How to know how many Fidepoints I have: How to change them

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Connect and enjoy the benefits it offers you fidepoints It’s very easy, take advantage of them too! Keep reading and find out everything it has for you.

How to know how many Fidepoints I have

to know when fidepoints you just have to mark on your phone #103 once you mark it just press callwait a moment and the available balance appears.

That easy and fast.

Remember that you can talk for free every day in Orange, and at any time of the day.

You can also change your fidepoints for different packages, which it offers you from 30 to 200 minutes, valid in Orange 7 days a week, to make your calls.

Take advantage of the 10% discount offered fidepoints or from your mobile phone through the automated service by dialing *555 option #4.

In order to get the offers you speak more than fidepoints you only need:

  • First of all you must be the owner of the line, or failing that, be responsible for it.
  • Present your security document identity card or passport
  • You must know or have written down your password for online redemptions and by *555
  • You must have at least 3 months in the company
  • Accumulated you must have 25% of the offer price.
  • All your payments must be up to date
  • The last speak plus offer you purchased must be expired
  • Finally you must be active or active in your status

Where can you exchange your Fidepuntos for Orange Minutes

change your fidepoints It is very easy and fast, enter the service of trustshop or simply dial with your mobile phone the *555 press potion 4 and that’s it, you can change online your fidepoints and immediately you will receive in a few minutes the package you wanted.

You can do this whenever you want and wherever you want. Visiting the nearest store of Orange!

What is Fidepoints

You must be wondering what is the club fipoints? This doubt is very easy to clarify. This is a program designed to allow the loyalty of each of the clients that have mobile telephony. prepaid, postpaid and 4g pepago mobile internet Y 4g postpaid, through the accumulation of points dependent on its consumption.

How I Accumulate Points

First of all you must be subscribed FREE a fidepointsthis is easy, you just have to send a message with the word POINTS to the 246 or you can also enter the Web.

For each of the people who spend outgoing calls, text messages, megabytes in navigation or the purchase of bags, they will accumulate 5 points.

People who have subsidized credits are not counted.

1 Bs. = 5 fidepoints

If you invite friends to sign up for this great program called fidepoints you can receive additional points. Once inside go to the menu ACCUMULATE POINTS / invite friends and ready.

In prepayment: You accumulate points for the local calls you make, send text messages, for the megabytes of navigation used and for the purchases of bags you make.

In post Payment: You accumulate points for paying bills up to the 20th of each month, for each card recharge you make once your credit is consumed.

What benefits do I get with my Fidepoints?

  • Here we bring you the benefits you can get if you are part of the family fidepoints
  • To check your available balance you just have to dial *233 or #131#
  • Accounts with being able to acquire 1 package of minutes every 30 days, for each of the lines that you have with Orange
  • The time you have to use those 30-day minutes is essential so you don’t lose them
  • The minutes you purchase only apply for calls to numbers Orange
  • You have the right to redeem your points for credit.
  • For every 150 points accumulated, you can redeem 1Bs. Of credit.
  • The redeemed credit can be used for national calls with your cell phone, local landline calls, national and international long-distance calls, the use of Internet browsing, buying bags LIVEPurchase text messages and international text messages.

When to change my points

To exchange your accumulated points for credit, you just have to follow the following steps:

First send a text message with the word CREDIT to the 24662wait a few minutes and you will receive a message saying the following:

“Redeem 1bs. For 150 points maximum 100bs. In a month. To exchange your points for credit send REDEEM Bs AMOUNT to 24660. Example: REDEEM bs1

Once you receive that text message, you can immediately send the second message with REDEEM BsXX (remember the example) in order to receive the amount you want to obtain.

This can overpass bs.100 in a month.

It will happen to know how many points you have accumulated so far, then send the word BALANCE to the 246 and in this way you will be totally sure of how many points you can exchange in Bolivianos of credit.

points transfer

Points cannot be transferred. These accumulated points will be:

  • In the event that they are prepaid for the line subscribed to the program
  • In the supposed case of postpaid for the assigned beneficiary. If said account wishes to change the beneficiary, it can be done through the Call center 800-41-3434 or in the main stores closest to your location.

If an affiliate goes from prepaid to postpaid, they will not lose their points. If there are technical problems with the system and there is a loss of points, the subscriber may request a payment of lost points through Customer Service.


In the assumed case that the line prepaid (mobile phone service or 4G Internet) is disconnected, 50% of your accumulated points are lost.

In the assumed case that the line postage (mobile phone services or 4G Internet) no matter how outage it has, except for the outage due to protection limit, you will not count on the use of your points until the line is activated again.

In the case of accumulation of points, these will be completely null and void in the following cases:

Have a final cut

Any fraudulent use proven in accordance with the regulatory framework.

30 days after the suspension of any robbery on the line

The score that was accumulated is discounted automatically if the program fidepoints ends and the customer has not changed their points yet.


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