How to know if I can already collect the Juana Azurduy bonus: Steps to follow

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All pregnant women and children under 2 years of age have the right to Bond Juana Azurduy granted by the plurinational status of Bolivia.

The program Juana Azurduy Bonus take care of the health of the mother-boy-girl binomial, respecting your uses and customs.

What is the Juana Azurduy Bonus

This bond It is an economic incentive for a safe maternity and comprehensive development of children under 2 years of age..

It serves to reduce levels of maternal and infant mortality, decreases the levels of chronic malnutrition of children Y girls under 2 years.

This voucher is for pregnant women (who do not have children under 2 years of age and/or who have short-term social security) boy, girl under 2 years of age.

story is it?

  1. For the pregnant mothers: 200 Bs.
  2. Prenatal controls 50Bs.c/control
  3. Childbirth plus postnatal control 120 Bs.

Children under 2 years 1500 Bs.

This bonus is after being verified compliance with the controls.

Where do they give it?

Financial entities armed forces

How to know if I can already collect the Juana Azurduy bonus

Before knowing how to collect the Juana Azurduy Bonus must comply with a series of steps

Steps to follow

  • one- Pregnant mother and the unborn child:

You must not have health insurance, in order to be able to benefit the boy or girl, you must be a minor.

  • 2- Go to the health center closest to your home, to do it:

Pregnant mother, her prenatal control.

In the case that children under 2 years of age, they must have their comprehensive health control, that is, the vaccination card)

  • 3- You should visit your doctor Juana Azurduy Bonus To register and enable collections, you must have the following requirements:

Pregnant mother: present her identity card, a photocopy of the prenatal card to be able to access the registry and the authorization of said Voucher.

Boys or girls: you must present your birth certificate, the vaccination card, and the identity card of the mother or legal guardian.

  • 4- Assist authorized financial entities and collect:

You must present your identity card, if you are over 18 years of age

In the case of being a minor, your guardian must present their identity card.


For your health, it is recommended to wait at least two years to be able to consider another pregnancy.

Financial entities authorized to pay the bond

Financial entities authorized to pay the Juana Azurduy Bonus at the national level
SME bank ecofuturo SAPotosí EFV
Fassil Bank S.A.IFD Grow
Banco Pordem SAIFD Promujer
Coop. CooproleIFD Fubode
Coop. ProgressCoop. Assumption
Coop. Saint JoaquinCoop. Quarry
Coop. San Martin de PorresIFD Fondeco
Coop. tukuypajIFD Idepro
Coop. christ king cochabambaUnion Bank SA
Coop. Saint Charles BorromeoCoop. The Holy Family
Coop. Tarija rural teachingIDF Diakonia
Coop. ComarapaCoop. Solucredit San Silvestre

With what documents can I register to collect the bonus?

The necessary requirements are the following:

Mothers: identity card, attend controls.

Children: Birth certificate, identity card of the mother.

Mothers, sisters, daughters, pregnant wives can be benefited, if they also fight to be healthy and the babies they carry within them are healthy too.

If I am under age, can I collect the bonus?

Yes. But you must bring the identity card of your mother, or legal guardian.

Departmental coordination addresses



C. Rosendo Gutiérrez #713 (between Ecuador and Abdón Saavedra streets)


Santa CruzC. Rio Cuchi #3300 and Av. Alemana (between 3rd and 4th ring, entering through Banco Fassil)

010-2-2417313 extension 301

CochabambaC. Colombia esq. J. Arauco Passage, Revilla 1st Building. Flat

010-2-2417313 extension 502

OruroPasaje E. Velasco (between streets San Felipe and 06 de Octubre

010-2-2417313 extension 401

potosiC. Chayanta #763

010-2-2417313 extension 601


C. Esteban Arce #61 (between C. Otto Von Braun and Av. German Mendoza, Hostal Married 2nd. Flat)

010-2-2417313 extension 103

beniCalle La Paz #109 between Av. 16 de noviembre and C. Pedro de la Rocha

010-2-2417313 extension 702

PandoAv. Bahía #051, Barrio Progreso

010-2-2417313 extension 801

TarijaC. Bolívar #327 corner C. Méndez.

010-2-2417313 extension 901

Juan Azurduy Bonus

offers you the application on your cell phone to check the status of your bonds, totally free

  1. Download and install the app FREE from your mobile phone.
  2. Select the option Consult
  3. Enter the number of your identity card, press «fetch» and you will be able to know if you are already enabled to collect the JUANA AZURDUY BONUS

Objectives of Juana Azurduy Bonus

General objective

Institute the incentive for safe motherhood and the comprehensive development of the entire child population from 0 to 2 years of age, through the “JUAN AZURDUY” Mother, Child-Child Bonus within the framework of the national development plan and eradication policies of extreme poverty.

Specific objectives

Minimize the prevalence of acute malnutrition and globally among each child under 2 years of age in each of the municipalities of the country, considering those with a degree of 4 and 5 of food vulnerability.

Increase the demand for comprehensive health services from pregnant women and children under 2 years of age within the framework of the Intercultural Community Family Health system better known as SAFCI through an incentive for shared responsibility for health care.

Help strengthen the management capacity of each of the first-level health facilities to have better comprehensive care for pregnant women and those under 2 years of age.


Within the framework of the Zero Malnutrition Program and the extreme poverty eradication policies, the payment of the “Juana Azurduy” Mother Boy-Girl Bonus is intended to make effective all the fundamental rights of access to health that each of the people of Bolivia, in addition to the integral development enshrined in the Political Constitution of the State, in order to reduce the levels of maternal and infant mortality and all chronic malnutrition of children under 2 years of age.


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