VEP Form: How to Get It, What It’s Good for, and MORE

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To promote the development of the country, the government encourages the population to comply with tax and social security obligations. These obligations are virtually canceled in Argentina through the VEP. Therefore, this time we will talk about obtaining the VEP form, what it is and we will name the data it should include.

We invite you then to stay with us until the end of the article and in this way, you can learn everything about this procedure. Let’s start!

What is the VEP Form?

VEP are the acronyms for Electronic Payment Flyer, an element that indicates the payment of the pertinent obligation, through the current Internet payment operation with General Resolution 1778 and its subsequent modifications.

The VEP it is the virtual way to obtain the forms 799, 801 and 105 of paper.

It is necessary to generate a Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP) in AFIP by means of an electronic transfer of funds to be able to pay tax and social security obligations through the Internet.

How to Obtain the VEP Form?

All citizens must comply with the obligations imposed by social security. That is why it is necessary to request the Electronic Payment Flyer in AFIP or also known as, simply, VEP.

To obtain it, you must have the homebanking key. This allows you to use the bank account over the Internet and the VEP. Also, you must have the payment service affiliated with your fiscal code and the DDJJ presentation.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the VEP Form

The steps are described below:

  1. Access the AFIP system and go to »Access with tax code».
  2. Once there, enter the CUIT number and the corresponding password.
  3. Then select the option »Presentation of DDJJ and Payments».
  4. Immediately, will be generated a window where the declaration can be registered.
  5. Verify all the data entered and verify that it complies with all the rules of the process.
  6. Press «To accept».
  7. In the menu, select the option »New VEP».
  8. Enter the data requested by the system such as names and surnames, ID number, address, among others.
  9. We proceed to choose the chosen payment entity and with the bank code cancel the amount.
  10. Finally, the proof of payment must be shown that can be printed or simply saved.

You can add another VEP if necessary to be able to include other tax obligations.

This management is recorded with the date of issuance of the voucher. The cost of the process is free and its validity of 30 days allows time to cancel the corresponding amount.

The entire process can be carried out 24 hours a day, all year round.

What is the VEP Form for?

The VEP it works to virtually pay tax and social security obligations. This service can be generated by the people who have enabled the DDJJ benefits and Payments or by third parties for the same purpose.

It is not obligatory or necessary that the same person who processes is the owner of the bank account to pay. Various selection options appear in the system depending on what applies.

It is an easy process that allows you to cancel fiscal obligations and periods Except for special payments, such as: the rates of the country’s tax courts.

Take into account General Resolution 1778, article 3, which states that the payment of the obligations will be considered a fact when the voucher is issued.

Which means that the date registered as the completion of the procedure will be the same as that on the issued voucher.

Article 5 of the same resolution must also be taken into account, it stipulates that all taxpayers must be up to date with the payments of the corresponding obligations.

For that it is activated and generates the Electronic Payment Flyer and finally, the obligations are canceled.

Who is it for?

To those people who are obliged to pay their obligations through the payment method: electronic funds transfer.

VEP consultation

Through the system created for this purpose. It is a system whose mission is to inform interested parties of the status of their VEP.

Once the required information is obtained, the corresponding amount is canceled and the receipt is searched, which can be printed if desired.

After entering the data for the search of the VEP, the screen should show the status it is in, the number and a short description.

Additional data

The VEP may have any of the following statuses:

  • New: flyer generated but without response from EDP.
  • Sent to payment institution: EDP ​​gave information about the reception.
  • Paid out: corresponding payment debited from registered bank account.
  • Expired: VEP generated without cancellation of the same within the period of 30 days granted to do so.

What I need?

The homebanking key to be able to use the bank account through the Internet and operate with VEP.

Have included the DDJJ filing service and Payments. If not, you can consult the instructions for AFIP.

If the payment of your obligations is greater than the limit of the movement of funds that was assigned to your bank account, you can check with the appropriate monetary entity the extension of that limit.

As I do?

  • Login to Access with Tax Code of AFIP and write the CUIT / CUIL / CDI number and the corresponding code.
  • To select »Presentation of DDJJ and Payments».
  • Declare that the data is correct and that it is acting in accordance with current regulations, by selecting «To accept».
  • Choose option »New VEP», within another option «Payments».
  • Choose the payment entity that you are going to use for the cancellation and the system will generate a VEP.
  • Enter the chosen payment entity on the screen and pay the VEP with your bank password.

How long does it take to complete the procedure?

The procedure can be done at any time and this takes only a few minutes.

What is the cost of the procedure?

It is a management totally free.


It is valid for 30 calendar days that are counted from the day after the request.

About Customs VEP

The payment of Customs Tax is one of the procedures that can be done through a Customs VEP.

This tax is related to the AFIP International Postal Service.
New resolutions in this regard:

The new AFIP resolutions, which correspond to numbers 3915 and 3916 respectively, establish that products that reach the amount of $ 1,000 USD are allowed to enter the country, either for personal or family use as long as it does not exceed 50KG.

This process requires a simplified Purchase Affidavit that is made with the AFIP Form 4550.

While shipments that do not exceed $ 200 USD and do not weigh more than 2KG, will enter the mode of door to door delivery.

The notification of said delivery is through a telegram from the official Argentine post. In this case, the option of home delivery is offered. Good luck!

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