Vehicle History Certificate: Steps, Costs and MORE

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The Vehicle Background Certificate It is a proof that provides information about the history of a used car. For that reason, the Ministry of Transportation in Colombia has a digital service called the National Transit Registry (RUNT). In this way, those interested in negotiating the purchase of a used vehicle can take a few simple steps and learn about the history of the car.

If you need to get this paperwork, you just have to have the license plate number on hand. Subsequently, you must access the RUNT virtual platform and follow the procedure that we are going to explain here. !Do not wait, keep reading! Remember that you can be a victim of scam in the transaction of a vehicle.

We invite you to know everything about the historical journey of a used car

What is Needed for the Vehicle History Certificate?

Next, what you need to manage your Vehicle Background Certificate it is primarily the license plate number. In this regard, while you carry out the evaluation and negotiation process of the car, take note of its license plate and carry out the process that we will detail later. Likewise, you must provide a series of personal data to complement the request for the procedure.

Steps to Request the Vehicle History Certificate

On the other hand, if you already have a vehicle in the evaluation phase to finalize a purchase business, Do not wait more. In this sense, look for a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone so that you can access the online platform of the services and vehicle procedures of the RUNT. Therefore, we are going to show you the steps to get the Vehicle Record Certificate:

  • On your PC or mobile, verify that you have a good Internet connection.
  • Select your trustworthy browser and write «Unique National Transit Registry».
  • Look for the option «Vehicle History» and click on «request the history».
  • Complete the information they ask for (license plate number, personal identification code, first and last name of the interested party, email, among other information.

  • Confirm the digital email address and write the capcha.
  • Review the policies and conditions of the information to receive the certificate.
  • If you agree, click yes and then press «request».
  • Wait a few minutes and you will receive a confirmation email with the certificate request number.
  • Make the digital payment of the procedure for an approximate amount of 48,000 Colombian pesos.
  • Wait for the system to confirm the electronic payment, then you will receive a new email with the certificate.
  • If you need to check your certificate again, go back to the link of the vehicle’s history and access the «query»
  • There you enter the application number for the certificate and the vehicle license plate.

What does the Vehicle Record Certificate Contain?

In view of the above, once you get your Vehicle Background Certificate, the next step of interest is to know the content of that document. Therefore, it is an accurate way to know the traffic record of the car to date, so that you are sure to close a business without legal inconvenience.

The information offered by the certificate is:

  • List of claims where the vehicle has been involved.
  • Classification of said claims.
  • Pledge guarantees that fall on the car or execution of liens.
  • List of previous owners of the vehicle with their personal data.
  • Mechanical and historical reviews of liability insurance.
  • Complaints, fines or legal restrictions on the vehicle.
  • History of requests for arrest warrants for various crimes.
  • Loss record, list of insured companies of the car and the corresponding compensation.
  • Data on auction processes where the car has been involved.
  • Original characteristics of the car (engine serial, body serial number, cylinder register, brand, model, year).

On the other hand, keep in mind that the option of the data of the previous owners of the vehicle is not generated directly in the certificate. Consequently, to obtain this data, you must click on the digital link from requesting the history to the alternative «yes» as a petitioning right.

How to know if a vehicle is valid for a transfer?

In another vein, a car in Colombia is valid for transfer when the vehicle meets the minimum requirements of legal, civil, tax and economic solvency in order to complete the sale transaction. That way, keep in mind that it is one thing to sell the car and another to transfer it. Therefore, the latter, it is very important not to neglect it.

Thus, if a seller and the buyer do not complete this process, any civil and criminal liability may fall on the seller, even if they have closed the sale of the vehicle and no longer have it in their possession. In this regard, your vehicle is valid for a transfer when:

  • Both the seller of the car and the buyer are registered in the RUNT.
  • The car does not have insolvency due to fines and pending traffic violations (certificate of peace and safe of the car).
  • The vehicle’s civil liability insurance policy is in force.
  • The car has a recent technical and mechanical revision registered with the RUNT.

  • The vehicle has solvency of municipal tax of the vehicle line.
  • There is no pledge on said asset or, in any case, present the certificate of transfer of said guarantee with the approval of the bank.
  • No criminal complaint or crime against people or things weighs on the vehicle.

In addition, you should know that the information provided by the RUNT is the product of a database fed by the reports or news where the car that is going to be sold or bought is involved. This means that the RUNT is integrated into the Virtual Office for Infractions and Fines (SIMIT) throughout the country, according to data from land traffic detachments in Colombia.

Vehicle Record Certificate Costs

As indicated above, there are several expert service companies in Colombia that are dedicated among various procedures to facilitate the Vehicle Background Certificate. In general, the costs of this procedure remain on average for a little more than 48,000 Colombian pesos.

Consequently, the cost of this service may include police records, traffic detachment records, the RUNT, data from insurance companies and companies that evaluate and record claims expertise.

Therefore, normally the cost of the certificate has the following scope:

  • Urban areas and intermediate cities of all Colombian departments.
  • In the cases of cars registered in distant municipal locations, it is necessary to request a separate history of tradition, since reports of infractions, crimes, among other accidents, are registered in the police databases several days later.
  • Reach in real time according to virtual records in cities such as: the Colombian capital, Manizales, Medellín, Tunja, Pereira, Valledupar, Pasto, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, among other regions.

The cost of this type of procedure is a little higher in private expert companies. In this sense, these offices carry out research work in areas of much greater coverage in very distant parts of the country. With this, the automotive report or history tends to be much more effective for the car buyer.

We reiterate, Do not miss this management, avoid doing bad business!

What is it?

Finally, if a citizen in Colombia is interested in buying or selling a used vehicle, he must process his Vehicle Record Certificate. For this reason, the Ministry of Transportation and some expert companies in Colombia issue this type of document with the sole presentation of the license plate number.

In Colombia, the information that is detailed in the vehicle’s traffic history is one of the most complete, because it is fed by different databases. That is, the crossing of data with the Traffic Offices in the capitals of the country, the insurance companies automotive, police detachments, traffic inspectorates, among other agencies.

Some important recommendations related to requesting this type of certificate are:

  • Manage your certificate on the date closest to the purchase of the car, since the platforms and databases on automotive histories are indexed almost every day.
  • If the business of buying and selling the vehicle is in remote municipal regions, it is possible that the effectiveness for a vehicle history history will decrease a little, since the databases on car news cover the main and secondary cities of Colombia.
  • Use so-called certificates of tradition when you require a vehicle background report in remote jurisdictions.
  • Before closing the vehicle purchase business, it is advisable to check the engine and body serials versus what the automotive registration or property card indicates.
  • In addition to the Vehicle History Certificate, request a mechanical expert review to see the real conditions of the car.
  • Be patient, in private expert services offices, the certificate can be given to you in about an hour. However, at the RUNT offices, obtaining this vehicle history may take a little longer.

Get your vehicle records, and buy your car safely!


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