Weights and Measures Verification Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Weights and Measures Verification Form, It is an approved document that is used to verify compliance with the vehicle weight limits established in the National Vehicle Regulations.

For this reason, in this article we develop: the format of the weights and measures verification form, its filling, its usefulness, who issues the document, and we finalize with its definition.

Weights and Measures Verification Form Format

It is generally known that, for any type of form, an established type of format is presented or found. Therefore, below, we will explain the information that all interested parties must provide when completing the same. Attentive!:

Load Generator Data
  • First of all, the name of the company must be placed.
  • Subsequently, the address of the same is added.
  • Also, the district, the province and the department where the company is located.
  • And, finally, the Unique Taxpayer Registry number and the telephone number are added.
Type of Goods Transported
  • According to the referral guide attached
Type of Control Performed
  • At this point on the form, the scale should be placed.
  • Then the software is added.
  • Also, the cubing and other additional information is added.
Vehicle data
  • First, the vehicle license plate must be added. Either: truck, tractor, trailer, semi-trailer, carts, among others).
  • Subsequently, the total dimension of the vehicle to be registered is included, that is, the length of the vehicle, its width and finally the height. Here, merchandise is also included.
  • The next step is to set the vehicle configuration.
  • Also, the maximum gross vehicle weight allowed in kilograms is added.
  • The total gross weight transported, expressed in kilograms.
  • The maximum gross weight for non-axle checkweighing. Also expressed in kilograms.
  • And, finally, the maximum gross weight for non-control of weights for axles DS 006-2008-MTC, expressed in kilograms and with discounts for suspension.
Weight control per axle or set of axles
  • Weight distribution by set of axles expressed in kilograms.
  • First, the weight is added.
  • And, the whole. There are six different sets.
  • At the end of the form, there is a space that corresponds to the signature and stamp of the representative of the load generator.

Filling out the Weights and Measures Verification Form

Now, once the explanation of the format used and established for this type of specific form is completed. We will continue with the instructions that must be carried out to complete the same:

  • At the beginning of the verification of weights and measures, the current date and the registration number must be placed.
  • Then, all the data corresponding to the load generator must be added, such as: company name, address, district and province of the same.
  • Subsequently, information is added about the type of control carried out, such as: the scale, the software, and other additional information.
  • Regarding the control of weights per axle or per set of axles, the applicant must take into account that those vehicles that exceed 95% of the sum of the axle weights.
  • It is convenient for us to mention that, what is consigned in this form has the character of an affidavit, therefore it is subject to the provisions of article 32.
  • Only for port terminals, airports, customs and hydrocarbon cargo warehouses, the exit guide, proof of weight or exit weight ticket.
  • Point number five, related to the total dimension of the vehicle and load, must be filled in when the allowed dimensions are exceeded.
  • In addition, the applicant or person in charge of completing this type of form in particular, must remember that it must be completed in its entirety.
  • The reason for this is that the entity in charge of issuing this form has the authorization to deny it if it does not meet all the characteristics and requirements requested.
  • Now, for the transport of empty containers, the presentation of the Equipment Interchance Reception replaces this type of format.
  • For the control in the scales of the Weighing Stations, the total gross weight transported, the tolerances of 3% in force in dynamic weighing are considered.
  • We continue with the data and information about the vehicle. It is important to note that there are several types, such as: truck, tractor, trailer, semi-trailer, carts.
  • Likewise, the total dimension of the vehicle must be entered, that is, the length, width and height of the vehicle.
  • Also, the maximum gross vehicle weight, transported, is included so as not to control axle weights.
  • It should be noted that point number one is obtained from annex IV of RNV DS-2003.
  • The generator must control that the gross weight transported is not greater than 95% of the total sum of the weights for axles or sets of axles indicated in Annex IV.
  • Finally, for the third point, the maximum gross weight does not control by axles to vehicles with allowances for air suspension.

