Unique Form of the National Library: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Form Unique to the National Library It is a standard digital form that must be filled out for any request made to the Peruvian National Library (BNP). Thus, any user who needs a library service must fill out this instrument.

In any case, if you need to do a procedure with the BNP and you do not have more information, you are in the correct article. Therefore, here you will have guidance on the Unique Form, its completion, the usefulness of the instrument, the functions of the BNP, among other data.

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Format of the Unique Form of the National Library

On the other hand, access the Format of the Unique Form of the National Library It is an option that BNP gives you, using digital technological tools. This means more ease and speed in the procedures that users of the library services need to do.

For this, the BNP offers its users a virtual office for documentary procedures. Therefore, if you enter the platform correctly, you will have the format of the form to request your services from the BNP. Therefore, here we guide you to enter this system, do not retire:

  • Find a smart computer or mobile device.
  • Check for a good internet signal.
  • Select a digitally secure browser.
  • Enter the link of the BNP.
  • Look at the top level of the main or home screen for the “services” section.
  • Access the Virtual Platform for Documentary Procedures and follow the procedure.
  • Then sign up with the option to create your account.

  • Enter key data such as personal identification number, first and last name, maternal and paternal last name.
  • Next, you must create a personal password, provide your email address and mobile number.
  • Read and accept the registration agreements, then click on the «create user» option.
  • Find the service that interests you or the requirement you need.
  • Any request to BNP must be accompanied by a letter or explanatory statement uploaded in PDF format.
  • Download and fill out the Unique Processing Form (FUT) that is in the virtual platform.
  • Carefully review the Instructions for the Form to facilitate its completion.

In any case, by having your password and username, you will be able to enter the BNP digital office and place your orders and submit application documents online. Also, if you have doubts, you can enter the official library page and consult the «User Manual».

Filling in the Unique Form of the National Library

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to complete the Unique Form of the National Library, Do not rush. In this regard, we are going to explain in a simple way, the information that you must fill in the boxes of the digital instrument:

  • At the top left, the form has the BNP letterhead.
  • Verify that the title of the form is «Unique Procedure Form».
  • Top right is a grid for the stamp of received by the BNP official.
  • Field No 1 «sumilla», section to indicate in a very summarized way the idea of ​​what you want to request from the documentary site or library.
  • Section 2, refers to the Directorate or Administrative Unit to whom the request is directed.
  • Point 3, the applicant’s data, to be filled in with the name and surname of the interested party or the name of the legal person, identification card or passport number, complete address of the interested party, telephone numbers, etc.
  • As part of point 3, complete the data of the electronic address of the user or the requesting company.
  • Point 4, referring to the «justification of the request», in order to indicate a statement of reasons to endorse the request.
  • Regarding field 5, you must fill in the information on the PDF annexes that accompany the application.
  • In point 6, you must indicate the folios that are attached and that list the attached documents. The FUT is also foliated.
  • Field 7 indicates the place and date on which the interested party makes the request to the library.
  • In point 8, the signature of the interested user or the representative of the company is placed, if the request is made by a legal person.

Also remember that each item on the form must be completed in legible print without erasures or amendments. Likewise, the data on the spreadsheet must be current user data.

Also, when you sign the form, you must deliver it to the BNP Document Processing Unit, first floor, at the San Borja office. In any case, if you have any questions about the virtual procedure, you can call the customer service center at number 5136900, ext. 7134 and 7191.

What is the Unique Form of the National Library for?

In another vein, the Unique Form of the National Library It is necessary so that an interested party can request a service in said venue quickly and in an organized way. Therefore, this digital procedure is carried out in compliance with the regulations established in the Administrative Procedures Law in Peru.

Thus, it is a free instrument that is easily downloaded from the official BNP link, can be edited, and has a filling manual for better user guidance. The BNP in these moments of sanitary emergency, insists on the use of the format to channel an order in its facilities, without traveling to its headquarters.

Who should process it?

On the other hand, this Unique Form of the National Library It can be filled out by anyone interested in requesting a service from said agency. That is, a natural person or a legal person (company, foundation, academic union, among other subjects).

Additionally, it is important that you know that once the form is completed, you must deliver it to floor 1 of the library. The San Borja Document Processing Office works there. Keep in mind that this administrative unit is responsible for channeling requests for services to the BNP.

What is the National Library of Peru?

Do you want to know more about your National Library of Peru?Don’t worry, we’re going to give you some interesting information about the benefits of this cultural heritage for Peru and the world.. That way, you will be closer to knowing the cultural and social importance of BNP.

In this regard, BNP is an institution of the Peruvian State that has the responsibility of activating the entire network of Public Libraries in the country. In this way, the socialization of knowledge is sought, through social inclusion to access the consultation of bibliographic materials.

According to the above, it seeks to create an operating system under standards of quality, organization, variety and timeliness. For this, the site has digital technological innovations and interactive systems with easy access, respecting humanism and cultural-historical knowledge.

In addition, this library was founded in 1822 and with almost 200 years of operation it has been consolidating itself as a cultural heritage of great scope for all Peruvians and residents in that country. Therefore, today it strengthens cultural and scientific development with technological advances for greater inclusion of its users.

For this reason, just by consulting its digital link, already indicated above, the BNP offers the training of individuals and groups a range of documentary, social and economic services. If you still don’t know, do not worry, we already tell you. These online catalog services include:

  • The virtual library.
  • The socialized catalog.
  • Marketing of different books, magazines, videos, CDs, music, etc.
  • Booking of reading rooms.
  • Guided thematic visits.
  • Library user registry.
  • Enjoy spaces, equipment and cultural events.
  • National registry of the network of libraries in Peru.
  • Use of swimming pool.
  • Loan of books and other materials documentaries.
  • Technical support to libraries.
  • Channeling of the legal deposit registers.
  • Online inquiries.
  • Digital platform that includes the Unique Form of the National Library for your orders.
  • Cultural systems of announcements at the level of publishing houses and writers.
  • Among other services.

Important note: The opening hours to submit requests for services in the BNP with the Unique Form is Monday through Friday from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm. That is why we invite you to discover the wonders of knowledge that BNP holds. Consequently, the options offered by its facilities to its visitors are varied.

What is the Unique Form of the National Library?

In short, BNP relies on digital technology to better control and offer a quality documentation service. For this reason, he resorts to Unique Form of the National Library. Therefore, this easy-to-fill form is the primary requirement to channel a request in the BNP.

In this sense, according to the service options offered by the cultural venue to its public, it is mostly necessary to have this instrument. Thus, the library, through the San Borja Document Processing Office, can help an interested party with an order.

Finally, if you need to make use of the BPN, look no further, this article has offered you a complete informative route to guide you in case you need the services of the library. Thus, you have been able to know the filling of the form, its digital access, the usefulness of the format and the relevant aspects that characterize the BNP.

Peru is you, its history, its national library … come and see it!


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