How to know if I am an Electoral Jury: Everything they haven’t told you

In elections, by law, there always has to be jurors, but these are not self-selected. It is chosen by the corresponding entity, so this time the question will be answered How do I know if I am an electoral jury?

How do I know if I am an Electoral Jury?

Knowledge if you are an electoral jury, It is something that for the moment is done online, because it is recommended to carry out the consultation in a considerable time before the elections are heldSince being a juror for this type of event there is always prior preparation, since you have to identify the person who is going to be a juror, of course tell him what he is going to do.

Now, before anything else, you first have to know if you are jury or not, for this reason it will indicate what a person needs to do to consult the information, so that they do not have inconveniences when doing this diligence.

The best of all is that to know if it is electoral juryyou only have to have your identity card And with those you can inquire about this type of participation in the elections.

Through the website

Well previously, it has been mentioned that the consultation to find out if you are a delegate in the next elections that are going to be held in Bolivia, are carried out online. Certainly, as it is information that is obtained from the web, you have to enter a page and for this there are these steps:

  • Then move the cursor until you fully see the box to consult.
  • place the your identification number and the day, month and year you were born in the corresponding boxes.

  • Then press the button Consult.

  • Wait for the system to analyze the information to find out if you are a juror or not.

From what you can see, these are simple steps, and they can also be done at any time, although it is better to do it as soon as possible. Of course when it has already been confirmed that an election will be held in the coming months.

What is the Departmental Electoral Tribunal?

The Departmental Electoral Tribunal what does each acronym mean TED, is the highest authority that OEP has, where it has the function of being a headquarters, but at the same time it has jurisdictions and attributions under the mandate of Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

Being a headquarters of the EPO makes it the place where all decisions are made, about what natural persons and public persons should do, based on the article 31 of law number 018

What is the EPO?

After knowing who reports to, it is good to clarify that it is the EPOfirst each of these acronyms means Plurinational Electoral Bodywhere it is part of the four Public Powers that the Bolivian country has.

As the entity that represents the electoral power in the country, it has enough power to work autonomously, of course as long as it has to do with the elections, without forgetting that it must be governed by the laws that exist for this sector of Bolivia.

To be clearer what it is EPO is the organization that takes care of everything you have with the elections in BoliviaIn other words, it is in charge of organizing, managing and executing the process that the elections in the country entail.

Something that cannot be left out is that this entity is in charge of supervising political organizations, which means that they must be governed by what it says Plurinational Electoral Body to be able to carry out their activities without any problem.

Rights of the electoral juries

Participating in an electoral process as a juror has its own benefits, so being a juror is not just an activity that is done for the benefit of the nation. The person who participates as a jury in the elections has the right to:

  • Receive remuneration for the active they carried out in the elections. The amount of money you will receive depends on the activity you do.
  • The next one after the elections, you have the right to take the day offthat is, they do not work, it does not matter if they work in the public or private sector.

There are not many rights, but they are good and it is something that anyone can need.

Obligations of the electoral juries

Like everything in society, as you have rights, you also have obligations and these are the things that a jury has to do, in order to receive what I mentioned above:

  1. Decide how the table where the vote will take place should be, together with the Electoral Notary.
  2. Demonstrate to the voter that they are exercising their right to vote, so that no fraud is being committed.
  3. Guarantee that the voting process is carried out as established by law.
  4. Open and close the polling stations in the corresponding time to carry out the process.
  5. Carry out the vote count, fill out the corresponding minutes and issue the results of the elections to the corresponding authority.
  6. Explain to voters how they can exercise their right to vote.
  7. In the event that a jury is missing to complete the polling station, a substitute can be assigned.

Sanctions and fines for electoral offenses

There are three warnings that only have to be applied, depending on the offense that was committed. In order not to continue thinking about the matter, these are the sanctions that are imposed for not complying with the law:

  • The 20% of monthly salary in the event that the fault is minor.
  • For serious offences, the person is suspended from their activities within a period of 30 days and therefore cannot enjoy the assets of the activities carried out.
  • When the offense is very seriousloses all his functions or is removed from his position.

After knowing this, it is better to do all the activities that correspond to you and comply with what is established by the Law of the Plurinational Electoral Body.

What are the conditions under which a person is allowed not to attend the call to be a juror?

There are circumstances where a person cannot be electoral jury then once he was chosen for it, but the Plurinational Electoral Body has defined its own exclusions, which are an impediment for a person not to be jury.

These are the conditions by which a person can be justified for not participating as jury:

  • An illness supports a medical report, which prevents being a juror in the elections.
  • Be a candidate in the elections that are going to be held or be a leader of a political party.
  • Having something to do that day that prevents you from participating, the activity that has to be done that day has to be justified.

People who cannot be sworn because they present some of the conditions that have just been mentioned, have only 7 days. After being chosen to present before the TED, TSE or before an Electoral Notary about your condition.

How is the electoral table constituted with the juries?

Now that you know what you have to do electoral jury and how to know the Plurinational Electoral Body has elected you for this type of position, it is worth explaining how the polling stations are constituted and they are as follows:

  • First, an election is made on who will be the jurors for the voting.
  • There can only be three jurors at the table and of course they have to have their respective alternates.
  • The positions that each one of the members of the jury must have, can be chosen by vote or by mutual agreement.
  • The table can be opened with as few as 3 members, all of whom must be able to read and write.

The elections are coming! It is better to be aware if you are a juror or not. That is why it is better to follow what this article says so as not to have to be fined without any need.

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