How to know if I am a Militant: Steps to follow

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In an electoral process there are many protagonists. Which play a fundamental role in this very important process for the country. Of all of them in this reading it will be explained How do I know if I’m a militant? And of course, how one identifies.

What does it mean to be a Militant?

To be militant it means Give your support to a cause. That the reason why political parties are formed, to support an idea together with a person who represents them. With these, it can be concluded that political parties are made up of militants. Since everyone is in this type of group to make an idea come true.

The fact that there are people who support an idea implies that they make it public so that the rest of society accepts it. The same are in favor of the improvement in a society, so this type of militant they will be seen in partisan acts, committees and what cannot be missing proposals for people to vote for the candidate they support.

How do I know if I am a Militant?

Now, after getting a taste of what it’s like to be militantYou have to know if you are recognized as such in Bolivia. Best of all, you don’t have to do much to verify this information, it doesn’t require much.

First of all, it is important that the person has access to the Internet. Since it is done, it is done on a web page. Know the identification card number and date of birth.

Steps to follow

After everything you have written so far, it will explain step by step how to perform the query. To buy the query. These are the steps:

  • Move the cursor until the boxes appear to make the query. where you just have to enter the identity card number, the day, the month and the year of the person.

  • Wait for the information the system has registered and press the option that says militancy.
  • If the person is registered in a party, he can see the information about the militant What is it.

In the event that you are in a match, but before you were in another, you can go back to where you were originally by downloading a form. Which has to be filled without erasure or amendments.

Once this list has to be taken to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal or to the Departmental Electoral Courtsto formalize the restitution.

What is the TSE?

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal what does the acronym mean TSE, It is the highest authority that exists in the Electoral Power in Bolivia. Its headquarters are located in La Paz. Where is the MAE or to better understand the Maximum Executive Authority.

Plenary Chamber to make decisions and resolutions that involves the members that have public sections, but not those that are reserved according to the internal regulations.

Is The highest electoral authority is made up of seven members, of which 3 have to be women. Two have to have an indigenous origin. The seven vowels have to fulfill their role for at least six years.

People who want to be served by the TSEyou have to resort to Civic Registry Service (SERECI), the Intercultural Service for Democratic Strengthening (SIFDE) and the Technical Oversight Unit (UTF).

What is «I Participate»?

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal created a system where people can consult if they can participate in the elections, with only two personal data that all Bolivians are of age to participate in the elections. This consultation system is what is known as I participate.

Since it is a database that is always updated so that everyone who needs a correct result.

The access page is the same as that mentioned in the explanation of how to know if you are a militant or not, it can be accessed at any time, since it is an online consultation.

In a few words and to better understand I participate It is a database where you can find all the people who are registered in the Plurinational Electoral Body.

Check if you are registered or not to participate in the primary elections

To check if you are registered to participate in the primary elections, you must follow the same steps that were used to find out if you are militant or not. Only here you don’t have to press the option that says militantyou only have to do this:

  1. Enter the page I participate.
  2. Locate the query box on the portal.
  3. Place the requested information in the corresponding boxes.
  4. After having placed the data, press the consult button and wait for the system to analyze the data entered.
  5. Finally, the information that the database has I participate on the data you entered appears, where you can see whether or not you have to participate in the primary elections.

Everything a person needs to do to find out how they are registered in the Plurinational Electoral Body is to enter the portal of I participate enter the data they ask for and you will be able to know if you are militantyou have to participate in the primary elections and even where it corresponds to you to exercise your right to vote.

What to do to give up a front?

The time may come, it is that the same ideas that have a party are no longer shared or that simply for reasons beyond our control it is not possible to participate more in this group of militants, but nothing obliges anyone to continue being in that unit where one can no longer be. There is the option to renounce it without any inconvenience.

You only have to enter I participate with the identification data of the person who is going to resign, select the form option and download that it says resignation from the partyfill out the parts that correspond to the applicant and then it must be taken to the corresponding entity to formalize the resignation.

There is no standard time limit to carry out this procedure, it can be done at any time following the instructions just mentioned.

What to do if you were enrolled without your consent?

Something that sometimes happens is that by chance a query is made in the database I participate and mysteriously you are registered in a political party, but there is no problem if you do not want to be in this type of organization you can choose to request the cancellation of the registration.

Within the same place where you made the query, you can start the process to leave this group of militants, You just have to select the forms option and download the one used for the cancellation of registration, fill out the form without erasures or amendments.

When it is ready, you take it to the corresponding entity and to formalize the cancellation, in this way it is eliminated from the system, this will be a militant It has nothing to do with what you do in your daily life.

Where to Submit Applications for Resignation and Cancellation of Registrations

So far, what has to be done in the event that they want to resign from a political party has already been mentioned, in addition to what a person has to do if they are registered in one but have no political ideology that they support. On the other hand, it has already been mentioned that these forms have to be taken to a place to make both the resignation and the annulment effective.

Once the form is ready, it must be delivered to the office of Supreme Electoral Tribunal or to the Departmental Electoral Courts. This is totally free.

With everything that has just been mentioned, the registration of a political party is formally eliminated, it does not matter if it is by annulment or resignation, just do what you have just mentioned and do not this record will exist as militant.

if you want a certificate of no militant It has to be paid 30 bolivianoswhich have to be deposited in Banco Union and process there is same in the STE or in the TED

Now you have the steps you have to follow to find out if you are registered in the system as militant or not, you just have to follow what this reading says to find out if the Plurinational Electoral Body recognizes you as a member of a political party.

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