Zoning and Roads Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Zoning and Roads Certificate It is that document issued by the Provincial Municipality within the Peruvian territory. At the same time, this document attaches and reflects in detail the analysis of the urban sectors included in a given territorial space. Thus, it is responsible for managing important elements.

Likewise, some of these are: the qualities of the road service in the area, the design and regulatory contributions, the zoning in general, among others. With which, it consolidates the order under a legal and technical sense. Below we will tell you what are the requirements that you must meet, how to carry out the obtaining process and much more.

Requirements for the Certificate of Zoning and Roads

Above all, it is essential that you meet the requirements for the Zoning and Roads Certificate. In the same way, we can tell you that you can buy them easily and it is a very short list. The necessary requirements for you to proceed with the request for this document are the following:

  • Complete application form with each of the suggested data
  • Location map to scale 1 / 10,000, 1 / 5,000 or the most convenient
  • Specify the UTM coordinates in each of the aforementioned planes
  • Present the Official Datum in game format, referring to those elements that already exist
  • Make the payment of the fee established under the processing S / 184.50 (code 1001)
  • Support each of these documents with the authorization of a Civil Engineer or Architect

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Zoning and Roads Certificate

Likewise, once you have known each of the requirements for the Zoning and Roads Certificate, you need to take into account something else. Therefore, this additional aspect refers to the detailed procedure that you must follow to carry out the request properly. Next, we indicate the succession of steps extensively:

  • First, you must start the process by going to the Provincial Municipality of the area in which you reside
  • Carefully check each of your documents
  • Thus, you must proceed to issue the payment receipt and register the file through GESDOC
  • Then, you must carry out the processing for the documentary to the Deputy Manager of Urban Planning and Habilitations (SPHU)
  • This last document will be accepted and the company will assign you a transfer to the division professional
  • Once this last step is completed, each of your urban plans and the ordering of urban facilities will be reviewed.
  • You must make a specific drawing of the area

  • You will prepare a technical report that contains the exact qualities of the process and zone
  • Next, the responsible chief will issue your Certificate of Zoning and Roads
  • With which, you must proceed to send it to the office so that it is signed by the Assistant Manager
  • You must immediately register this application on the GESDOC platform and send the certification by Courrier
  • Make the proper reception within the Courrier and send it to the Deputy Manager of Urban Planning and Facilities
  • Receive the charge and file it

What Should the Certificate of Zoning and Roads Include?

Mainly, we can mention that the Zoning and Roads Certificate It is issued by the Provincial Municipality of the Metropolitan area of ​​Lima. With which, you must the administrators must go to this corresponding district municipality in the determined province. This is the only way to proceed to the application procedure.

Likewise, this certification is governed by the order established within the Comprehensive Zoning Plan established within the specific province. Therefore, this regulation consists of the aspects included in the certification. That is, among the data reflected in the document are the following:

  • Certificate issuance date
  • Regulatory Contributions Table
  • Compatible and permissible land uses
  • Impacts found on the roads that are part of the Road Plan
  • Zoning approved by the ordinance issued by the Peruvian Provincial Municipality, regarding the Comprehensive Zoning Plan
  • Regulatory lot area
  • Qualification of cultural asset in terms of property, depending on the respective instance
  • Minimum and maximum coefficients of the building

Finally, there is a fundamental element regarding the Zoning and Roads Certificate. With which, this corresponds to the exact moment of issuance and its consecutive term of validity duly. Therefore, this document must be issued within a period of 5 business days and will be valid for 36 consecutive months.

What is it for?

To start, we can tell you that at the moment in which you decide to buy or rent an establishment, it is necessary that you take into account more aspects of analysis. With which, we suggest that, when obtaining your Zoning and Roads Certificate, you will get a detailed study of the area. Ignoring those characteristics of taxes or property.

Likewise, below we broadly indicate what this certification is for:

  • Identify who is the legal owner of the particular establishment
  • Reflects each of the legal tax charges that the entity contains
  • Shows zoning conditions and approved land use by the specific Provincial Municipality
  • Properly distribute the portion of the determined territory in which the respective property is located
  • Provides urban order and classifies each entity depending on the work performed exactly
  • Specify if your institution is residential or commercial.

  • It maintains what type of compatibility the area has with the activities that take place within the building
  • It has the availability that you execute some type of change in your data, as the case may be.
  • Regarding the previous point, if you do not know how to do this, you can ask for support from a trusted lawyer
  • Finally, this professional can advise you in a better way, even regarding the purchase or rental of the specific establishment

Amendments to the Law

Now, the legal order that supports these conditions mentioned in previous lines is the Law for the Regulation of Urban Qualifications and Buildings No. 29090. With which, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation that we are going through in this year 2020, it has been subjected to certain modifications. Therefore, among the highlights of it are the following:

  • The real estate and urban activity will be reactivated under the prevention measures established by the current instances of Covid-19
  • These new technical standards set forth in the Law must be compulsorily complied with by legal, natural, private or public persons.
  • Also, the decisions made for these zoning and urban planning tasks must be approved by means of the Supreme Decree.

  • In the same way, Social Interest Housing becomes an alternative that you can have under the State subsidy
  • Therefore, it is intended to reduce those mishaps in the quantitative and qualitative housing framework.
  • On the other hand, applications for this certification must be made based on traditional housing repetitions.
  • Therefore, they must be consolidated through the Social Interest Housing program.
  • At the same time, these repetitions correspond to the instance in which you carry out your project under more than one typical module.
  • Likewise, in the event that your building contains two or more floors
  • Finally, it applies in the same way in the event that the building becomes this traditional module

What is it?

According to what is stipulated in the urban analysis regulation by the Administrative Law Circle, it is necessary to rescue certain aspects. With which, the first of them is inclined towards the organization that issues the Zoning and Roads Certificate. Thus, this entity corresponds to the Provincial Municipality of the area in which you reside within Peru.

In this way, Within the document, those characteristics presented in the corresponding urban area will be synthesized and highlighted. That is to say, these elements reflected are based on the road affectations presented, the zoning of the property and the conforming uses. However, there are other technical and legal aspects included in it.

In the same way, we can say that the main purpose of this document is based on safeguarding those regulations established under a series of requirements imposed by the municipality. This regulation, obviously, corresponds to the objects of urban areas applied in a specific area of ​​land.

Certificate features

First, you need to know that the Zoning and Roads Certificate It has various classifications and characteristics regarding its administrative acts. With which, within the respective legal framework, these distinctions are the following:

  • Declaration of identity or authority: corresponds to the manifestation of the administrative agency that contains decisions, opinions and information of value
  • Framework of public law: they cover the regulations referring to the constitution, organization and function of the organisms or entities of the State.
  • Effects on the administered: it is inferred that the acts of the administration must be inclined towards the outside in order to create, modify, transform and cancel certain interests
  • Specific situation: the administrative action, in turn, must respond to a specific circumstance. With which, it must be opposed to the general nature of the regulatory norm

Finally, we can conclude that this certification is a statement issued by the public administration. That is, granted and supported by the Provincial Municipality. Likewise, it must be governed by the regulations of the legal framework of public law. Therefore, the zoning and urban development plan must be derived from the constitution.

Safeguard your establishment!


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