Work Life Certificate: Steps, Information and MORE

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The Work Life Certificate It is a very important document, since it is the report that your career as a worker offers you. It is in our interest to send you the information about this process, to process your Work Life Certificate that every Spanish citizen should have.

Next, we are going to present you all the information related to the request to be made for this certificate and the procedure you must follow. Also, you will find out about what the certification contains, its purpose and the definition of what a Work Life Certificate.

Keep reading and enjoy the data that we are going to provide you!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Work Life Certificate

Like any document of importance the Work Life Certificate It has a procedure which you must follow for its correct processing and processing. In this section of the article, we are going to indicate step by step what you must do to obtain this certification in a fast, efficient way and following all the established guidelines.

It is important that you carefully read each of the steps that you must follow, so that you do not have any problems or doubts when wanting to process the Work Life Certificate.

We must also take into account that there are different ways to do this process, we will talk about this later. Now, the process that belongs to each modality to obtain this certification is the following:

Types of modality for obtaining the Certificate of Working Life:

Mode via SMS:

Once you have received a message from Social Security, you can download your work life through the web portal at that very moment. It must be said that this is a new system. We will explain this process in the next section of the article.

Modality via Internet with Digital Certificate

In this mode you have the option of presenting your digital certificate, or also a key user. You can choose to download your work life online instantly.

For those people who are used to performing online procedures on a regular basis, this option is extremely convenient. It is instantly that you will have your certificate:

  1. You will enter the internet search engine that is of your preference and you will access the link that will take you to the Social Security page.
  2. Being on the website you will download your work life online, in case you have your digital certificate.
  3. It will open a window in which you are going to click a button that says «access to the service» with a digital certificate.

NOTE: Currently, Social Security does not allow you to use some browsers to download the files. The one that works best the right way is Microsoft Explore.

Mode via Internet – Only with User Data

This modality is for cases in which the person does not have either their national identification document, that is, their electronic DNI, or their digital certificate. You have the possibility of requesting your work life from the internet and you will receive it at home in a week.

  1. Enter the internet search engine and access the Social Security page.
  2. A window will open in which you are going to fill in some information that is requested.
  3. They will ask for your ID, NIE or passport and your Social Security number. Your email and a contact telephone number.
  4. Once the form is complete you must click on your button that says «accept».
  5. A saving system will be generated with the reference number, the date and the time of the request. This report is sent to Social Security at home, by postal mail. Later you will receive a confirmation email for the process to be carried out.

Request Mode by Telephone:

For this form it is only applied for some provinces. If you request your work life by phone, you must do so through the Treasury and by sending an email to your home address.

The provinces in which this modality is applied are: Álava, Alicante, Ávila, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba, Guipúzcoa, Granada, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Soria, Valencia and Vizcaya. In the rest of the request of this process, it is done by means of a call to the telephone 901 50 20 50, this is the information service of the General Treasury of the Social Security.

The indications for this process are:

  1. Enter the first two digits of your province zip code
  2. Press 3 (general information) to contact a manager, who will indicate the steps to follow
  3. They will ask you for a series of contrast data, to verify that you are the owner. Among them, the DNI or identification document and the Social Security number.
  4. Continue giving the rest of the information: address, etc.
  5. Select the type of certificate you want: full, between two dates and with other restrictions.
  6. Finally, when the process has been completed, they inform you that in about 6 days it will be sent by post to the address they have at the Social Security Treasury. Make sure they have up-to-date address information.

Modality via Offices of the General Treasury of Social Security:

Currently this modality is canceled, this because the Treasury offices are not providing their services to the public due to the course of the State of Alarm due to Covid-19.

To expand the information that we have provided you on the modalities and processes to be able to obtain the Work Life Certificate can you do click here.

Request the Work Life Certificate by SMS and Call

As we mentioned earlier, in this section we are going to explain what corresponds to the application modality of the Work Life Certificate by message and call. Next, we are going to present you the process that corresponds to this modality.

First, it is necessary that in order for you to carry out this process, the General Treasury of the Social Security has a previous record of your mobile phone number. This is because, if they do not have your number, you will not be able to send the message with the code you need or the data that you are requesting through an authentication form.

These data must coincide with those that have been registered in the Social Security Database:

  1. First you will be receiving a message on your mobile phone or smart device, that message will contain a code.
  2. You are going to enter your internet search engine and look for the Social Security web portal.
  3. Once you manage to enter the web page, the service, a window will be displayed that you will have to fill in with the data that they ask for, they are identification. You must enter data such as your ID, NIE, your Social Security number, your mobile phone and the date of birth.
  4. Later you will receive the message that was mentioned before, with a password. It is important to say that this password will be valid only for a short time.
  5. You will proceed to enter that code to download your work life in pdf format instantly and be able to print it.

Information Contained in the Certificate of Working Life

The Work Life Certificate contains data spread over multiple pages. On the first page are the data that serve to identify the worker, the number corresponding to the days in the registration situation and the date of issue.

Also, data such as informative notes and other texts are contemplated depending on certain specific circumstances. The second page contains data such as the accreditation periods of the person who owns the report who is in the Social Security system.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided in this certificate, you can contact the number 901502050. This corresponds to the Social Security Treasury. Or you can also download some pdf documents that are offered to you on the Treasury page in a section called «Explanatory notes on the working life report».

What is the Work Life Certificate for?

The Work Life Certificate It is a document that can be used to make a presentation of the route that is taken in a field when looking for a job. The periods in which the person has worked that are shown in the certificate are quoted by Social Security.

This certification serves to prove the work history that a person has, its purpose is to verify all Social Security contributions. These are at the administrative level. It is important that you take this into account, since it is a fundamental role when looking for a new job.

Who can request it?

Anyone interested in working in any job can request the processing of the Work Life Certificate. It is worth mentioning that this certificate is not complicated to obtain and any worker can obtain it to validate all their quotes.

Some companies may request it to do a check of the work of a person in all the jobs that are specified in the resume that is delivered. We must also mention that the delivery of the work life report must be agreed, since it contains personal information that may not be shared.

What is it?

As we have been talking about, the Work Life Certificate It is a document that compiles everything related to the periods in which a person has contributed to the Social Security System. This applies both if you are an employee and as a self-employed person.

This report contains the life at work level of a person, these data are collected by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. This is the information on registrations and cancellations in the employment situation in the Social Security regimes.

We hope this article has been very useful to you.

We will read in a future article!


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