Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser

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The Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser is a document of the EPS Mutual SER, this company has various processes and resources that are easily available, so that customers who want to carry out a procedure for free before the entity, through its telephone line, website and in person at its customer service offices.

Among these procedures we find the Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation SerIt is the document or form that is filled out when the member wishes to report a news report to the health promoting entity.

Read this article and we will give you more information about it.

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How is the Unique Form of Mutual Membership Ser?

The Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser you can find it in the portal Web of Mutual ser, where you can download and print it, to later be delivered to the customer service headquarters. It should be noted that its use is mandatory, for all EPS.

The affiliation and news rules contained in the current terms, support the verification of membership and the registration of news, and allow the control of the quality of the data and the completeness of the information.

East Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser is requested and / or presented in case of:

  • Modification of basic identification data.
  • Correction of basic identification data.
  • Update of the identity document.
  • Updating and correction of complementary data.
  • Completion of enrollment in the EPS.
  • Re-registration in the EPS.
  • Inclusion of beneficiaries or additional affiliates.
  • Exclusion of beneficiaries or additional affiliates.
  • Beginning of the employment relationship or acquisition of conditions to quote.
  • Termination of employment relationship or loss of the conditions to continue contributing.
  • Mobility.
  • Certification to an entity authorized to make collective affiliations.
  • Disengagement from an entity authorized to make collective affiliations.
  • Transfer.
  • Report of death.
  • Registration of the process of protection of the unemployed.
  • Report on the quality of pre-pensioner.
  • Report on the quality of pensioner.

Instructions for Filling out the Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser

All the information reported in this Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser It is very important, both for the affiliate, the organization and its suppliers, for this reason, its management requires the use of a black pen, writing in clear print, without any type of amendment and following all the instructions already stipulated at the end of the worksheet, you can also consult here.

The Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser It is classified as follows:

  • Header.
  • EPS logo.
  • Date of filing.
  • Chapter I. Details of the procedure.
  • Chapter II. Basic identification data of the contributor or the head of the family.
  • Chapter III. Supplementary data.
  • Chapter IV. Identification data of all the members that make up the family nucleus.
  • Chapter V. Identity data of the employer and other affiliates, or of the entities responsible for the collective, institutional or ex officio affiliation.
  • News report.
  • Chapter VI. Data for the news report.
  • Chapter VII. Declarations and authorizations.
  • Chapter VIII. Firms.
  • Chapter IX. Annexes.
  • Chapter X. Data to be filled out by the territorial entity.

What is the Unique Ser Mutual Affiliation Form for?

The Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser It is a parameterized document, by means of which clients or affiliates make some kind of novelty to Mutual ser, in order that there is no information without being updated in its database, for the time of an emergency or eventuality.

Funds for him Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser:

  1. Legible copy of the identity document for the interested parties.
  2. Verifiable copy of the Civil Registry of birth.
  3. Photocopy of the Civil Registry of marriage document, for spouses.
  4. Declaration of coexistence signed by the couple
  5. Photocopy of the immigration card or passport for foreigners
  6. Legible photocopy of the civil registry and / or letter of authorization and causes made by the EPS itself. For children with disabilities.
  7. Passport for refugees

What is the Unique Ser Mutual Membership Form?

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection approved Resolution No. 5602 in 2015., which adopted the only form of news reporting and reporting system, applicable to the general health and social security system. This form will be valid until a new Transactional Affiliation System can be used, and with this form the affiliation process, transfer and mobility news will be carried out.

Health promoting entities-EPS for subsidized and contribution systems must compulsorily use this form, not being able to modify its content or add new information.

The Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser attached to the Resolution No. 5602 of 2015, contains data organized in an ordered sequence, which aims to facilitate the completion of the alliance, and is accompanied by a guide, to guide the correct alliance process and news about its registration, release and report.

The creation of Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser Its purpose is to allow consultants, in real time, to consult the information of the users, with this they can be related to the information systems and defined processes of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

It is the duty of the people in relation to the Mutual Ser, in accordance with the provisions of the law, that the provision of information in Unique Form of Mutual Affiliation Ser Be clear, complete, sufficient and timely about your health news, as well as compliance with the payment of contributions and moderator payments of the system, in accordance with your ability to pay, adhering to your good faith and compliance with the rules, regulations and instructions of the system.

What is Mutual Ser?

It is a health promoting entity, it is an organization in charge of the affiliation and registration of the affiliated institutions and the collection of their fees through the authorization of the Solidarity and Guarantee Fund. Its basic function is to organize and directly or indirectly guarantee the provision of mandatory health plans (POS) to members, and to extract the difference between income from members’ contributions and income from members within the scope of the law.

Mutual Being They are generators of healthy lifestyles and we provide safe, comprehensive and personalized medical care. Their vision is «To be an example to follow in Colombia of health insurance, accompanying members to face the challenges that their health status presents.»

The health promoter Mutual Being, is considered one of the first health promoting entities in Colombia. Mutual Aid provides services mainly on the Caribbean coast of the country. For a long time, EPS has been considered one of the best EPS in Colombia. Their actions are based on the subsidy system. More information on its official page Web.

Contact means:

  • Its main headquarters are located at The address: Administrative Office: Carretera. Troncal No. 71B – 105, Barrio, La Concepción.
  • Switch: PBX (5) 651 7393.
  • User Service Offices.
  • Permanent User Service Line 01-8000-116882.
  • Email: affiliation@mutualser.org /infocontributivo@mutualser.org.

Advantages of Mutual Ser

In Mutual Being they ensure your care to keep you healthy, they strive to provide you care and recovery. They are an organization that expects the social development of the region and the improvement of the quality of life of employees.

They achieve the best health results with efficiency and responsibility. They have a very beloved culture in which we can cultivate collaborators, value their ideas and work easily. We provide humanized attention, with the aim of serving you is serving me.

Among the advantages of Mutual be have:

  • Appointment planning: On the website you can access the affiliate section and you can make an appointment with the IPS of your choice.
  • Affiliate Certificate: The website allows you to register and download the membership certificate.
  • Request medications: You can view on your portal what is the status of your medication request.
  • Be Affiliate Zone: You can manage each of the processes that appear there.
  • Branch network: If the affiliate or interested in affiliating wants to make the consultation in person, he / she can go to one close to his / her location, and the exact addresses can also be consulted on their website.
  • Petitions, complaints, claims and reports: The affiliate has the option to view the status of each case.

User Service Model

The plan’s customer service model EPS It is based on organizing, coordinating effective processes of technical and human capital, so that users of mutual aid can access completely safe and humanized services.

The focus of the company is on users. It also guides the attitude and behavior of everyone who works in Mutual Being. For this reason, it has established a culture of service to provide a better service, accessible, timely and safe service network.

Their customer service hotline is 01 8000 11 68 82, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guarantee medical procedures and user information.

Likewise, they create spaces for citizen intervention and social cooperation by receiving, processing and responding to all the complaints received from the affiliates, as well as their concerns, opinions, suggestions and requests from members. The established response period is 5 days.

Each member will receive personalized treatment to ensure that their information is retained, thus respecting their dignity and privacy.


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