Validity Certificate of a Company: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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This article is aimed at Legal Persons, and natural persons who wish to create a company, since it contains many aspects related to the Certificate of Validity of a Company.

Among the aspects mentioned in this section on the Certificate Validity of a Company, There are the following: Necessary requirements to request said certification, Steps to obtain it, cost and validity, legal aspects and what is it?

Certificate Validity of a Company: Requirements

If you are a person interested in forming a company or on the contrary you are a representative of a company, then I invite you to read! this section.

To obtain and make the request for the Certificate of Validity of a Company We first need to know that we can make this request through the Internet or in person.

In both cases we present a series of requirements that you must present as well as the process to follow in each case:

Via Internet

  • The Sheet: In the Chilean legal lexicon, the sheet where the document is singled out or numerically particularized in a file is known as a sheet, that is, in other words, it is the page where a document of a certain file is registered.
  • Number: the number is what a legal document, writing or official letter corresponding to a file is particularly identified with.
  • The year: corresponds to the year of affiliation before the conservative registry of the company.
  • 300 pesos
  • Company name or name of a partner.

Process in person

  • Go to the conservative registry at its branch located at Morandé 440, Santiago de Chile, during customer service hours, that is, from Monday to Friday from 08:30 am. at 3:00 pm.
  • The Unique Form is required, which is available in the information and indices of the CBRN and must be requested in advance.
  • 2,300 pesos.

Certificate Validity of a Company: Steps to request it

Next in this section of the article, we are going to know the steps that must be followed to obtain the Certificate of Validity of a Company.

Through Internet

We are going to divide the process into two parts, to make it much easier to understand:

First part

  1. Enter the portal Web and go to the Commercial Registry.
  2. Select «Certificate of Validity of Society of the Commercial Registry» then click on «Request». However, for this you only have 2 hours.
  3. Access all the information that is requested such as: Page, Number, Year. If you don’t know them then, press «I don’t know them.»
  4. Then press again on «Text» and enter the Company Name or Name of one of the shareholders of said company to find the data. Then press on search.
  5. The answers appear according to the text entered in the search. Choose the folder of the company you require and click on the option «View Documents».
  6. The system will show the requested information and then you must press alternative «Request» then select «Certificate of Validity of the Company in the Commercial Registry». It should be noted that to download the document, you must cancel it, so you must add it to the shopping cart.
  7. Then said shopping cart will be displayed with the chosen letter, as well as the total price for the respective purchase, press «Next».
  8. Then you must access the account or create a new one.
  9. Now enter the account to see the status of your covers and now go to the shopping cart in the upper part of the window.
  10. Then you must check that the name of the ballot is correct and click on «Next».

Second part

  1. Once the data is confirmed, click on «Go to pay».
  2. Then the request details and payment details are displayed. Click on «Pay» again. The system will redirect you to an online payment format, in which you have to cancel with the online payment method you prefer.
  3. Once said payment has been made, you will receive 3 emails, one with the payment receipt, another with the originated covers and the last with the completed process, in which you can download the validity certificate by clicking on the option «Download Products ».
  4. Once you have the PDF document and to finish this process, we suggest you download it and keep it safeguarded with the other company documents.
  5. Ready! This way you have already downloaded the certificate.

In person

If you choose to process the certificate in person, you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to the CBRS office or branch during the hours established for customer service.
  • Then, go to the information and indexes section. where an official will attend you.
  • The public service official must communicate his desire to request the certificate of validity of a company.
  • List the requirements for applying for this certificate.
  • Cancel the established amount of 2,300 pesos.
  • Download the required certificate from the CBRS website or, if you prefer, you can pick it up directly at the CBRS office.

Certificate of Validity of a Company: Cost and Validity

The activity document of a company does not actually have an established period of validity or update.

However, banking entities demand and request as an indispensable requirement that it be renewed monthly, that is, every 30 days from its issuance or granting.

The price of this certificate is approximately 2,300 pesos and each extra sheet or page, which is the same additional, has an approximate cost of 300 pesos each, if the request is made in person. But through the Internet the cancellation is 300 pesos.

What information does the certificate of validity contain?

The following data mentioned below are shown in detail in this document:

  • The Certification Legend, in which it is specified that the company to which said voucher belongs is currently registered as a business registry.
  • La Foja, the number and the year in which the registration of the trade registry was made.
  • Trade name of the company or name of the company in question.
  • Date on which the request is made.
  • Date on which the certificate of validity of a company.

As can be seen, this certificate only reflects the precise data of the company it supports.

It should be noted that said certificate is digital, although your request is made in person and is authenticated by an electronic signature.

Certificate of Validity of a Company: Legal Aspects of the Document

The legal framework on which this is based voucher It is the Commercial Code and laws 3918, 18.046 and 19.857, which we will explain below:

Commercial Code

According to this Chilean code, it is established as a Certificate of Validity, the writing through which it is ensured that there is no subscription note apart from the first registration where the company has been terminated.

Normally it is needed to verify that the company is operational, either to carry out banking processes, tenders, contracts, etc.


The laws are:

  • 3,918: from its article 1 to its article 5 referring to companies.
  • 18.046: title 1, referring to public limited companies from article 1 to article 7.
  • 19.857: Authorization of the establishment of individual limited liability companies from article 1 to article 18.

Certificate of Validity of a Company: What is it?

The Proof of updating of a company, is a writing, voucher or document that attests or in other words ensures that there are no more notes to the subscription margin after the first registration is made where permission is given to the company.

This is used to be used before the agencies financial statements to demonstrate that the company is active, current or updated and is issued every 30 days.

I hope this article has been of great use and complete understanding. In order to help you when carrying out an operation where this proof is necessary. Remember to meet the requirements to obtain the certificate as successfully as possible.


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