Voting Requirements: Steps, Identifications and MORE

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If you think you can exercise the right to vote, then read this article about the Voting Requirements in Mexico.

Being a responsible citizen and fulfilling citizen duties is part of the commitment to actively participate in electoral elections in Mexico.

Find out, everything related to the subject and invite others to do it as well. Be part of the Mexican citizens who actively exercise their right enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic and allow the continuity of democracy.

What are the requirements to vote in Mexico?

The Voting Requirements in Mexico and exercise the right established in the Article 35 of the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico are the following:

  • Be from Mexican nationality by birth or by naturalization.
  • Present an identification document.
  • Have an age of 18 years old at the time of the elections.
  • Must be registered with the National Electoral Institute.
  • Have the credential granted by the electoral registryThis is the state identification, which allows Mexican citizens to exercise their right to vote.
  • Any Mexican citizen residing outside of Mexico can vote, the legal basis is in the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures.
  • The voter must be registered on the list of voters, where is the identification and photograph of those registered in the electoral roll. This can be verified for the date close to the elections in the list published by the National Electoral Institute.

Remember, voting is important and transcendent, if you do so from abroad you are participating in vital decisions for a country, even if it is outside of Mexico. In this way, democracy is strengthened and all citizens benefit.

A call is made to Mexican voters to come to vote when there are elections, in order to legitimize the process of democracy. Demystifying that idea that the vote is not fully respected by those who are part of the Mexican authority.

Over the years, many institutions have invested time and resources so that Mexican citizens become aware of the importance of voting in society, since we are the protagonists of the construction of the country.

Steps to Vote in Mexico

The right to vote in Mexico duly enshrined in Article 35 of the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico. It grants the right to vote in popular elections.

Following the indications of the Voting Requirements in Mexico, there are a series of steps that must be followed to exercise the right to vote. We will explain below. On Election Day, you will need to do the following:

  • Has to go to the voting center corresponding assigned after its registration in the Electoral Registry.
  • Then, you must make the corresponding line and wait to be attended.
  • Make delivery of the electoral credential to the president of the voting station together with the identification document, to make the respective verification and validation.
  • The president of the voting station will ask you the question about your knowledge to exercise the vote and if you know how to make the choice of the candidate.
  • Once you have done the above, you must proceed to make the candidate’s choice of his predilection.
  • When you have completed the previous step, go on to fold the ballot with the election and place it on the table where the votes of the voters that correspond there are located.
  • Subsequently, go to the table where the president of this is located, sign and place the fingerprint on the electoral certificate.
  • The table secretary indicates in the nominal list that he voted, this is the proof of having exercised the vote.

Who Cannot Vote in Mexico?

According to the Voting Requirements in Mexico, there are some impediments that usually arise to exercise the right to vote enshrined in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

These obstacles are listed below:

  • Not being of legal age, that is, being under 18 years of age.
  • Not having Mexican nationality.
  • Failure to possess an electoral card on the day of the elections.
  • Likewise, women cannot exercise the right to vote. civilly disqualified persons like those who do not have control of their mental faculties.
  • Likewise, people who are under the influence of a narcotic or under the influence of exciters.
  • Neither can it be exercised by undercover or armed people.

Types of Identifications Accepted for Voting

According to Voting Requirements In Mexico, when you present yourself to exercise the citizen’s right to vote in elections, you can do so using the official identifications allowed for this.

If they are Mexican citizens by birth or by naturalization, the identifications are as follows:

  • The valid credential to exercise the vote, issued by the National Electoral Institute.
  • The valid Passport.
  • The valid professional card or card.
  • Also, the Driving license valid.
  • Also, the credential of the National Institute for Older Adults in force.

How to vote from abroad?

Continuing with Requirements to vote in Mexico, it is necessary not to forget the Mexican citizens residing outside the country. A large number of Mexicans are found in various parts of the world, approximately they are distributed in 112 countries.

Which at the time the country carries out presidential elections, must complete the process of voter card application, to later send it from where they are, to be able to have it before the moment of the election.

It is important to clarify that Mexicans living abroad they can only participate in the election for the Presidency of the Republic. The procedure is the next:

The Mexican residing abroad must complete the form that the National Electoral Institute has available so that citizens can in this way make the corresponding registration in the nominal list of voters outside of Mexico. This must be done before January 15 of the year in which the election is held.

Subsequently, send to the National Electoral Institute the format together with a photocopy of the front and back of the electoral card. In addition, send proof of residence of the voter, so that in this way the electoral ballot will arrive later.

When the voter receives the ballot, they must mark the box corresponding to the name of the candidate of their choice. After this you must put the ballot in the mailing envelope and send it.

The envelope with the ballot must be deposited at the post office of the post and under no circumstances should it be placed in the mailbox, because then the vote is annulled.

Likewise, no additional document should be together with the envelope that has the electoral ballot, because then the vote is invalidated. The voter residing abroad should send the envelope with the ballot, quickly.

The date for the National Electoral Institute to receive the envelopes for the corresponding count is one day prior to the date established for the election, if not, the vote will be annulled.

Provisional Vote

Provisional Voting is an area of ​​Electoral Law. It is a procedure used in certain countries and sIt is done in order to be able to receive the votes of certain voters, who apparently meet the requirements to exercise the right to vote.

Right enshrined in the Political Constitution of the country and requirements emanating from the Institute National Electoral.

However, his identification does not appear in any list of voters at the corresponding polling station. Or also, the same appears but there is some disparity with the identification presented by the voter.

Then, the vote is reserved or kept in reserve until its validation and verification is carried out by the electoral authorities.

The United Nations Organization declared the right to vote as a human right, Mexico being one of the countries that adhered to this declaration. After the constitutional reform, the right to vote is considered a human right.

The provisional votes, are those votes that must be subject to verification. These are valid, after a reliable and safe investigation. Later, they are included in the corresponding vote count.

Definitely, Provisional votes are ideal for the following situations:

  • Postpone any potential controversy and assure the voter of their right to choose.
  • Offer the opportunity to vote to those who claim that they are not at fault for the error that occurs.

A vote is provisional to the extent that its validity cannot be proven at the time, but neither is the voter deprived of exercising his right to be a voter.


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