Supreme Decree No. 058-2003-MTC, modified by Supreme Decree No. 006-2008-MTC, Annex IV: Weights and Measures Observations: vehicles or vehicle combinations that transit with A gross vehicle weight that does not exceed 95% of the sum of weights per axle or set of axles, as long as this value does not exceed the maximum Gross Vehicle Weight allowed by this regulation or its complementary norms.

Usefulness of the Weights and Measures Verification Form

With all this, it is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate. Because on many occasions it is not given the importance it deserves. For this reason, we will explain to you what this type of certificate is for.

  • First, one of the purposes of this form is to simplify the information contained in the form.
  • In this way, all applicants have the option of printing the same from their company.
  • In addition, having it will avoid possible inconveniences when it is required by National and Field Inspectors of PROVIAS NACIONAL.
  • It is important to mention that there are certain sanctions that will be applied to all those who fail to comply with this form.

On the other hand, it is essential to highlight certain aspects regarding this type of specific form. And it is in terms of legal regulations and the articles that it owns. Pay attention to the following information:

Supreme Decree Number 042-2008-MTC
The National Vehicle Regulations approved by Supreme Decree No. 058-2003-MTC and modified by Supreme Decrees No. 005-2004-MTC, 014-2004-MTC, 035-2004-MTC, 002-2005-MTC, 017-2005- MTC, 012-2006-MTC, 023-2006-MTC and 037-2006-MTC, establishes the requirements and technical characteristics that vehicles must meet to enter, register, transit, operate and withdraw from the National Land Transportation System .
Through Supreme Decree No. 011-2007-MTC, the suspension measure of the control of gross vehicle weight was extended until December 31, 2007, provided in article 2 of Supreme Decree No. 023-2005-MTC and extended by Supreme Decrees Nos. 012-2006-MTC, 023-2006-MTC and 044-2006-MTC, exclusively for vehicles that comply with the requirement referred to in numeral 1 of article 23 of the National Vehicle Regulations, approved by Supreme Decree No. 058- 2003-MTC.

Who Issues It?

It is very important to dedicate a part of the article to that particular aspect. Since, it is a fairly common question for all those Guatemalan citizens who do not know who is in charge of issuing this form.

The Operations Management Unit reaches the weights and measures verification record format, which must be issued by warehouses, storage terminals, ports, airports, generators, givers or senders of the merchandise.

Now, as we have mentioned in previous points, anyone who fails to comply with this type of form will receive certain penalties. Next, we will announce the exclusion of the sanctions imposed:

The sanctioning procedure concludes by:
  • Resolution of the sanction.
  • Resolution of absolution.
  • Voluntary payment within the established deadlines.

What is it?

We conclude this article by offering a brief definition. Well, it is nothing more than a document used to certify and verify that the vehicle weight limit established in the National Vehicle Regulations is being met.

It should be noted that all warehouses, storage terminals, ports, airports, generators, givers or senders of merchandise, must issue this type of certificate to verify whether or not they comply with the provisions of the regulations.

In turn, we should mention that the requirements and technical characteristics that vehicles must meet for entry, registration, transit, operation and withdrawal, are found in the following decrees:

  • Supreme Decree No. 058-2003-MTC.
  • And, Supreme Decrees Numbers:
  • 005-2004-MTC.
  • 014-2004-MTC.
  • 035-2004-MTC.
  • 002-2005-MTC.
  • 017-2005-MTC.
  • 012-2006-MTC.
  • 023-2006-MTC.
  • 037-2006-MTC.
  • 006-2008-MTC.

Likewise, after confirming and verifying the vehicle weights and measures, the respective verification certificate of both must be issued, according to the format approved by the entity designated by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for the control of vehicle weights and measures.

If you want more information about the Supreme Decree, the National Vehicle Regulations, the General Provisions that it handles, and the articles of each one, enter the official website of the Peruvian Legal Information System.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!


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