How to know if I am registered: Biometric Electoral Register

In every country, all voters are registered in a system. They can consult all the information that their electoral entity has. On this occasion it will be indicated How do I know if I’m registered? As it is called in Bolivia, Biometric Electoral Register. Keep reading!

What is the Biometric Electoral Roll?

The Biometric Electoral Register is the system where the data of all people with the corresponding age to vote in Bolivia is stored..

For this reason, every person, upon reaching the age of 18, must be registered in this system in order to exercise their right to vote, in addition, this base is found the name, sex, residential address, the corresponding polling place, date of birth, level of education and of course the type of identification with its respective number.

Thanks to this system you can answer the question How do I know if I’m registered? Which is the same as saying if you are registered in the electoral registry, since those who are registered are the only ones who can vote.

With all this it can be said that only registered they can vote, it does not matter if you are Bolivian by birth or if you have the corresponding time to be a resident in Bolivia, you have to be in this registry to be able to participate in the suffrages that exist in the country

How do you check your registration in the Biometric Electoral Register?

Now that you know what the electoral patron register is, you also have to know how to know if you are registered or not, something that must be very clear, especially if elections are coming soon, since they are the only ones who can vote.

Good to know if you have the registration you have to access a device that has Internet access, but especially if you have a browser, this is necessary because the query is made on a web page. So before making the query, it is necessary to achieve what has just been mentioned, since up to now the query is done in this way, the good thing is that there are several devices with these conditions.

At the moment of obtaining what is needed to be able to carry out the query, you have to follow some steps, which will be explained at this moment:

Via Internet

Once you are in front of the browser you have to do the following:

  • Locate on the page option to consult electoral roll.
  • Once you have it in sight, place it in the corresponding boxes the ID number and date of birth, which only has to be placed number of the day, month and year.

  • Then you have to press the button Consult.

  • After entering the necessary data and pressing the query button, the system will analyze it to see what it has with that data and that is how it is known if a person is registered or not.

What happens if the citizen does not register in the Electoral Roll?

One of the things that can happen if a citizen does not appear in the electoral pattern, is that they cannot exercise their right to vote, they are also deprived of the following:

  • Since you can’t vote, you can’t either Give support to that candidate who promises to improve the country from the position that he is considering assuming if he is elected in the elections.
  • Get the certificate having voted, which is required to obtain a passport, access public office, do bank procedures, among other things.
  • Backup personal data of people, also their fingerprints, facial photography and biographical data, which with the voting certificate, which can be used as identification.

Who should register on the electoral roll?

The people who have to be in this registry are those who meet the following conditions:

  • Those who just turned 18.
  • Bolivian men and women who will be 18 years old on election day.
  • People who for some reason have not registered in the National Electoral Pattern.
  • You can also re-register people who were disqualified for having voted twice in a single election.. First they had to have updated the data in the SERECI Departmental Directorates.

How do I know if I am eligible to vote?

Knowing if you are qualified to vote is something that is done in the same way as verifying if you are registeredthat is, you have to make the query online, so you have to look for the tools to access the Internet.

To remember the consultation steps, it will be mentioned below:

  1. Enter the page I participate.
  2. Put the number of identity card and date of birth in the corresponding box and then press the button query.
  3. Wait for the system to analyze the information, in this way you can see if you are enabled or not to vote.

With this, it is possible to reach the conclusion that whatever a Bolivian wants to validate is their electoral identity, they have to do it through the database. I participate.

Who must update their registration in the electoral roll?

Updating the data in the electoral rollsomething that cannot be missed because it can cause problems in the elections in which you are going to participate in an election or when doing any other procedure with the voting certificate.

It must be clarified that the update only has to be carried out when people are in these conditions:

  • If the Bolivian no longer has the same address, so you have to modify the municipality, city, department or country in your registry.
  • When you register on the electoral roll, you were assigned a polling station very far from your home.
  • They have some error in the personal data.

Only people who are in these circumstances need to update, the rest do not need to do this because this type of record does not have an expiration date.

Where can a person register?

After consulting How do I know if I’m registered? And by following these steps you discover that you are enrolled in electoral registerthis situation must be corrected in the corresponding place.

The registration must be done in a registration center or this procedure can also be carried out in the departmental offices of the Civic Registry Service (SERECI).

How is the registration in the electoral roll?

Registration in the electoral roll can be done in a few simple steps, you just have to go to registration center either departmental offices of the Civic Registry Service (SERECI) that is close to your home. The registration process will be carried out as follows:

  • Once you are in the center or the office, you have you have to bring your identity card so take it.
  • The person who attends you has request an ID to scan itsince it has to be in the system.
  • Then they will ask a series of questionswhich are based on personal data which must be on the electoral roll.
  • Then you get the fingerprints, which are obtained from the fingerprint sensor. The prints of the 10 fingers are taken.
  • Later take the picture from the front.
  • One that the photograph has been taken, will be performed signature digital board.
  • To end the process, print the registration formif everything is correct, only the copy is printed and thus the voters are registered.

From what has just been read, being registered It is something very important for every Bolivian or Bolivian, so if you ask yourself again How do I know if I’m registered? You already have the answer.

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