortgage lien.
  3. Acquisition of new or used homes.

What is the Unique FNA Membership Form?

This Form is the one that allows you to plan savings month by month for a specific period. Its purpose is to support Colombian citizens to have their own home. For this purpose, it is necessary to join the FNA and commit to make deposits for a defined amount and period, and meet the savings in the stipulated time.

The minimum period to make voluntary savings is 9 months, for pensioners and employees with a dependency relationship. For those who are part of the aforementioned groups, the savings period is at least 12 months.

The affiliated person, through voluntary savings, can request a home loan, which will be awarded according to the points that result according to your case. This depends on the fulfillment of the cancellation, the time you have in the savings plan, etc.

To properly use the Unique FNA Affiliation Form, it is necessary to fill it out properly and meet the necessary requirements.

It is important to note that this type of voluntary savings through the FNA offers the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan, in addition to a series of benefits which are previously mentioned. We hope your process is successful.


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