Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02 it is a role of great relevance in the nation of Ecuador and for the inhabitants that reside there. It is very important that you consider the level of importance of this document so that you pay the necessary attention to each of the points to be developed. This so that you are well informed when processing it.

Next, we are going to develop some helpful points to expand everything related. In this article we are going to expand on the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02. We will inform you about the format in which it is delivered, its due filling process, the requirements that will be requested and more.

Stay here and find out more about the points that we mention in the following sections!

Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02 Format

In this part of the article we are going to mention everything related to the format, in which you are going to proceed to download the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02. The first thing that we must limit to read what follows below is that the way to download or the presentation format is not complicated. Pay attention to what we will tell you next.

Another thing that we will mention is in relation to the way by which you will be able to get this file, the truth is that this is a document that is obtained online. This means that it is digital and that you will have it through the website of the Internal Revenue Service, the SRI (click here). In this they will offer you various documents and forms to fill out.

Also, they present you with the option of being able to download it, when you search for this document and display it on the screen, you will be located in the upper right part and there will be the option to save it. This so that you have it in consideration for when you want this document in future occasions. Additionally, we are going to remind you that the format in which the form will be downloaded is a format that is compatible with all devices, the PDF format.

After finishing the download process, you will go on to do a review of it and make sure that everything is as it should be and that you do not present technical problems later. In addition, the way to download it is quite simple and have them on several devices for greater support and reach.

Filling of the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02

Many often wonder how the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02. Certainly this is a document that is made up of three sections respectively and grouping a series of elements to be completed with their boxes. The process to be able to complete the filling task is quite simple and in this section of the article we will talk about this information.

It is relevant to be able to highlight the fact of reading carefully what we are going to expand on next. As we mentioned earlier, the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02, consists of three parts and they fill quickly and easily. Next, we will explain everything you must do and in the order that you will do it in relation to this procedure.

Process to fill out the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02:

  1. Initially you are going to do a verification in relation to the quality of the internet that you have and that it does not interfere with the rest.
  2. You are going to locate the internet search engine that is easier for you to use and access.
  3. In the search bar you are going to place «Internal Revenue Service» and in the first option that appears you are going to enter. There you will look for the document of the form.
  4. You also have the possibility to do click here and download this form directly.
  5. At the end of the download process, which we explain a little about in the format section, you are going to click and display this screen.
  6. Verify that it was downloaded correctly, that it is complete, there must be two pages belonging to the form. Review each of the sections presented and start filling out.

Then we are going to show you each of the sections that constitute, in its entirety, the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02. The details that each one of them contains and how the data is grouped for them step by step.

Divisions of Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02

  • The first thing to be indicated is the place and date of presentation.
  • The director of the provincial area.

1. Owner and Vehicle Data

  • You must indicate the full name and surname or the business name.
  • The identity card, the RUC or the passport.
  • And also the board, the RAMV or the CPN.

2. Contact Information

  • Provide the email address.
  • Then the conventional phone or, but you can also put the cell phone number.

3. Activity or Condition for which You Request the Benefit

Here a list of options will be presented by means of which only one will be marked and then some data will be filled in additionally.

  • Check the option that corresponds to your case.
  • You are going to indicate if you are an elderly person and in that case you will have to say the USD equity and its respective monthly income.
  • In the case of being disabled, you are going to say the percentage in relation to this condition that you have.
  • And you are going to indicate a few things in relation to the environmental tax on vehicle pollution.

Other sections

Finally, there is a section in which clarification is made for cases in which it is considered that it is signed by a third person. Here must go the authorization, the identity card of the responsible citizen and it is said that it is authorized to make the exoneration. Then there is a box in which the signature of the person in charge will go.

That everything presented is legible and presented in good condition, without studs, smudges, tears, among other wear. That the SRI reserves the verification that will be done later. The environmental exemption is for the disabled person and that the benefits are renewed for the fiscal years that follow.

What is the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02 for?

This is one of the most common doubts in relation to Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-10. The person who is destined to use and have this form with them are those Ecuadorian citizens who are drivers and who are part of a shareholders’ society. Considering here the fact that they are transport operators.

The latter must be mentioned and highlighted because this is one of the requirements that they request to be able to process and obtain the validation of this document. In relation to the exemption made from the Environmental Tax. In the same way, by obtaining it, a registration and control of the cars that are up to date in relation to the regulations established regarding the environmental conditions of the vehicle is made.

Waiver Benefits

By possessing the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02 a day and with you it can bring you a series of benefits which avoid you going through some unpleasant situations. In this section we are going to mention these benefits in a list so that you are aware of them. These benefits of this document are as follows:

  • The reduction of the vehicle property tax up to 80%. This is used especially when they are cars of more than one ton and that are used for activities at a commercial level.
  • Citizens who are diplomats do not pay tax thanks to this form.
  • In the case of being an elderly or disabled person, they are not 100% exempt from these taxes, but they are reduced to more or less $ 8000.
  • In the event that the vehicle is moved with a disabled person, up to 50% is added to the discount.
  • Those vehicles that are acquired in territory belonging to Ecuador, are reduced at the moment in which the Internal Revenue Service registers their data.
  • In the cases in which the car was acquired outside of Ecuadorian territory, the data of this will be taken into consideration by the authorities belonging to the customs.

Internal Revenue Service (SRI)

Certainly this is the entity which has the function of administer the taxes that are available to be paid. It is autonomous in relation to the ruling State of Ecuador. Based on the data of all those people who are registered as taxpayers in your system.

It is worth mentioning that the creation of the same wine was given by another body which responds to the name of the General Revenue Directorate. The functions that are established in the regulations and the attributions at the legal level that the SRI currently has are the following:

  • The first one is that it is responsible for the dissemination of taxpayers in relation to the obligations at the tax level.
  • He is also in charge of preparing studies on tax law reforms.
  • And, finally, it is in charge of applying those sanctions that are in relation to the Law that corresponds to it.

What is Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02?

As we have been talking about, the Vehicle Exemption Form VEH-02 It is a document that was created with the purpose of reducing, in some cases, the payment of some taxes. Registered taxpayers are exonerated from any tax in relation to the matter of transport operations.

It is an instrument by means of which the drivers, whether of a public or private transport, regardless of the shit they carry. They are associated as transport operators and do not pay taxes in full. This same is issued by the entity of the Internal Revenue Service in Ecuador, the SRI.

We hope this article has been very useful to you. We are reading each other again!


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