Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce: Format, Utility and MORE

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In Peru, citizens who make an investment, regardless of whether it is to buy machinery, expand the limit introduced or train their workforce, realize that their efficiency can increase little by little. The Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce allows to advance export activities, you only have to specify the activity.

Next, you will get information about how you should fill out the El Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce This instrument will allow the exporter to promote business exchange activities between suppliers and buyers.

By continuing to read you will clarify the doubts!

Format of the Single Form of the Ministry of Commerce

Users who require access to the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE) which is located in the export module, the client has two alternatives to carry out the process:

  • The first is to initiate advance approvals for standard methods, here the framework accordingly characterizes, according to the subheading, which element is capable of allowing advance rate approvals.
  • For another situation, when the exporter chooses the substance with which he needs to register an application for a prior approval, the customer uses the option of prior approvals for extraordinary methods.
  • To document a past license plate or import of an item, go to the official website of the entity.
  • Enter the User Name and the Secret Phrase assigned by MINCOMERCIO.
  • After entering, the data requested by the system.
  • Supply the Tax Registry RUT, the customer must verify that the information is correct.
  • Subsequently, you must choose the commercial registration that you wish to associate with the application.
  • Enter or choose the rate subheading of the item for which enlistment is mentioned.
  • The frame will show a summary with all the techniques related to the chosen subheading, and with this data the particular data needed by each of the entities identified with that product can be completed.
  • Finally, the application is carefully signed and the electronic payment is made if the process requires it.

How to fill out the Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce?

Users who need to carry out the process must place legibly in the Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce the following data:

  • Name of the Procedure, Code.
  • Unit to which the request is directed.
  • Identification of the file (in case of procedures already initiated). Folio No.
  • Right of Procedure.
    • Constancy number.
    • Payment date.
  • Applicant details.
    • Surnames and full names.
    • Identity Document, DNI, LE, CE
  • Legal person.
    • Business name.
    • Identity Document, DNI, LE, CE
  • Legal Representative (Attach Document that accredits it as such).
    • Surnames and full names.
    • Identity Document, DNI, LE, CE
  • Address: Av. / Calle / Jirón / Apartment / Mza / Lot / Urb.

  • District.
  • Province.
  • Department.
  • Email.
  • Telephone.
  • Mobile.
  • Purpose of the request (Indicate clearly what is requested).
  • Annexes (List of Documents and Annexes attached).
  • Surname and names of the interested party or Legal Representative.
  • Observations.
  • Signature or fingerprint of the interested party or legal representative.
  • Lawyer’s Signature And Stamp (If The Procedure Requires It).

It is important that the people who are carrying out the process, must place in a clear and legible way, all the information requested above. Take into account that it should not have erasures or amendments, since the document will not have credibility.

Usefulness of the Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce

The Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce, is one of the main modules, it will allow the client to enlist as a manufacturer, advertiser, exporter and merchant; register the property or administration; represent and approve the creation measures.

In addition, you will be able to normalize the necessary data within the skillful regulatory substances. Likewise, this structure will be divided into three segments:

  • Organization data: these are the general data of the organization, its registered trademark, NIT, nature and creation, as such, the general information committed in the Unique Business Registry (RUE).
  • Qualities of the production process or product: are the data on tax matters, articles, their general attributes and assembly measures.
  • Missionary part: in this last segment, foreign trade tasks require the user to provide specific information on the procedure.

Currently there are institutions, among them we have:

  • Commerce services.
  • Industry and Tourism.
  • Climate.
  • Accommodation and Regional Shift of the events.
  • Mines and Energy.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Safeguard.
  • Transportation and Social Security.
  • Horticultural organizations.
  • among other.

The import and tariff modules will work under a similar way of thinking, which depends on the methodology in the current basic paperwork procedures, but that dispenses with the actual reports.

Online procedure

In the event that a business person, for example, needs to go to the Trade Service to buy a record to perform an import, when the framework goes live, he will enter a similar report with data, from the comfort of his office.

  • You must enter the official website of the entity.
  • Enter the personal data, User and Secret password.
  • Attach the requested collections.

  • The system will tell you the good views that correspond to the product’s tariff heading.
  • Finally, if the supplied requirements are in order, the authorities in charge of verifying compliance will approve it.
  • The process will have a digitized signature.

Who should process it?

After entering the FUCE module, the commercializing or importing client can register an inscription for a particular article, before a control organization; document an enlistment for an item with different elements.

You can also choose structures related to each one of them and, finally, mark the tax subheading and round it in each structure, depending on the items you want to register with the different control organizations.

Ministry of Commerce of Peru

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, is the body that is in charge of coordinating, executing, organizing and directing the exchange of strangers and the approaches of the tourism industry. It is responsible for the advance of rates and global exchange arrangements.

Likewise, it makes a joint effort with the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as with the areas of the Peruvian Government to the extent of their particular capacities.

In addition, it is responsible for the pattern of commercial exchange. The head of the area coordinates the world trade exchanges of the Republic of Peru and agrees to accept agreements within the structure of its ability as an International Affairs Service.

As for the travel industry, it advances, controls and manages the action of the traveler, to advance in their practical turn of events, including the advancement, direction and pattern of handicrafts. Therefore, it is essential to work in coordination with this Ministry.

What is the Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce?

The Unique Form of the Ministry of Commerce It is a Structure used to complete comparative methods with the Commercial Exchange Service and the travel industry (Mincetur).

It promotes the cycle of sending and attracting customers who require some registration prior to the processes they carry out, in the face of the various control elements. The Business, Industry and Tourism Service makes available the new Website of the Single Window for Exchange No Family.

Which was created with the cooperation of related elements; customs clearance and transporters and work meetings of the Directorate of Commercial Exchange, to encourage the handling of import applications and licenses.

This new PC device allows, among other new functionalities, the refreshment of innovation, reduction of reaction times to acquire great prospects, reduction of costs, large stacking of applications or licenses without extra payment.

Frequent questions

Can the exporting client check the status of their procedures in the system?

The sending customer can check the status of their cycle. The alternative to initiate procedures is given at the time of submitting the documentation. In the processing part, you will discover the strategies that you have registered and which entities have not yet handled your request.

You will also have the option to locate upcoming deliveries and techniques that items have re-addressed and reshipped. Finally, in the alternative of finished methods, you will discover all the techniques that have been well registered or discarded.

What is the duration of the procedure and the validity of the document to export handicrafts?

The registration process lasts 10 business days from the presentation of the application for registration in the RNA in the MINCETUR, the validity of the registration certificate in the RNA is 2 (two) years.

Is there the possibility of exporting samples, as a preliminary step to discover other markets?

At a basic level, we understand Trials for Trade as those items or brands that, when leaving the nation, are simply expected to show their qualities, and these can be with or without business esteem.

What can be exported?

Any merchandise that is not prohibited. In the case of restricted export merchandise, it will only be possible to export it if it obtains the corresponding authorization from the competent sector.

Thanks for reading us, success in the process!


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