Work Certificate: Data, What It Is For and MORE

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The Job certificate corresponds to the document in which an entity in which you previously performed work, supports your activities. With which, it shows the position that you held or exercise, as the case may be. It also needs to reflect the specific time period that you had relationships with that organization.

In the same way, this certification provides you with the validity of verifying your labor actions. In the same way, it can be very useful for future moments in your life. Therefore, we suggest you continue reading. Next, we will indicate the procedure you must carry out to obtain it, the data it has and more.

Data Included in the Work Certificate

First of all, we must mention that the Job certificate granted by companies or institutions must have the following data:

  • Identifying name of the labor entity that issues it
  • Names, surnames and identification card number corresponding to your person as an applicant for the same
  • Job title you hold or held, depending on your situation
  • Also, depending on the purposes you have, this certificate must have specific data
  • To exemplify the previous point, in case you decide to present it in a banking institution, the document must present your respective salary

  • Exact date on which the issuance of this data was carried out
  • Personal data of the direct person who issues the certification
  • Corresponding signature of this company staff
  • He too Job certificate must have the wet stamp of the labor institution that is granting it
  • However, if this data is not included in the document, it may be rejected or invalidated.

Does it have to comply with any formal aspect?

In this sense, it is evident that the Job certificate it must comply with certain formal aspects. Likewise, this formality is governed from its issuance by labor institutions oriented towards citizen benefits. In addition, they must be registered in the respective conditions for their development.

In the same way, another aspect that gives truth to this certification is the format in which it is reflected. That is, it must be referred to a letterhead with each of the company’s data. At the same time, it is essential that it is stamped and signed by the same entity that has its delivery.

To conclude, it is necessary to indicate that, in general, these elements mentioned above are the most important in terms of the seriousness of the document. Therefore, it is very important that you take into account its specific demonstration within the data itself. In this way, you can request modifications, as the case may be.

What is the Employment Certificate for?

In this same sense, it is valid that we mention what exactly the Job certificate:

  • You can use it when you decide to open a personal bank account
  • Credit loan applications
  • Obtaining credit cards
  • Availability of obtaining a job notice
  • Procedures related to your retirement period
  • In case you decide to resign from the work area in which you performed work
  • Apply to be in charge of a new job in another entity

Likewise, the process of issuing the Job certificate is free. With which, the institution in which you work has the commitment to make said document in the necessary instances, in favor of your interests. Also, depending on the purpose in which you use it, it must be written according to the determined procedure.

On the other hand, in case you decide to stop working within the facilities of a company, the lawyers recommend requesting this certification. Thus, this will serve as proof regarding the exact period of time in which you had relationships in work environments.

Finally, continuing with this legal aspect, we suggest that you be aware of the modifications made in the company. That is to say, these can include changes in the name, address data, among others. Therefore, you will need to update the Job certificate previously issued under passed parameters.

Who Issues It and Why Do They Request It?

First of all, the Job certificate It is granted by the entity in which you carry out employment tasks. Likewise, this company must be registered under the legal labor regulations. That is why the approval of the activities carried out within it arises by the people who make it up.

In the same way, being an employee of this company, you have the availability to request this certification. Whose purposes may vary respectively, based on the type of processing or action you wish to execute. Also, it is necessary to mention that the direct department in charge of granting this information on request is Human Resources.

However, circumstances may occur in which the person responsible for delivering the certification is the main manager of the entity. With which, this aforementioned case will be witnessed in the instance that the labor organization does not have a Human Resources management respectively. In addition, this process is free and mandatory.

Now as to the reasons why the Job certificate is requested, we can mention the following:

  • Verify the work experience that you present or previously presented
  • Consolidate the characteristics of responsibility and reliability that you possess
  • Prove your monetary income, as the case may be
  • This previous point is valid for the instance in which you want to apply for a bank loan
  • Finally, the essential request of this document applies to the moments in which you resort to a new job position

Different Formats for the Work Certificate

On the other hand, one of the essential sections is how this certification can be presented. With which, from this premise, we can tell you that you have two alternatives to free will on your part. Therefore, you can choose between one format or another. Here we explain much more about these options.

Word or DOC

  • The first alternative in which the Job certificate is through Word or DOC
  • In the same way, this is a downloadable format in which you can update the model data and, of course, guide you
  • Finally, you need to be aware of the correctness and implementation of each of your data properly


  • First of all, you can do click here to download the model Job certificate in pdf format
  • Then, when downloading this file in its most updated version, it will be necessary for you to edit it
  • Next, this editing process consists of including your data and the information from your work entity respectively
  • Finally, when this has already been done, you will be able to obtain your certification under the signature and seal of the responsible labor department in the institution

Aspects necessary for its validity

  • The Work Certificate must be presented on a letterhead by the company or labor institution that issues it.
  • Also, it must have the signature of the person in charge in the Human Resources department who is responsible for granting it.
  • In the event that the company does not have this department, the signature must be supported by the determined Manager
  • Additionally, it is essential that it reflects the institution’s wet stamp.
  • The wording of this document must be according to the purposes you need
  • With which, you must specify which are the exact aspects that must be contained in it.
  • To conclude, if the certificate does not contain any of these elements, it is very likely that it will be rejected during processing.

What is the Work Certificate?

The Job certificate or also called Certificate Labor is a data prepared and supported by the company for which you work. At the same time, it can be that institution in which you worked for a certain period of time, as the case may be. Therefore, it fulfills the function of validating your activities in it.

In the same way, you must take into account that this certification is not written in the same way in all cases. With which, it can have purposes related to:

  • Bank loan applications
  • Opening of checking or savings accounts
  • Apply for a new job or work area, either within the national or international territory
  • Carry out a process to obtain a work visa
  • Carry out procedures related to retirement

To finish, we must mention an additional and very important point. This is that, in the instance that you decide to use it internationally, it can be written in another language. Therefore, once this is done, the Job certificate It will obtain the same validity as those issued in the original language or Hispanic.

Go ahead and get your Work Certificate!


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