Voting Requirements: Steps, Polling Station and MORE

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The voting requirements in Venezuela it is a formality that all citizens must handle. In relation to the aforementioned, surely you have ever heard about the suffrage, which is known as the Right of a citizen of political and constitutional scope. This allows you to vote in favor of the public offices involved in the elections, be they national, regional or municipal.

It can be pointed out that it is essential that all citizens participate in the electoral process, since thanks to this the direction that the country will take will be determined. So, in this article you will learn about what it is, what is the importance, what are the requirements that are needed to exercise this right and what are the steps to follow.

What are the Requirements to Vote in Venezuela?

For this reason, in order to participate in elections and vote, you must meet certain requirements, for example:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be registered in the National Electoral Council, also known by the acronym CNE. (Which is a body in charge of the supervision and administration of all electoral processes.)
  • Present the laminated identity card, since it is the only legitimate document that can guarantee your vote.
  • In addition to this, you must present your identity document to the head of the table in order to exercise your right to vote.

It is important to note that, for each election period, the National Electoral Council inaugurates a new stage for voters to register in the system and thus be able to update their data. That is to say, Every time you decide to vote, you will have to register again with the CNE. In addition to this, Venezuelans who are residing outside the country, likewise have the opportunity to vote, but only in presidential elections.

Steps to Vote in Venezuela

Now, if you have already met the requirements to vote in Venezuela. Next, you will know what are the steps to take for a citizen to vote correctly and comply with all the established norms, according to the governing body of the Electoral Power.

Step 1. Start of the act of election.

According to him article N ° 132 corresponding to the Organic Law of Electoral Processes, it is established that, once the Electoral Board is constituted in its entirety, the president of the same must announce that the voting process will begin.

In the same way, it will be carried out at an uninterrupted schedule already agreed by the members of the National Electoral Council. This period of time will run from 6 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon on the day the elections take place.

The members belonging to the Electoral Table and the electoral witnesses must place their signature on the bond of the adhesive tape that contains the electoral receipt box. Subsequently, it must be sealed and placed in view of the voters.

Step 2. Safeguarding the vote.

On the other hand, Article No. 133 of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes It consists of the receipt of the vote. It is important to take into account that the Electoral Table is managed through an automated platform, so the vote is electronic, however, it is done manually.

Also, eThe vote will be cast by the voter as long as they select the candidate of their choice on the corresponding ballotSubsequently, the ballot must be deposited in the safe-deposit box.

Step 3. Act of voting.

Article N ° 134 constitutes that once the vote has been made, no voting participant will be eliminated from the voting notebook. In this case, the National Electoral Council is the entity in charge of determining the election process through the competent laws.

Step 4. Conclusion of the act.

According to him article N ° 135 of the Law corresponding to the voting processes, once the voting act has ended, the president of the Electoral Table must announce that the event has concluded.

However, the secretary belonging to the Table has the duty to indicate and record in a record the exact number of voters involved in the act according to the voting notebook. This in order to know who exercised the right to vote and who did not, and thus enact the revocation of the vote.

Finally, such is the case, that the article N ° 136 of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes, establishes that the vote will be null in manual voting when:

  • The voter selects an option that does not correspond to the space established on the ballot.
  • The electoral ballot is in poor condition or with the absence of essential personal data that obstructs the vote of the voter.
  • None of the spaces established for candidates on the ballot appear selected.
  • A ballot marked with more than one space corresponding to it. Except in cases where there is some type of alliance.

On the contrary, the article N ° 137 decrees that the vote will be void through the automated system when the following happens:

  • The voter does not select a candidate.
  • The time stipulated to be able to exercise the right to vote ends.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding the articles, or about the requirements to vote in Venezuela, we invite you to visit the Web page of the CNE. Where you will find the Organic Law of Electoral Processes.

Remember, it is not only important to meet the requirements to vote, you must also think very well what your choice will be.

How does the Electoral Table to Vote in Venezuela work?

To begin with, the Electoral table is an organism belonging to the National Electoral Board, made up of citizens, who are chosen through a lottery. In this sense, they will be responsible for acquiring the votes of Venezuelans and also, Comply with the objective of directing and controlling the progress of the vote and carrying out the scrutiny of said act.

In relation to the above, the mission of this body is to meet the principles of equality, reliability and transparency of the votes cast by Venezuelans. For its part, Electoral table also belongs to the Electoral Administration, where the dependent members of this body enjoy the benefit of immunity during the act of voting.

Otherwise, in the worst case, they will be arrested for having committed a serious crime. However, the Table must be made up of the following members:

  • President of the Board.
  • Secretary or secretary.
  • Member A and B.
  • Reserve member.
  • Mesa witness.

However, the most important members in this act are the President of the table, the secretaries and the two members. Likewise, each Electoral Table belongs to one of the electoral divisions, especially if the number of voters in this section requires it.

Importance of Voting

In other words, ehe right to vote is a commitment in all societies. This is thanks to the fact that it is known as a procedure through which citizens will decide the direction that the country will take. For this reason, we try that through this article you understand how important it is to exercise the right to vote.

In fact, en Venezuela currently the right to vote is universal and confidential. In addition, it is a formality through which Venezuelans elect the representatives who will develop a government position, who must guarantee, direct and regulate the future of the country through laws and public powers.

That is, its importance lies in the fact that it is considered a political and constitutional right that must be celebrated. periodically through a method that supports the freedom of vote. Similarly, the requirements to vote form a part fundamental of the voting process.

Electoral Technology in Venezuela

Electoral Systems in Venezuela have undergone several transformation processes, especially since 1989, the year in which the first government elections were held. However, over the course of all these years, the electoral process has evolved thanks to technology.

For example, In 2004, Venezuela was the first country to hold national elections with a machine that prints the proof of vote, which is why, from that moment, Venezuela’s election system has been completely automated.

Again, the voting process reached a fortification level with the arrival of the Comprehensive Authentication System (SAI), which allows the voter to activate the machine with their fingerprint, ensuring freedom of vote. Once the voter places his fingerprint, the machine will allow him to exercise his right to vote. In addition, at the end of the process you can confirm the vote by pressing the option «VOTE».


The National Electoral Council, or better known by its acronym CNE, is the governing body belonging to one of the five Public Powers of Venezuela, in this case, the Electoral Power. In fact, its headquarters are located in Caracas, the capital of the country.

While it is true, the CNE It is made up of five rectors and 1 secretary. In the same way, has the obligation to organize, support and guarantee the transparency and efficiency of all electoral processes. In addition to supervising, directing, and managing all the media in relation to voting.

In conclusion, the CNE It is a fundamental organism in the competence of the Public Powers of VenezuelaOn the other hand, it can be added that they also have a web page, through which you can investigate and learn more about this election and voting process. If you want to enter the website of the CNE and investigate on your own what are the steps and requirements to vote click here.

Wait no more and learn more about voting in Venezuela!

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