Work Certificate: Data, What It Is For and MORE

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This article will explain the importance and everything related to Job certificate in Peru. This document is important because it proves the employment relationship that exists between the employee and a company.

East Job certificate, Its purpose is to communicate the agreements it has with the person or with the company. This is why, if you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you continue reading.

Data Contained in the Work Certificate

The position that an employee holds is extremely important that it appears in the Job certificate, as well as your identification as your address that the company sends.

Another essential aspect is that the Job certificate it does not detail the behavior of the worker during the employment relationship. But it is important to emphasize that in a Job certificate you must obtain the following data:

  • In the Certificate, the name of the Company manager.
  • The ID of the worker.
  • The name of the company with its respective RUC.
  • The position held by the worker with his date of start and end of your contract.
  • The date determined on which the document.
  • The grantor signature.

All companies have a duty to deliver the Work Certificates, in which case they do not want to make the delivery.

Workers can go to the offices of the Ministry of Labor. This brings as a consequence, that they can sanction them to the representatives of the company for wanting to refuse to deliver the certificate.

The Ministry of Labor must be in charge, that the company fulfill your obligations and should impose a sanction if it sees fit.

Other Important Features of the Work Certificate

Other characteristics that are present in the Work Certificate are the following:

  • The Certificate should not detail the behavior of the worker in his work position.
  • It must have the signature of the general manager of the company.
  • Your date of start and end of the worker’s employment relationship.
  • Highlight the Ruc and the location of where the company is.
  • Highlight the job.

In the event that the proof with salary was needed, the document could add the amount paid during the validity of your contract.

It is important to note that if citizens work with the concept of «Receipt for fees» they will not be able to have a Labor Certificate.

What is the Work Certificate for?

In Peru, a Job certificate It is a document that they issue according to the employment relationship of the person in order to communicate the personal agreement or with the company.

This document serves so that workers know the labor services provided in a given time. In addition, having a Job certificate It is used to open an account in a bank, you can request a loan to acquire a house or request a loan before the Infonavit.

If citizens open a bank account, they can have one credit cards, having your Work Certificate. If you want to apply for another job they also ask for this certificate.

For reasons of resignation they must provide you with this document. As well as to carry out the retirement procedure.

Said Certificate proves the employment relationship that exists between the workers with the company.

How to Get It Out Being a Freelance Worker?

The Work Certificateor it is normally sent by the companies, after a formal request. In addition, this document serves to demonstrate the employment status of a worker and is usually a requirement in many procedures.

In this case, the citizen is a independent worker, the wording of your certificate, must contain your your identity information, the position they hold, the exact time they are working, the date of certification and finally their signature.

Is the Work Certificate Mandatory?

It is important to note that if the person requests the Job certificate, but they explain to the person that it is not possible to give it to them. The citizen must start a conversation with the representative of the company and Explain why you need the Work Certificate.

The delivery of the Certificate is regulated through the third provision of the Supreme Decree No. 001-96-TR and highlights the following:

If the worker’s contract is terminated, the worker will receive from the employer within 48 hours, a certificate that highlights your time with the company and the functions you have performed within it. What’s more, the worker’s application will highlight the performance appreciation.

That is, the Work Certificate must be delivered at least within the next 48 hours to end the labor nexus. Therefore, there is no obligation to deliver the Work Certificate during an employment relationship.

In conclusion, the company is obliged to deliver the work certificate when the person has completed their employment relationship, but not when it is still in force.

What is it?

As we highlighted at the beginning of this article, the Job certificate, is a document that proves the employment relationship between a worker and the company.

When the person has the Job certificateYou must bear in mind that it must be signed by the general managers of the company and must highlight the start date when they hired the person and the completion of the contract.

Work certificate model

An example of the model of Job certificate you can find. First, the title must appear in the middle, which is the Work Certificate.

Then it will be written with the following: By means of the Present, it is certified that Mr. (must put the name of the manager), identified with your DNI No. (the employer’s DNI number), General Manager (highlight the company name) SAC with its RUC (number).

Then it will put Certifica: That, Mr. (Name of the unemployed person), identified with your DNI No. (Employee number), has worked in the company as (appoint the position of the citizen), during the period from (start date that began to work) until the (end of contract).

In this way, it is shown that during their tenure responsibility, honesty and dedication in the functions that were fulfilled. The current request of the citizen is issued, for the purposes it deems appropriate.

Date (Lima, October 8, 2020)

Signature and Title.

In the same way in the following link You can see the model in PDF format.

Unique Labor Certificate

This certificate is a free service aimed at young people who aspire to apply for a certain job position, which is integrated into a single document, the data contained in several certificates requested by the company to hire people such as a certificate of police records, identity as well as work history.

This Certificate can only be used for labor purposes such as: application or hiring, which is valid for three months.

It is worth emphasizing that young citizens can take a certain photo of the certificate, to show it in various job shops. This document has a code or several digits, which the citizen accesses in the MTPE web portal allow you to review the validity of the content of the certificate.


Young people to acquire this certificate must meet the following requirements:

  • The citizen must be of an age between 17 to 29 years old.
  • Supply your Original and updated ID.
  • Highlight the name of the company which you want apply.
  • Name of the position for which you wish to apply.

Place of issue

It is important to explain that the place that sends this certificate is in the Av. Salaverry 655 Jesús María. You can also go to the Junction of Jr. Germanio with Jr. Vandio at stop 17 on Av. Las Flores, in Urb, San Hilarión San Juan De Lurigancho.

The hours of operation are from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on a regular schedule. The issuance of the certificates is from the 8:15 am to 2:00 pm

To conclude, citizens must bear in mind that if they have already completed their cycle in a job, they must request their Job certificate, and the company must provide it to you, as well as if you are going to start another job you must carry that important document.


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