Unique License Request Form: Instructions, Types and MORE

The Unique License Request Form It is an important document that you must have in order to travel on public roads in Argentina. With which, due to the global pandemic that we are currently experiencing, you must obtain it to move. Thus, it is governed by the margin of preventive and compulsory social isolation (ASPO)

In the same way, it maintains a circulation permit on public roads within the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires. If you are interested in obtaining this form to carry out tasks without major difficulties, you can continue reading. Right away, we will tell you everything you need to do to complete the form and much more.

What is the Unique License Request Form like?

First of all, the Unique License Request Form It is the document that will allow you to obtain the Enabling Certificate for Circulation. Thus, you will be able to travel on public roads without inconvenience and under the appropriate parameters. In the same way, you can have both in case you carry out so-called essential tasks.

Steps to follow

  • As a first step to obtain this form sheet, it is necessary that you enter the website of the Argentine national government
  • Then, you must select the alternative that indicates «Process your Unique Enabling Certificate to Circular»
  • Select the «Yes» option if you have a DNI and continue with the suggested procedure
  • Provide the necessary information near your address, specify the province in which you reside and click on «Continue»
  • Subsequently, it will be necessary for you to state the exact reason why you are carrying out the processing

  • Thus, there are two alternatives to choose which are, because you need to travel in a work sense or for some special reason
  • Once you have selected any of these options, you must click on «Complete the form»
  • With which, you must proceed to complete each of the boxes suggested with respect to your personal data as the owner
  • Finally, it will be necessary that you attach a salary receipt that you have recently received or the document that certifies your work activities

Instructions to Fill Out the Unique License Request Form

  • First, you must access the web portal of Electronic Document Management and enter your username and password
  • Select the GEDO module and display the alternative of “Doc. Electronic FSOLI «
  • Then you must click on the box «Produce myself»
  • In the reference section, please indicate your full name as applicant
  • Establishes the recipient to whom this document is responsible, as the case may be.
  • Modify the list of signatories, in which you must add two people authorized by you for the process
  • Select the preview option so that you can check that the data is correct
  • Click on return to document and send the signature previously placed
  • Immediately you will have to select the option «Back to desktop» and «Sign with certificate»

Finally, once you have carried out the steps that we have indicated, the application form will be sent to the competent institution. With which, it will be necessary that you wait a certain period of time for its respective approval. Likewise, it is possible that it will be denied, in the same way, you will be informed through this aforementioned platform.

Types of Licenses

On the other hand, it is essential that you take into account the types of licenses granted by obtaining the Unique License Request Form. These represent a varied number of licenses within the Argentine territory. With which, below we mention what each one is about:

  • Annual Ordinary, it works in case you want to make the calculation of vacations and the age of the same will be considered
  • Take the exam, you will be granted 28 working days to take tertiary, postgraduate or university level exams
  • Non-rented sports activities will be agreed according to the legal provisions in force at the time
  • Marriage agent or son of agent, it will be corresponded to you for a term of 10 working days in case you get married

  • Study reasons, corresponds to specialization studies, research, scientific, technical and cultural works
  • Blood donation, you will be granted the license just for the day you make the donation
  • Examining table, serves when you need to enter examining tables to educational or incorporated establishments
  • Attendance at congresses, it will be granted to you in case you have to attend activities of this type, but you must attach the respective invitation

What is it for?

In the same way, the Unique License Request Form, corresponds to the document that will validate your permit in the transit of public roads. Likewise, due to the current pandemic situation, it is essential that you have it and avoid inconveniences. With which, you have the option to return to our previous sections.

Likewise, it is essential that you know an important aspect about this document, with respect to the current situation. Thus, the competent Argentine authorities did not cancel all the permits to circulate in force. Therefore, it will be awarded to those people who perform tasks within the following areas:

  • In case you need to request funeral services, cremations and burials
  • However, a large number of people should not be grouped together
  • If you work in a supermarket, wholesaler or supply that is customer service
  • Also, if you carry out work within the food industries, some productive chain and supplies, personal hygiene, medical equipment, among others
  • People who work in home services delivering food, medicine, certain products, among others
  • Entities that provide laundry, cleaning, security, guard services, among others

  • It will be allowed the transfer in public roads of ministers inclined towards spiritual help
  • The competent department of the National Securities Commission may authorize the minimum staff, empowerment activities and regulated activities
  • Mutual aids and credit unions that use minimum service guards to guarantee the functioning of the credit and payment system
  • Maintenance of basic services and emergencies
  • Entities in charge of collecting services and taxes
  • People who need special services and community kitchens
  • Radio, audiovisual and graphic communication services

What is the Unique License Request Form?

The Unique License Request Form It is a necessary document for the moments in which you must travel on national public roads. With which, we suggest you, fundamentally, that you follow the guidelines outlined in the sections of our portal. Thus, you will be able to carry out this process correctly and without inconvenience.

In addition, you should know that to have it, currently, you must perform essential tasks. Therefore, this works as a control and prevention measure against the global pandemic situation. That is why we recommend that if it is not strictly necessary, do not leave your respective address.

Therefore, workers qualified by the Government of Argentina to perform essential tasks, may transit within the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires. With which, it is essential that you are aware, in our previous section, which are the areas of work allowed. So you can know if you belong to one and you can get it.

Finally, after completing the form, it will be necessary for you to obtain the Enabling Certificate of Circulation. Thus, the latter can be received through the AppCuidAR telephone application. This is available on Android and Apple devices, depending on the one you have.

Process to download the AppCuidAR

  • Click on this link to enter the Web page corresponding to the Government of Argentina
  • Choose the system operation that governs your mobile phone
  • These options may vary on Android Smartphone and Apple iOS
  • In the same way, you can perform this download through the App Store and Google Play applications
  • Next, after having downloaded the AppCuidAR you must complete the Form suggested by it
  • Proceed to send it and wait for the corresponding response to your request
  • Finally, you should know that this last step can take a period of time of a few hours

Travel safely in Argentina!

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