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A Job certificate it is an important document, as it contains information related to performance. This in a certain timeframe with respect to an employment relationship. In the following article we will tell you all the information you need to know about what to do to obtain it.

If you want to know what refers to Job certificate, either the requirements, the steps and everything related to the doubts you may have. So when you process your certificate, do it with the best comfort and knowledge. Keep reading and expand the information.

Procedure to Obtain the Work Certificate

Like any important document, the Job certificate, is an important requirement for several things. Next, we are going to present you what corresponds to the procedures to perform to obtain this certificate. So, understanding the importance, the steps to get and process the Job certificate are as follows.

Steps to follow for the Work Certificate:

  1. First you are going to enter your internet search engine.
  2. Then you will look for the web portal of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, or known by its acronym AFIP (click here to enter the portal).
  3. Once on the website, you are going to enter your CUIL.
  4. You are going to select an option that says «Blank job service» (click here to enter the section).
  5. Then you will go to the button that says «Check your registration situation».
  6. As a last step, you will proceed to print the certificate.

Data Included in the Work Certificate

The data contained in the Job certificate They are very important and useful to be able to make other documents. Next, we are going to present you with those essential information that you must fill out and that contains any Job certificate, keep reading and find out.

Work Certificate Data:

  • The first data supplied by the Job certificate It is the full name of the person and their identity document that corresponds to the worker.
  • Next, there will be the time in which you were working or working in the company. You must put, in detail, the date on which your contract began and on which it ended. This in case you are no longer working on it.
  • In the same way, the document must have the position that the worker performed. What he received, that is, his salary, depending on the case, must be included if it was variable or fixed.
  • The date and place where the certificate was issued, and the signature of the person in charge of human resources or the head of authority. This must include your full name, the position that this fulfills together with the company seal.
  • In the case it must be done with the official stationery belonging to the company or, another option would also be for the paper to have the name of the company that issues it. This must go along with the tax identification number.
  • In addition to this, you must also carry the address and telephone numbers and thus be able to have a contact with whom to confirm the information at the time of processing the certificate.

Deadline for Delivery of the Work Certificate

The Job certificate They have a specific time to be processed. This time is established so that each certificate is forty-eight (48) hours. These are taken into account later after having finalized the link in the labor field.

However, what is established in the law is that whoever issues this certificate must be given a period of approximately thirty (30) days, this maximum. Counted these days starting from the moment in which the employment relationship was ended so that it is delivered to the person who works. In case of not being delivered to the worker within this established time, the company where he worked may be fined or sanctioned.

Difference between Work Certificate and Service Certificate

These documents have a lot in common and their issuance is under the responsibility of the same person, that is, they are issued by the employer. This regardless of the company. Now, the purpose of this section is to introduce you to the difference that one document has from another so that you have this information and know what each one is about.

Characteristic of the Work Certificate:

  • The Job certificate He is in charge of giving a description of the time of the service and of the activity that the worker carried out. This taking into account the time in which he was working.
  • This document will not contain the details that correspond to the behavior of the worker, unless it is warranted and requested in the case.

Characteristics of the Certificate of Services:

  • On the other hand, the Certificate of Services consists of detailing the worker’s employment relationship.
  • Additionally, it includes details of the remuneration he received, of the contributions withheld.
  • It also carries details of any other information or documentation that is necessary for the recognition of the service that the worker provided in the company.
  • Another of the purposes of this type of certificate is to grant any type of benefit to the person who works or worked in the company.

Penalties and Fines

Any breach of the laws related to this document will be sanctioned by a series of fines. These are equivalent to approximately three minimum wages. This depending on the breach that was committed.

For example, in the event that the employer is refused to deliver the Job certificate and the proof of the contributions corresponding to each one of the employees who work in your company or company.

As regards the law, it dictates that the company has the obligation to issue the certificate of work that corresponds to each employee. You must deliver this to each one, according to the moment in which they cease to be part of the payroll.

Whatever the case, if he is fired or resigns of his own free will. Also, you must deliver the proof of payment corresponding to each contribution made by the employee.

What is it?

The Job certificateAs we have been talking about previously, it is a document in which the employer, of a company or company, grants it to the person who is working in said establishment.

This certificate is mandatory and has to be issued within 48 hours after the employee’s services to the company have been concluded.

The requirements to request this certificate are simple, you must collect them and then proceed with this procedure. These requirements are the ones that we are going to present to you in detail below:

Requirements for the Work Certificate:

  • The main requirement that is needed for this certificate is to be a worker, or to have worked, in some company, company or establishment.
  • You must also be registered in the database that corresponds to the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, or as it is also known by its acronym: AFIP.

Documented proof of contribution:

The employer, or boss, is required to deliver to each of his employees who works in the company, company or establishment, a documented proof of income. This refers to the social security funds and the trade unions under his charge. This is established in article number 80 LCT.

In addition to this, you must also give a work certificate, in this must go the information regarding the time and nature of the services that the worker provided. The records of the salaries that he has received and of the contributions with which the worker has contributed. The latter carried out with the destination of social security organizations.

Cases in which relationships are badly registered:

We can explain this point by indicating by the concept of employment relationship in black, this term refers to some illegal situation in which the employer is involved. This means that the latter may have a deficit in the area of ​​Social Security protection. Either He owns Obra Social nor does he have the benefit of risk insurance in his work activity.

We also have here the case of an employment relationship that is poorly registered. This refers to whether it is registered with the AFIP or the ANSES. But in this case, the salary that is provided is less than the real one, or the date of initiation or completion of the employment relationship.

There is knowledge of several cases where contractors, belonging to companies and companies, can claim that they have an obligation to hire workers in the black or that they are poorly registered. This is due to the high costs related to social security.

Despite this situation, behind it there is something else, and it is exploiting employees in a labor way. In this way, they manage to increase the benefits obtained by the employer. This could be a situation in which the company’s equity is put at risk.

Thanks for reading, see you!

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