Universal Trial Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Universal Trial Certificate It is a document that reflects the registry where each one of the civil suits of creditors will be registered. In the same way, the convocation of the same, protocol of execution of wills and successions of these, respectively, remains demonstrated. With which, they are carried out before the courts of the Capital.

Likewise, we must mention that this registered information will be of a public nature. Therefore, you will keep the display of initiation judgments with respect to commercial and civil competitions. If you are interested in knowing how you can obtain this certificate, its essential requirements and much more, you can continue reading this information.

Requirements for the Universal Trial Certificate

To start, we will mention the requirements you must meet for the Universal Trial Certificate. Therefore, they are classified as follows:

Natural people

  • Registration form with suggested personal data
  • Copy (1) of your ID
  • Proof that you are attached to the AFIP
  • Proof that you took a preparation course
  • Present your criminal record certificate
  • Demonstrate Debt Free Certification


  • Demonstrate the registration format with the participants’ data
  • Document that reflects your criminal record and the issuance of the free debt aspects
  • Reflect a report previously issued based on the record of universal lawsuits of each associated person
  • Proof of approval of training programs related to the administration of consortia
  • Copy (1) of the DNI of each partner
  • Data that reflects that each of the partners are attached to the AFIP

Limited labor companies

  • Have the complete registration form
  • Certification that proves the issuance by the National Registry with the criminal record data of each member
  • Detailed study provided by the Universal Trial Registry corresponding to the legal representative and other partners
  • Proof of having preparation in public administration and knowledge in consortium procedures
  • ID of the legal representative
  • Registration data in the AFIP of the registration by the institution where you work

Anonymous society

  • Form with the registration form for registration
  • Study report being issued by the Registry of Universal Trials of the Legal Representative and the Public Limited Company
  • Certification that approves the training in knowledge about consortium administration
  • Copy (1) of the DNI belonging to the legal representative
  • Proof before the AFIP that the specific company is registered under the system
  • Demonstrate the statute and its modifications

Administrators and Co-owners

  • Complete the information data within the registration form
  • Copy (1) of your ID
  • Data that shows that you are indeed a co-owner
  • Submit (1) copy of the name as the Ad Honorem of the consortium to which you belong, I feel like co-owner

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Universal Trial Certificate

Now, it is essential to highlight a very important aspect. So, this is covered in the steps you must follow to get the Universal Trial Certificate. With which, we anticipate that it is something very simple, but then you will know them:

  • First of all, to carry out this procedure you must register within the system corresponding to the administration of the consortium
  • Then, within this section, you can download the universal judgments form respectively
  • At the same time you will find other formats of: files, records, successions and absences, contests and settlements, among other procedures
  • Next, you must complete the form for the Universal Trial Certificate
  • Finally, in the instance that you are the voluntary administrator, you must attend the Public Registry facilities to request the cancellation

Universal Trial Certificate Online

On the other hand, there is a more practical alternative to obtain the Universal Trial Certificate. In the same way, this is about carrying out a fundamental part of the certification process through the web. Next, we will mention what you should do exactly in this case:

  • Enter the web portal of the Bar Association of the Province of Buenos Aires
  • Thus, through the platform «Notifications and Electronic Presentations» you can make requests and inquiries regarding the Universal Trial Certificate
  • Likewise, it is necessary that you have the Token and the signature certification in force
  • After this, in this section you will find two options
  • With regard to the «system access» alternative, you must choose the type of document you are requesting. With which, you will proceed to obtain access to your electronic address with the certificate digitally
  • Immediately, you must click on the window «enter with certificate»
  • Then, in a new screen, you will have the option to renew your certificate in case it is expired. As well as you can log in to the instance that is in force
  • As a second alternative is to «enter with read-only permission»
  • Later, you must access your email address and password.
  • Finally, by clicking on «enter» you will be able to access the respective database system

Universal Trial Registry

The Universal Trial Registry fulfills multiple essential functions for the needs of the Argentine population. Thus, the first of them consists of filing initial complaints about universal trials under the legal system of the nation. This regulation falls within the laws established in Decree Law 3003/56.

In the same way, it imparts the necessary methodologies to maintain a complete update of the files of complaints made previously. With which, it presents a total responsibility against the nature of the universal judgments required. On the other hand, this Registry is classified as:

Civil Section

Within the civil section, functions such as:

  • It is in charge of executing those complaints related to the initiation of trials of wills in succession, vacancies for the notarization, ab urged, among others
  • Provide certifications and studies to carry out the issuance of authenticated copies of information in custody
  • Keeping people up to date on probate proceedings
  • Show the statistical data that represent the section on a monthly basis

Commercial Section

In another sense, within the commercial section, functions such as:

  • File commercial complaint processes about bankruptcy and preventive bankruptcy initiations
  • Record judicial information regarding complaints
  • Maintain information about all the commercial antecedents that correspond to natural and legal persons
  • Show the statistical data of the section every month

Also, it is valid to emphasize that you can carry out procedures virtually. Thus, you will have the availability to manage them and follow each step of the process from the comforts of your choice. That is, you will not have to go to the courthouse in your locality respectively.

Finally, you will get the provision to carry out payment cancellations electronically. In this way, you will only be able to have a virtual payment certificate for each procedure or form that you present. Therefore, it must be paid under the concept of «Fees and Issuance of Certificate and Testimonies – Form 3003/56».

Universal Trials Department

The department of universal judgments corresponds to the control of data regulation such as:

  • Trades related to unarchives
  • Requests for studies related to procedures testamentary succession
  • Format that reflects the information about the opening of the aforementioned document
  • Information about the legal approval of the will process carried out
  • Specification of shift in reference to reception of files
  • Communication forms based on the approval of preventive agreements

What is the Universal Trial Certificate?

The Universal Trial Certificate It corresponds to the document governed by a series of registries inclined towards processes of will successions, bankruptcies, civil contests, intestates, among others. In the same way, you must meet the requirements mentioned above to obtain it depending on your position.

In the same way, it is due to mention that this registration procedure is carried out under a public nature and procedures will be initiated such as:

  • Wills and vacancies available for the same
  • Declaration of will protocols

  • Inscriptions of these statements
  • Circumstances of absence due to death and declarations of the same under the order of article 108 of the Civil Code of the Argentine nation

Likewise, we can highlight some of the premises established in the Decree of Law 3003 / 56. With which, one of them expresses that the Registry of Universal Trials will be supported by the File of judicial and notarial actions of the Capital. Likewise, when any procedure is initiated, the legal representative must go to the Registry headquarters.

Finally, the objective of this is to present a form format that reflects all the individualization data of the treaty. In addition, the personnel of the Registry branch will return to said representative 1 copy of this information. Whose objective will be to verify the validation of the procedure carried out and the existence of other similar lawsuits.

Present your Universal Trial Certificate and continue as a creditor!

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