Urban Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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Currently, more and more Argentines join to register their Urban Certificate to have everything in order and thus avoid any unpleasant inconvenience. If your vocation is related to development or you intend to expand on a piece of land that you own in Buenos Aires, you must have a deep understanding of the systems.

Next, you will receive information on how you should do to carry out this procedure. If you have doubts, continue reading to know what documents you must present and obtain the Urban Certificate.

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Requirements for the Urban Certificate

Citizens who need to get the certificate, must present the following legal requirements:

  • Personal document (Valid) of the applicant and those involved directly associated with the use of the land.
  • You must be registered on the official website in the City of Buenos Aires
  • Password issued by the AGIP. To do this you must access the official website of the entity.
  • Possess the unique tax identification code number of the applicant.
  • Provide the legal document of the land, and the data of the land owner must be evidenced.
  • In addition, the photos of the land where the veracity of the information is evidenced.
  • Present the plans and projects of the land.
  • Also, present the graphic measurements that the property has.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Urban Certificate

Applicants who wish to obtain this certificate can generate it easily and quickly, they only need to have access to the web, and follow the steps that are requested. To request the certificate, they must take into consideration the following:

  • Enter the official website via the internet, you can do it from any electronic device
  • Enter the CUIT number.
  • Likewise, the system will ask you to enter the City code. This key must have been created opportunely
  • If you do not have the city code, you can create it on the official website.

When the applicant has completed the steps and requirements required by the system, the portal will process their application and issue the certificate. Once the system has generated the requested certificate, you must print it and save it for your records.

Guarantees offered by the Urban Certificate

It is important to note that by obtaining the certificate, engineers and building planners will feel calm to continue with the process, since there is the truth that everything is in order.

Likewise, the activity will be carried out without delay since there is a guarantee that the procedure was approved. If for any situation there is an inspection of the land, the certificate is the guarantee to weigh any doubts in this regard.

What is the Urban Certificate for?

For the most part, this type of document is ignored by residents as they have no idea of ​​its functionality. It is important to note that the urban certificate allows construction on any land throughout the territory.

Also, among its capabilities we can highlight the following:

  • For the development of some land that you want to exploit.
  • They can also carry out projects with companies from the national or international sector.
  • They can also develop different premises, for example, inns, hostels, among others.
  • Approve the construction of different parks or recreation areas.

What are your Goals?

Have the Urban Certificate, It is essential since it provides construction engineers and architects with peace of mind in the construction of the land, as well as each of the individuals who work in this construction sector:

  • It was made basically in order to improve and complement the modernization of the capital or different urban areas, for the advancement of the foundation in the nation.
  • This type of work has the attribute of being the source of mass work for different people.
  • In the same way, some developments invigorate and advance the travel and entertainment industry.
  • Particularly those developments that are established are for the benefit of both sectors.

What is it?

The Urban Planning Certificate, is a tool that is requested by the engineer or the architects of works to have the confidence to begin the construction in the field. This type of document is managed without exception in the city of Buenos Aires.

It is important to mention that the field of construction has increased significantly in the country, therefore the Argentine government has designated several government entities that are in charge of ensuring the veracity of the process.

In case you need additional data, you can go to the workplaces of the organizations in control, during the hours of public assistance, to know their process, needs and something more.

Certificate validity

Once the certificate is generated, the applicant has 180 days, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, that is, continuous days.After this period has ended, you must renew it in order to make it valid and avoid inconveniences.

It is essential to keep this certificate up to date, since all the data that relates to the organization or the person responsible for the work to be carried out rests. Take into account all these recommendations to avoid delays.

Organisms that process it

As we mentioned before, there are several government entities where people can go to obtain the Urban Certificate. These are:

  • The Government Administration of Public Revenue, better known as AGIP for its acronym.
  • Buenos Aires City.
  • Also the Ministry of Urban Development and Transport.
  • And finally the National Land Registry.

These organizations have their official website where you can enter for any questions you want to clarify. Also, most clients visit the City of Buenos Aires site to get their backup and save for their records.

It is important to clarify that from entering the City of Buenos Aires, applicants can also enter the official website of the Ministry of Urban Development and Transportation and the National Land Registry.

How to obtain the Urban Certificate?

For the simplicity of the applicants and so that the process in the process is faster and more productive, there are some offices in charge of giving said certificate. Formerly, the certificate was only issued by the offices designated for it.

Due to the incredible interest in obtaining this report in Argentina, despite involving different associations, the online modality was promoted. Which has turned out to be a success, due to the speed with which it is managed.

If you want to do the procedure in person, you can go to the workplaces of these companies during public assistance hours. Although the schedule depends on all entities, for the most part it is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

What documents must I present together in the land subdivision file?

In order to be clear about the land that you want to distribute, you must present the following documentation indicating the property limits:

  • When presenting the plans, they should not have erasures or amendments
  • They must have the current cadastral data of the land.
  • If the original plan is not available, a topographic survey should be carried out with a specialist in order to demonstrate the dimensions of the property. they must have similarity with the cadastral data.
  • You must present the Tax Appraisal made
  • Prior Information Certificate
  • Finally, you must also present the Certificate of Valid Domain

With these documents, the architect must prepare the file with the current plans and the proposal, as well as the calculation of the land and a logical report. They must be in order to avoid inconveniences when processing this process.

Frequent questions

What do I do once I have all the files and needs?

You must submit this record to the individual Works Directorate, where you enter an audit period. If it is accepted, You can continue with the process. But if, on the contrary, it is denied, you must repeat the process.

How much time does this audit take?

The record period of the survey is 30 continuous days, therefore you must present all the precautions to avoid the return.

What happens after this audit?

The audit can have 3 results:

  • In case the audit is acknowledged and there is no objection, the Subdivision Approval Resolution is issued.
  • If the audit has observations. For this situation, a period is given to present a reconsideration and it is evaluated one more time.
  • If the survey is denied. The applicant must carry out the process again without exception.

What is urbanism?

Urbanism constitutes the organization or arrangement of buildings and spaces in a city according to a regulatory framework. It is therefore a discipline that takes into account aesthetics, sociology, economics, and the design of the city and its surroundings.

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