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If you are in the construction area, you have surely heard about the Unique National Form, but you do not know more details about it, what it is for and why it is important to know all the details about it.

If you are thinking of applying for some type of urban license, keep in mind that you must know how to fill out this form. Go ahead, read on and find out everything you need to know on the subject.

Format of the Single National Form

After the National Unique Forml in Colombia, for requests for construction, urbanization, parceling, and subdivision licenses, it can be downloaded and used by anyone who goes to make the license request.

The licenses for subdivision, urbanization, construction, subdivision and the recognition of buildings are regulated by Resolution 0463 of July 13, 2017. This document must be printed on paper size 8.5 x 13 inches and 216 x 330 mm.

How to Fill Out the Unique National Form?

To fill out the Unique National Form, There are guides to know how to fill out the form. These guides are available on the web, they facilitate filling out and thus avoid errors or misinterpretations regarding the information requested.

The instructions for filling out the Form are as follows.

General data

Indicate the responsible office where the procedure is requested, the number that corresponds to the Curatorship or the municipal or district administration office.

Also indicate, the filing number and date, This is the project identification number, at the time of the license application. It will be the file number in the single property file.

Of the five initial numbers, the first two correspond to the department and the next three to the municipality. Then there is a digit separated by a dash that is the number of the conservatorship where the request is made.

It is followed by two digits separated by a dash that are the year of the application and finally four digits that correspond to the number of consecutive applications per year in said municipal office.

Department, Municipality and date

The first two in letters and the date must be in numbers.

Application Identification

They are spaces that must be filled only at the time of filing.

In kind of Procedure, you must indicate with an x ​​the type of application, what type of license you intend: subdivision, urbanization, subdivision, construction, recognition of the existence of buildings or it is a modification of the license or recognition.

Then there is the Construction license modality. In this section you must indicate with an x ​​one or more modalities: new construction, extension, adaptation, modification, structural reinforcement, total or partial demolition or enclosure.

For the Subdivision license modality, you must indicate with an x ​​one of the modalities according to the intervention: rural, urban, reloteo.

In the case of Social interest housingAlso indicate with an x ​​whether or not the project is social housing.

In Purpose of the procedure, you must indicate with an x ​​if it is a new application, extension or modification of the license.

Property Information

It should indicate the following:

  1. Direction: indicate with the nomenclature (indicated in the form) alpha numeric the property, indicate the current one and the previous ones. It must be in capital letters and cannot have apostrophes, signs or accents.
  2. Real estate registration, indicate the number recorded in the certificate of freedom and tradition of the property. The date should not be more than one month from the date of the request.
  3. Cadastral Identification, the number of the identification code of the property assigned by the Administrative Department of the Cadastre office.
  4. The stratum corresponds to the current socioeconomic stratum, consigned in the property receipt.
  5. Indicate the neighborhood, commune or sector of the property.
  6. Indicate the name, block, code number and lot of the urbanization or neighborhood.
  7. The source of the plot planimetry must be indicated with an x.
  8. You must indicate the cadastral block, they are data, block code and lot of the cadastral block plan.

Adjacent neighbors information

It is the urban nomenclature of the neighboring properties and the name of the neighbors adjacent to the property.

Boundaries, dimensions and areas

  • Indicate the dimensions of the boundaries and their boundaries, according to the indicated document.
  • Put the area of ​​the property in square meters.
  • You must make an illustrated diagram of the location of the property with respect to the block or location environment.

Professionals and responsible owners

  • It should indicate the names of licensees, the identity card, the nit and the signature.
  • Indicate all professional data, the builder, the project architect, the Civil Engineer, the geotechnician, the Element Designer.
  • Also, you must put the correspondence and fax address of the owners or attorney-in-fact of the project.

Verification of the documents with the application

This space must be filled out by the urban curator or the planning office, at the time of application.

Documents Accompanying the Application

To make applications for construction, subdivision, urbanization, subdivision licenses, a series of documents are required to make the application together with the Unique National Form.

The documentation that must be attached with the single national form are those mentioned below:

  • Must have the Unique National Form filled out and also signed by him or the owners of the property.
  • Relate the addresses of neighboring properties.
  • You must attach the current alignment card duly issued by the corresponding Municipality in original and two copies.
  • Record the Certificate of Tradition and freedom of the property, must have the date of issue does not exceed one month.
  • Proof of property tax last year.
  • Proof of utility bill.
  • If you have a legal representative or attorney-in-fact, present the duly legalized power of attorney.
  • In the event that the property is subject to horizontal ownership, it must beAttach a copy of the RPH, the Authorization of the co-ownership with the corresponding certificates of freedom, according to the provisions of the RPH.
  • To attach identity document and copy, If it is a natural person or certificate of existence and the legal representation that is not greater than one month if it is a legal person.
  • In the event that the property is classified as being of cultural interest or architectural heritage, then the approval of the competent entity must be attached.
  • Likewise, you must record copy of the plans.
  • Likewise, attach a printed copy of the architectural project in a size that is legible.
  • Also, photograph of the fence.
  • You must present the structure project according to the Earthquake-Resistant Standards.
  • Must append soil study.
  • Once the project has been reviewed, three sets of copies must be delivered. They must be signed by the responsible professionals.

What is the Unique National Form for?

The Unique National Form is a Essential document in the management of obtaining licenses in the construction area, subdivision, urbanization, subdivision among other.

It is an essential requirement to fill out this form together with the consignment of all the documentation required to obtain the aforementioned license.

Who issues the Unique Form National?

The Unique National Form It is a format that is provided to all mayors, municipalities and districts by the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development of Colombia, for the management of obtaining licenses in the area of ​​subdivision, construction, subdivision, urbanization, intervention and recognition of buildings.

This according to resolution 0463 dated July 13, 2017.

What is the Unique National Form?

In Resolution 463 of July 13, 2017, modifications were made to the regulatory provisions concerning the housing, city and territory sectors. Instruments were incorporated that help regulate the dynamics of the transformation of the Colombian territory, in addition to optimizing the use of natural and human resources.

In accordance with the provisions of Decree 945 of 2017, the Colombian Regulation for Earthquake Resistant Constructions NSR-10 is modified, where the professionals who are part of the development of a building must sign the license application in accordance with the provisions of the Unique National Form for the application for urban licenses.

Given these regulatory changes in Colombian law, it was required adopt a new National Single Form for the application of urban licenses and the recognition of buildings.

Likewise, the corresponding guide to fill out the Form and also, the Project Information and Review Form.

If you got here with the reading, you already know all the information regarding the Unique National Form In colombia. Then, of all the data and information that we provide you for the correct filling of the form, essential in the application for the urban license.


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