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Steps and requirements for American visa Bolivia

The American visa is a document granted by the United States embassy in Bolivia and in other countries of the world to those who wish to enter United States territory, this is done with the purpose of controlling the entry and transit of immigrants in said country. The visa is granted to citizens according to … Read More

These are the Requirements for breastfeeding allowance in Bolivia

Breastfeeding is known as feeding a child with milk from the breast, this process is essential for the growth and development of children. Steps and requirements for Breastfeeding Subsidy The requirements that a mother must meet in order to receive the subsidy benefit during her lactation period are the following: Being in the gestation period … Read More

What are the Requirements to be President of Bolivia?

In every country there must be a leader who guides the people in any sphere, such as in the social sphere, in the political sphere and in the sphere of defense of the country. But like everything, to become a leader, as in this case to be a president, you have to meet some requirements. … Read More

Steps and Requirements to donate blood in Bolivia

Donating blood is a benefit for many people who are suffering from an illness or injury that has caused blood loss, but to donate blood, a series of steps and requirements must be met. Requirements to donate blood To donate blood in Bolivia a person must have these: Weigh more than 50 kg. In each … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to create a company in Bolivia

From a certain time to the present day, people have developed ideas that have been useful to improve people’s quality of life, said they have been the origin to create a company and that requires some requirements. As every country has its own requirements, in Bolivia the requirements to create a company will explain in … Read More

How to know if I am a Militant: Steps to follow

In an electoral process there are many protagonists. Which play a fundamental role in this very important process for the country. Of all of them in this reading it will be explained How do I know if I’m a militant? And of course, how one identifies. What does it mean to be a Militant? To … Read More