Voting Requirements: Processes, Importance and MORE

The Requirements to Vote in Chile are essential for to guarantee the democratic process in the next elections. In the same way, collecting all the necessary documents for the voting day will be necessary to exercise your right to vote. Likewise, attending the voting center that corresponds to you is crucial to avoid sanctions by the Electoral system from the country.

Do you want to know more about the voting in Chile? Read the whole article! Here you can find everything you need to be ready on Election Day and what to do if you are out of the country.

Voting Process in Chile

Chile is certainly a Latin American country that promotes the right to vote and stimulates democracy in its elections. As well as, the fundamental role of being able to participate in the electoral process to choose the best civilians to represent the country in the powers. Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

For this reason, they invite all Chilean citizens to participate in each of the votes to exercise their right to vote.

In the same way, the electoral process has a series of steps that all citizens must comply with when participating in the voting. In addition, they need to adequately comply with the Requirements to vote in Chile. The latter will allow the electoral process to be respected and legalized. Are you Chilean and still don’t know how to vote?Quiet! We tell you how.

  • Know the candidates’ proposals
  • Register in the country’s Electoral System
  • Check your Vote Center
  • Go to the Voting Center and present the Identification Documents
  • Pay attention to the instructions on how to use the voting machines
  • Make sure of your vote
  • Check your vote on the machine
  • Deposit your vote in the secret box
  • Sign the voting record
  • Do not vote again in other polling places
  • Attention! You will be able to attend the voting centers from 8:00 am-6:00pm

On the other hand, during the days of elections it is possible that some fortuitous event happens to you that prevents you from voting in the best possible way. Therefore, we leave you some considerations that you can take into account the days before the vote.


  • If you do not have your Identification Card, you can present your Valid Passport to the voting advisors
  • Also, if you have to work that day, you have the right to attend your voting without discounts on salaries. That is, the heads of the companies or businesses must allow all their employees to attend the elections and will not prohibit or sanction those who wish to express their right to vote.
  • Later, if you have a family member who is blind, they can participate in the elections, through the «Form for the Blind» available in each of the Electoral Center Offices
  • In addition, for those citizens who have disabilities, they must request special help through the accompaniment of a person trained to collaborate in the process.

Requirements to Vote in Chile

Likewise, in order to attend the election day and express your right to vote, you must comply with the Requirements to vote in Chile. As well as, having a series of mandatory documents to access the voting machines.

Consequently, the latter is done with the aim of controlling the number of people who attend the voting centers on election day. This will avoid any hint of illegality or non-compliance of the country’s electoral norm, guaranteeing a transparent voting process and within a democratic framework.

If you are a Chilean citizen and you are determined to make a change for your country, exercise your right to vote. But, remember to comply with all the pre-voting requirements to ensure a fully democratic electoral party. Next, we will tell you each one of them:

  • Be a Chilean citizen and not have been sentenced to serve a sentence for a crime
  • If you are a foreigner, you can vote only if you have a stay of more than five (5) years in the country
  • Be of legal age (18)
  • Be registered in the country’s Electoral System
  • Be naturalized by grace, applicable to those foreign citizens
  • National Identification Card
  • Valid passport
  • Do you want to check if your electoral data is correct? Login to «SERVEL»

Who Cannot Vote?

However, there are people who cannot attend the voting day because they do not comply with the Requirements to Vote in Chile. So, we suggest that you read each of these warnings and thus avoid being penalized for the Elector Systemto the. Likewise, these considerations are made to avoid problems on election day and reduce margins for errors that violate democracy.

  • People with reduced mobility
  • Individuals who have been punished for an afflictive sanction or for terrorist conduct
  • Chilean citizens who are related to drugs and have been sentenced before a court of law
  • Those who, due to non-compliance or serious causes, have lost Chilean nationality
  • Those who have been sanctioned by the Justice System for participating in illegal support of political parties that fail to comply with democratic development
  • Remember! Do not make mistakes that harm your right to vote because Chile needs you and we want you to express yourself democratically, but complying with the electoral law, let’s avoid fraud.

Where to vote

On the other hand, you should be aware of Electoral Center the one you should go to on Election Day. As well as, remember that this is the only place where you can exercise your right to vote. Still don’t know which Electoral Center you should attend? In this section we tell you everything!


  • Login to «SERVERL»
  • Enter the numbers of your DNI
  • Mark «Consult»
  • Then check out your Electoral Center to be able to vote in the next elections

Public press

  • Purchase 22 days before the newspaper »El Diario»
  • Query on the last page the list of Chilean citizens distributed by provinces
  • Seeks your ID number
  • Check and write down your Electoral Center

However, the Electoral System of Chile allows you change the address of your voting center. We want you to have the greatest comfort to mobilize when exercising your right to vote. So, if you want to do it, you must follow these steps:

Address Change Considerations

  • Available after June six (6), 2020
  • Carry out online through the «Unique Key»
  • Record of new Electoral Center address
  • Login a «Online procedure»
  • Waiting the system and place your «Unique Key»
  • Subsequently, writes your RUN and mark «Authenticate»
  • Place your current address of residence in Chile
  • Complete all data suggested by the system
  • Choose «Send»
  • Waiting (20) days to have a response from the Electoral System

How to Vote From Abroad?

Another important point, this part refers to those Chileans who decide to seek a future in other countries. That is, those citizens of the country who decide to live in another country in America or even Europe.

For this reason, the Law promulgated in the Chilean Constitution establishes that those Chileans established abroad they have the right to vote in presidential elections, primaries, among others.

As well as, they must comply with the Requirements to Vote in chili and not to fail to comply with the obligations to vote set forth above. However, to vote abroad, the Chilean citizen must take into consideration that he must attend the Consulate of Chile of the country where you establish or reside. Don’t you know where the Consulate is in the country you reside? Check here!

Certainly, to exercise suffrage abroad you must be registered in the «Definitive Electoral Register of Chile Abroad». As well as, you must present your Voting Card, National Identification Card, Valid Passport and voting pencil.

Then, remember! No matter how far it is from your country, exercise your right to vote from abroad and comply with the democracy of your country. Go to the Consulate of Chile!


Certainly, Chile is identified for promoting the democratic system in presidential, legislative and primary elections, among others. Similarly, Chilean citizens have the power to choose their futures Representatives of the Nation. Therefore, it is crucial that each of Chileans exercise their right to vote. Likewise, expressing electoral participation means the importance of the democratic vote in deciding the future of the country.

So, it is essential that you comply with all the Requirements to Vote in Chile and you have not been sanctioned in recent years. In addition, to comply with all the documents to be able to vote in the Electoral Center that corresponds to you.

Likewise, it does not matter if you are a Chilean citizen residing in another country, you can exercise your right to vote at the Chilean Consulate established in the new country where you reside.

Finally, you must be informed of the Electoral Center which you must attend on Election Day. Consequently, you can consult it online or in the official press of the country. Certainly, you should only attend this Electoral Center since your payroll is not processed at another electoral address. However, the Electoral System allows you to change your voting address for a new one.

Do not hesitate, vote in the next elections!

Vote for your country, vote for a better future!


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